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Test – Terraillon NutriTab

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Test – Terraillon NutriTab

After giving you a test drive of the Terraillon Connected Personal Scale, we’re back today with, this time, the NutriTab Connected Scale. Like the Master Coach, it is linked to the Myhealth application, which is very practical and complete for day-to-day use.

The connected scale is priced at €39.99 on the brand’s website. So at this price, what does it offer on a daily basis?


Our product of the day arrives in a small white and red cardboard box. On the front, we first discover its name: NutriTab and that it is connected, thanks to Bluetooth. We also learn thatIt will help us to weigh our food to know, precisely, its nutritional values. Similarly, thanks to the Myhealth app, it will be possible to scan food barcodes for even more precision. Finally, the data will be kept in memory to establish a daily follow-up of our contributions.

On the back is a reminder of previous features and a highlight of your app. Also, this is where we will learn that3 AAA batteries will be required to power the NutriTab…these are not included, as with the MasterCoach. What a pity, again!

The NutriTab is guaranteed for two years.

Inside the box, the NutriTab is protected in a cardboard protection, which did its job, as it arrived safely with us.

Technical characteristics


  • Capacity 5kg
  • 1g accuracy


  • timer
  • bluetooth smart
  • Shockproof rubber ring

Technical characteristics

  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Backlit LCD display

Compatible with

  • iPhone 4S and + –
  • iPad 3 and + / iPad Mini
  • ipod 5
  • Android 4.3 and Bluetooth Smart (smartphone only)



Let’s discover together the NutriTab and its implementation. In itself, there is nothing special to do except insert the three AAA batteries beforehand.

Once the batteries are installed, the Terraillon connected scale starts up on its own. There is no additional installation to do, not even in the Myhealth app because it will automatically detect (thanks to Bluetooth) when you want to add the weight of a food.

Therefore, it can already be used as soon as the batteries are inserted. It’s great because it’s quick and easy to install.

Mobile app

The MyHealth app is pretty standard, especially if you’re used to the Fitbit or Amazfit apps, for example.

When opening the application we will arrive directly at the control panel where we will find the information related to our MasterCoach personal scale (Weight tab of the app by default). If we go to the Nutrition tab, we will have access to all our food entry history for the day and our calories ingested from the previous days.

You may have noticed, but you can see “Track Curve” in this nutrition menu. It is here where we can establish curves according to the amount of calories ingested or more precisely the amount of carbohydrates or fibers. It is quite interesting to see what we eat the most in our diet.

Below these curves, we have access to the meal history. I used it a lot during the test, because when we click on the food/food, we get the amount of carbohydrates it contains (but not that, you will have understood, we also have the calories, fibers, lipids, etc…). Being diabetic and practicing functional insulin therapy, it helped me a lot to calculate my insulin dose based on what I ate.

To add a food now, how does it work?

All you have to do is click the little “+” at the bottom center of the app’s home page. Start by choosing the food from the list or scanning the barcode. In this example, I looked it up in the list. By default, the app enters 100g. To retrieve the NutriTab value, click the “Weigh with NutriTab” button.

Automatically, if it is within range of the connected scale, it will retrieve what is displayed on the scale. Thus, the value will refer to the place of the 100 g previously entered. At the same time, we obtain all the nutritional information of our food. Here, 64 kcal, 1.9 g protein, 12.6 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g fat, 0.7 g fiber, and 0.3 g sodium. In short, it is very complete.

When we do next, by default, it informs the date and time of the phone. It is editable, if necessary.

Honestly, it can get tedious quickly if you weigh all of your food. But in case of dietary rebalancing, or diabetes in my case, it can be very interesting to better manage what we eat.

Daily use

On a daily basis, the NutriTab connected scale is very practical as well as visually very beautiful with its bright red color. However, reporting everything you eat on the app can be painful and quickly trigger anxiety. So be careful not to fall into abuse despite everything.

In the end, the NutriTab is still a relatively classic scale per se. East what gives it a plus is its Bluetooth connectivity which will allow you to retrieve everything in the Myhealth app and keep a history.

We regret, on the other hand, its screen that is not designed to operate more than being in front of it. If we stand to the side for example (because we cook next door in this situation), it will be difficult to read the numbers on the screen. It will be necessary to position yourself well above to be able to read them in the best possible conditions.


Terraillon offers us NutriTab, a connected kitchen scale that is quite interesting to use, especially together with its Myhealth application, which is very complete and easy to use. However, we regret, as with the MasterCoach, the absence of batteries in its basic box. This is an element that must therefore be taken into account at the time of purchase, at the risk of an unpleasant surprise when you get home.

In use, the NutriTab has proven to be a good ally to control my diabetes, thanks to her I was able to know the exact amount of carbohydrates in my food, at the same time that I could write down the amount of calories that I ate. Terraillon’s connected scale made me realize that, in general, I don’t eat enough every day (less than 2000 kcal). If we follow the recommended calories for a woman my age, I am slightly below.

Nevertheless, without its app, NutriTab is still a completely classic kitchen scale which has some visibility problems on the sides in particular.

Terraillon offers its connected kitchen scale for less than 40 euros on its site. It’s a fair price, if you look at the competition. Also, we must not forget that Terraillon is French. For us, it will be money!

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