Lost Ark: May 2022 Update Destiny Destruction Detailed

Lost Ark: May 2022 Update Destiny Destruction Detailed

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This update will introduce content final gameincluding two legion raids and a new character class, here’s what awaits players:


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This is the legion’s first raid on the western version of the Lost Ark. Legion Raids are arduous team activities that require you to work together to determine and implement the strategy that will counter each Legion Commander’s unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. Because legion raids are grueling and time-consuming, they contain portals (or checkpoints) that will record your progress. Valtan is an eight-person, two-portal legion raid that introduces a wide range of new mechanics. Players will need to have reached item level 1415 to try their luck on “normal” difficulty and 1445 for “hard”. Legion Raid: Valtan will also introduce a new “relic” gear rarity. Heirloom rarity gear can be crafted from materials obtained in the raid. They grant more armor and weapon bonuses, as well as larger stat bonuses and more engraving nodes on accessories.


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Guardians are powerful entities capable of tipping the scales in favor of good or evil. A new guardian will appear and you must defeat him before he unleashes a new age of darkness. To try your luck, you’ll need to have reached item level 1415. As with other guardian raids, you can attempt to defeat Deskaluda alone or as a team, or with up to three other heroes through player encounters. As in Legion Raid: Valtan, you will be able to obtain heirloom-quality accessories if you defeat Deskaluda.


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We’ve already talked about the cataclysmic impact Warriors have on the battlefield, but no class embodies that quite like the Destroyer and his hammer. Armed with a range of abilities that allow him to break the stack, his hammer attacks are catastrophic to the point of having an influence on gravity: the destroyer can slow, throw, push and pull enemies, whatever it takes to destroy them completely. . Due to the high stagger damage it deals, the Destroyer will be very useful for teams trying to take down powerful opponents. The destroyer joins the berserker, paladin, and gunslinger, becoming the warrior’s fourth advanced class.



Guardian Raids (Challenge) will be a new weekly activity for players looking for a new challenge. Each week, you can try to defeat three Guardians on Challenge difficulty. To take on each of them, you’ll need a different item level. Each week, a Guardian will be replaced with a new enemy to face. Unlike normal Guardian Raids, Balance Balance will be applied to Guardian Raids (Challenge) to match your character’s item level to your enemy’s. Also, you cannot use the Battle Workshop in the Raid Zone. As the challenge is greater, the rewards are more interesting. The rewards given for each defeated guardian can be claimed once per World Quest per week and are more diverse than regular guardian raids.


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South Bern Activities: Chaos Line Hard Mode, Thunder Wings Field Boss, South Bern Chaos Gates, South Bern Ghost Ship, and South Bern Chaos Dungeons entrance to Archesia.

Wild Rise Isle: Archesia is a vast land teeming with countless threats, though not all of them are so formidable. Eager to avenge their friends and family who ended up at their tables, the Crispy Golden Monarcoqs plot to invade the island. Players transform into chicken or beer to fight the Monarcoq boss and earn event coins. The faster you defeat enemy waves, the faster other Monarroosters will appear and the more coins you can earn! Wild Rise Island is a new event that you can take part in co-op or solo to quell this unique uprising. Participate in a cooperative mission


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Guilds already allow you to find groups for raids and use the guild store, but starting in May new guild activities will be offered in PvE and PvP. Perform challenges in Archesia to control the guild bases and prove that yours is the best.

Island Siege – This guild activity allows you to battle other guilds in PvP. Your rank is determined by the number of points earned when you complete objectives and defeat enemy players. Earn rewards and assets such as gems (skill gems, in particular) or accessories, among others.

Raid match: enter a base with your guild and face the fearsome sylmael devourer. Once summoned, you will only have a short time to cooperate with your guild and destroy it. The faster you kill him, the higher you will rise in the guild ranking.

If you’re not already part of a guild, now is the time to join one! Use the shortcut [Alt-U] or go to the guilds menu found in the menu list by pressing Esc. Then, if you’re not already in a guild, you can browse through them and request to join one. Many Lost Ark content creators have created guilds for their communities, so make sure you don’t belong to one or to a guild of friends.


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Players seem to want more skins, so we’re adding Neria’s monthly wardrobe to the regular store updates coming in May. This is a temporary store that sells individual skins (head, chest, legs, etc.) and will be available for about a month. Here you can buy items specific to your character, such as hats, t-shirts, jeans, fitted and flared dresses, and more. Your character will face mythical bosses dressed in modern clothes.


May will see many general improvements, including front and back attack indicators, the ability to view daily and weekly content engagement in a new menu, interface changes, improved party search and party invite features, updated loot takedown , Marketplace and Auctions easier to use. House features and some cool new features like the ability to randomly summon favorite mounts and new hairstyles!


Smilegate RPG recently released a balance patch for many of its Advanced Classes to fine-tune and better define their roles on the battlefield, including the impact of the Destroyer Advanced Class. People who are unaware of these changes will be able to learn more by reading the patch notes and will see them on Archesia.

All these news will arrive at Lost Ark during the month of May 2022. The game is to remember. free to playbut you can find beginner packages at Amazon.

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