HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: Our Full Review - Headphones and Earphones - Frandroid

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: Our Full Review – Headphones and Earphones – Frandroid

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HyperX finally decided to offer a wireless version of the Cloud Alpha, one of its best gaming headsets. Is it so convincing? Answer in our full test!

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The helmet player HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless it is the new wireless model of the brand and very clearly takes the basis of the wired model. Thus, we find the characteristic HyperX design and visually it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two models.

This wireless version is offered at the recommended price of 220 euros. Quite a high price for a helmet. player wireless, which makes us hope for the best when it comes to performance. After a few weeks of use, it’s time to give it our full review.

HyperX Cloud Alpha WirelessData sheet

Model HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Format over ear headphones
removable battery Do not
Microphone Yes
Surround Sound Ready DTS Headphones: X2.0
announced autonomy 300 hours
connector type usb type c
Minimum frequency response 15Hz
maximum frequency response 21000Hz
Impedance 62 ohms
Cable length 50cm
Weight 335 grams
Reward €229

This test was carried out with a product provided by the brand.

HyperX Cloud Alpha WirelessDesign and ergonomics

HyperX hasn’t seen fit to revise Cloud Alpha’s winning formula in this wireless version (and that’s a good thing). This model wireless takes exactly the same design as its counterpart. Only a few minor differences, mainly related to its wireless operation, are in the game.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The wireless cloud alpha rotates around a very flexible arc and covered with textured leather-effect upholstery printed with the brand’s logo. The usual red stitching, expensive to the brand, is also included.

The earmuff supports are always in brushed red metal and slide on the headband to adapt the helmet to the morphology of each person. Amplitude is, as always with HyperX, very generous and allows the helmet to be screwed without difficulty on all heads.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The vertical axis movement remains just as important and allows the headset to sit comfortably on the side of the skull. These headphones are equipped with a generous memory foam covered in a synthetic leather-like lining that promotes insulation, but will necessarily mean a bit of heat during long gaming sessions.

Once screwed on your head, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is just as comfortable as its wired version, but it’s about 30 grams heavier. HyperX has nothing further to prove on this point and we take advantage here of a helmet with undeniable comfort which can be used painlessly and without fatigue for many hours.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

headphones are always black plastic with a peach skin type coating on the sides. They present the brand’s usual red logo and do not include RGB lighting, which is not bad since their interest is limited to a helmet.

The right atrium is equipped with the traditional volume control wheel. The latter offers slightly marked notches and is strong enough not to be triggered by mistake. On the other hand, there is the power button and a second button to mute the microphone.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The detachable microphone that comes in the box is similar to the one that HyperX usually comes with a handy and long enough memory stick. The capsule is surrounded at its base by an indicator light that lights up when the recording is cut off. Finally, a windshield is also provided.

Point of operation wired here from the USB C port located at the bottom of the left earbud will only be used for battery charging. It has become a custom for a few years in the brand’s helmets, which, however, offered a jack port a few years ago.

HyperX Cloud Alpha WirelessAutonomy and connectivity

Autonomy is undoubtedly the point that most impresses with the Cloud Alpha Wireless. HyperX also claims no less than 300 hours of continuous use under optimal conditions and without the microphone. As is often the case, it is impossible to verify these values ​​accurately.

Still, after a week of almost daily use, we didn’t have to charge the headphones once and there is still about 80% battery left. It’s simply the most durable headset we’ve been able to test so far.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

unimpressed, the wireless connection is also very efficient.. This is not surprising since HyperX has already accustomed us to this in its previous models. As with Cloud II Wireless, the 2.4 GHz link is provided by a dongle who underwent a small slimming cure.

We did not notice any outages in current use. The range is also very correct. and the headset can be used optimally even several meters away from the computer and even in another room. As always, thicker walls can be a problem.

HyperX Cloud Alpha WirelessPerformance

The Cloud Alpha has always been recognized for its very qualitative and balanced sound reproduction. This new version is no exception and is positioned as a true benchmark in the gaming headset market. The recipe still works just as well and here we benefit from a very convincing headset.

The sound signature of Cloud Alpha wireless shows overall very balanced although it is worth noting a classic emphasis on low frequencies, without this being really disturbing. The hull keeps sounding like this” Right » and is ideal for listening to music as it lets the different instruments breathe.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

Of course, it is quite suitable for video game use thanks to its wide soundstage and convincing stereophony. We don’t necessarily recommend using DTS:X mode, which tends to distort the sound too much, while classic stereo does this very well.

In short, the clearly beats the Cloud II Wireless and it simply positions itself as one of the best helmetsplayerwireless as far as sound reproduction is concerned.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The microphone that equips the Cloud Alpha Wireless also makes it a little better than its predecessors. If we don’t get as convincing a sound reproduction as the best students on the market, here we benefit from a voice transcribed clearly and intelligibly with a very correct attenuation of ambient noise.

HyperX Cloud Alpha WirelessPrice and availability

The Cloud Alpha Wireless is available at the recommended price of 220 euros.

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