Raise Funds for Alzheimer's Walking |  Joliette's Diary

Raise Funds for Alzheimer’s Walking | Joliette’s Diary

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On May 29, Quebecers will gather across Quebec to celebrate the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s.

This is the largest fundraising event in the country that directly supports people with dementia and their loved ones.

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, new spokeswoman for the Federation of Quebec Societies
Alzheimer, will be present for the occasion and will walk there with his family to collect

Walking allows you to feel in action, overcome the feeling of helplessness and
to support an important cause. As it is time to break the taboos surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and raise awareness of its problems, I am proud to get involved as a spokesperson for the Federation of Alzheimer’s Societies of Quebec,” said
Anne-Elisabeth Bossé.

“Let’s continue to delve into the investigation and above all, support those who face it, directly and indirectly. The IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s provides funds for services offered to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their loved ones in all regions of Quebec “, She continued.

Now in its 16th edition, the Walk for Alzheimer’s IG Management of
heritage has raised several million dollars since its inception.

The funds collected are essential to finance the services offered by the Societies
Alzheimer’s including assistance for people newly diagnosed, respite care, support, education
and inquiries.

Again this year, neurocognitive disorders isolate more than 163,000 Quebecers
including 8,778 Lanaudoises and Lanaudois over the age of 65. By 2040, it is estimated that the
the number of Quebecers affected will reach 300,000 people, including 18,163 from Lanaudière
and Lanaudois over 65 years
», says Pierre-Hugues Sylvestre, CEO of the Lanaudière Alzheimer’s Society.

More than 50% of people who receive a diagnosis in a moderate or advanced stage; therefore, it is crucial to promote rapid detection and early management so that a greater number of people can benefit from the services offered by the Société Alzheimer de Lanaudière. It is crucial that people with cancer and their caregivers can be reached throughout the journey. “, he added.

In Quebec, the March will take place in 22 cities, including Amos, Montreal and Saint George de Beauce. In Lanaudière, the Walk will once again be completely virtual this year, and everyone will be able to walk for the cause in their own way.

By joining one of these local walks, participants make a difference
positive and effective in the lives of those affected.

Les étapes à suivre pour s’impliquer sont simple, puisqu’il suffit de s’registrar à l’adresse marchepourlalzheimer.ca, et de faire preuve d’un peu de créativité en marchant, afin d’accumuler des kilomètres et des fonds pour the cause.

So, whether it’s climbing the stairs or walking a pet, everyone’s enthusiasm for supporting stakeholders will be rewarded with increased funds raised.

Perform while having fun to raise funds

Several ways to provide support are available to everyone, since it is not just about joining a regional march on May 29; You can also be generous by taking a photo or video during a personal walk, posting it on social media, and including the hashtag #MarchepourlAlzheimerIG.

It’s also about being able to make a donation on the accessible website at marchepourlalzheimer.ca if the heart dictates.

Multiple initiatives with the aim of uniting

The Société Alzheimer de Lanaudière is an independent community organization whose mandate is to provide information and support services to families and
people affected by Alzheimer’s disease throughout the territory of the
Lanaudiere region.

Pour ce faire, celle-ci met sur pied de multiple actions tels que des campagnes de sensibilisation sur la maladie, des rencontres individuelles et familiales, des groupes d’échange pour les aidants, deux groupes de soutien pour les personnes atteintes en début de maladie , A program Respite Accompaniment Stimulation at homefrom conferences, training for caregivers, stakeholders and administrators, and shares referrals to other resources and various other services.

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