Renault Arkana: what if it did the unthinkable against the Peugeot 3008?

Renault Arkana: what if it did the unthinkable against the Peugeot 3008?

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With no competition since 2016, the Peugeot 3008 is not guaranteed to finish this year in first place among the best-selling compact SUVs. The Renault Arkana sticks to the train and does not intend to stop there.

Looking at the sales figures of the second generation 3008, we tell ourselves that Peugeot has been sleeping on both ears since 2016. But when we are a reference, we are also in the crosshairs of several opponents at the same time. The Leon therefore knows that it is being spied on in this buoyant segment of compact SUVs and the time for serene retro looks seems to be over. Before the new Austral comes in at the end of this year, the 3008 will first have to contain the rise of another Renault : Arcana. After an already convincing 2021 result (17,000 copies), Losange’s first SUV coupé starts 2022 with even more favorable auspices. Between January and April it has already conquered more than 9,500 clients. It is true that the 3008 remains in the lead with 14,000 copies sold, but the gap is closing every month and faster and faster. Because Peugeot’s SUV is not in excellent dynamics, which drops almost twice as much as the market. An even more surprising finding among individuals, where the Arkana attracts twice as many buyers as its compatriot (5,000 sales compared to 2,300), becoming, in this channel, the best-selling compact SUV.

The 10 best-selling models in France between January and April

Range Model Sales
Rangeone ModelPEUGEOT 208 Sales27,745
Rangetwo ModelCITROEN C3 Sales21,056
Range3 ModelRENAULT CLIO Sales18,250
Range4 ModelDACIA SANDERO Sales17,683
Range5 ModelPEUGEOT 2008 Sales15,579
Range6 ModelRENAULT CAPTUR Sales15,266
Range7 ModelPEUGEOT 3008 Sales13,943
Range8 ModelPEUGEOT308 Sales13,203
Range9 ModelDACIA SPRAYER Sales9,670
Range10 ModelRENAULT ARKANA Sales9,426

The Renault Arkana: a UFO that pleases

To see the curves The sochalien is not guaranteed to be the best-selling compact SUV in France by the end of 2022. If this were the case, it would be an amazing coup carried out by Renault with an unusual proposal. Because if it exhibits a size (4.57 m long and 1.82 m high) all the most classic for an SUV, its very sloping roof and the self-proclaimed “coupé” that follows make it a UFO in the category. Less spacious than the 3008 -narrower passenger compartment at the height of the elbows and shoulders-, with a smaller trunk and a less varied range of engines (without diesel), the Arkana does not leave with all the advantages over its rival of Sochaux. But its modern silhouette, its neat interior and its convincing behavior on the road, although less homogeneous than the Peugeot, are attractive. Not to mention quite an interesting price positioning with a price below €35,000 for a non-rechargeable E-Tech 145 hybrid version that is extremely fuel efficient in the city and without the slightest restriction related to recharging.

Leader in its segment since its appearance, among individuals and in the general classification, therefore, the 3008 “2” could be overshadowed when in what would be its last full year. Because the third generation, completely redesigned and built on a new platform, will make its appearance in 2023. With it, Peugeot will show the new face -perhaps e-Legend concept tunes- of its productions and will continue its transformation towards 100% electric with autonomy theoretical between 450 and 600 km. But there will also be hybrid versions to fight against an Austral that will have taken off commercially.

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