Mask Singer : Kendji Girac démasqué, les internautes crient au scandale

Singer in mask: Kendji Girac unmasked, netizens cry scandal

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Mascara Singer is in trouble! There has been talk of Kendji Girac’s involvement in the show, but unfortunately not for the better… Objeko’s staff tells you all about it in this article.

Mask Singer: Celebrities Unmasked

Since April 1, the start date of this new season of Mask Singer, we already have a good number of unmasked celebrities. The show lists many clues to help the jury and viewers unmask the candidates. Many of them have already removed the mask. They are sailor Maud Fontenoy, who was first unmasked at the Poisson Corail, as well as busy swimmer Alain Bernard at Hermit Crab.

As for the ladybug, it was Teri Hatcher, her Desperate Housewives partner, who also played Lois Lane on Lois and Clark.

More recently, it was the cosmonaut who was unmasked. It was Pierre Palmade, recognized by the jury thanks to his particular voice. The Chameleon is none other than former Miss France 2002 Sylvie Tellier. A pleasant surprise that hooked us until the end!

We could see that it was indeed Anne Roumanoff in the gorilla costume and chef Yves Camdeborde in the pig costume. The imitator Marc Antoine Le Bret hit hard by embodying two characters: the Tigress and the Crocodile. As for the second international star, it was the great Seal, hidden under his Cowboy costume!

Kendji Girac unmasked, onlookers furious

The last celebrity to be unmasked on Mask Singer was Kendji Girac. The celebrity revealed by the TF1 program La Voz was hidden under the guise of Lobo. However, many netizens and viewers already knew about it!

In fact, the surprise was spoiled in a trailer for the episode. We can see the members of the Mask Singer jury accompanied by the interpreter of Bella. Of course, this has nothing to do with it, which ruined the surprise of many viewers… Many of them complained on social networks. Fortunately, Marc Antoine Le Bret’s double suit made up for this complete failure of TF1!

Mask Singer: the fourth season to be filmed imminently

Mask Singer has been very successful since its first season in France. Objeko specifies well in France, because it is the adaptation of an Asian program. More specifically, Mask Singer is the adaptation of the Korean program King of Mask Singer, which began airing in 2015. Very soon, an American adaptation landed on the other side of the Atlantic. It is more precisely this model that is adapted on the first channel in France.

The principle is very simple and catchy. Celebrities take to the stage fully dressed in extravagant fashion. It is impossible to see their faces. Their performances on stage are judged by a jury of celebrities who must try to determine who is behind these extravagant outfits. This year, this jury is made up of Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry. All under the supervision of the indescribable Camille Combal. As for the candidates, as you can see, TF1 has spared no means in bringing together top celebrities!

With the success of this third season, it is rumored that the shooting of the fourth season is imminent. And the jury should also change a lot. We just have to wait…

Kendji Girac: the revelation of The Voice

Who would have thought that a gypsy from the Dordogne would one day become one of the biggest stars of French song? However, it is this extraordinary fate that befell Kendji Girac. We offer you a review of the career of the Mas Singer star.

The young man with a passion for music records himself from home, reworking popular music on gypsy-style guitar. His uncle sees his great potential and posts her version of Maitre Gims’ Bella on YouTube. His success is phenomenal.

This video then catches the attention of the production of La Voz, who invites him to participate in the blind auditions. The rest you already know.

Kendji Girac finds himself on Mika’s team and brilliantly wins this third season of the show. His first album, Kendji, is number one in sales in France. Since then, three other albums have been added to the talented artist’s discography.

Crowned with numerous awards, notably at the NRJ Music Awards, Kendji Girac is not resting on his laurels. Hardworking, the handsome 25-year-old continues to improve his art, much to the delight of his fans. At Objeko, we love it! We would have done just fine without this flop on Mask Singer, but not everyone is perfect!

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