Omar Sy violemment critiqué, dans la tourmente, les internautes dézinguent l’acteur sur la toile !

Omar Sy victim of a terrible accident during the filming of “Far from the beltway” on Netflix

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If you want to have sharp information about this Omar Sy movie then you must read this article. Oh itchy!

Omar Sy at the end of the line!

Ousmane Diakité and François Monge, does that speak to you? At Objeko, we loved the first part! Streamed on the streaming platform. Netflix, unleashes the duo Laurent Laffite and Omar Sy. Never in our wildest dreams would we have predicted that this couple would reform. Anyway, the trailer makes our mouths water. Invited to the set of Yann Barthès to promote it, the show quickly gets out of hand. And rightfully so, between a guest’s hasty departure and the shootout saboteurs, this number of Newspaper it’s already legendary. without missing a beat, Objeko tells you all the details. Wait, we’re entering a zone of turbulence!

shooting under tension

When we discover the name of Laurent Laffite in the credits, we realize that it is automatically followed by the mention ” french comedy“. Also, despite his devastating sense of humor, we don’t necessarily expect him to accept scenarios with action and suspense. For his part, Omar Sy must also learn alongside an actor with a central temperament. And the opposite is true. Even if he no longer has anything to prove to his audience, it’s always nice to meet such great people. Objeko he remembers that François de Cluzet’s had changed his life and that of his admirers from the beginning. After years of struggling to clown around with Fred Testot, here he is at the height of his glory. So you can imagine that when Netflix offers him the Lupine scenario or the Periph saga, he accepts without the slightest hesitation!

Screenshot (c) daily (TMC)

As always, the presenter of Newspaper he likes to bring his guests face to face with his contradiction. Boasting that he has not resorted to a stuntman, Laurent Laffite tries to fool those around him. He too feels capable of taking on this crazy challenge. We do not know by what miracle Yann Barthès obtained a copy of the making-of. In the retransmitted passage on the air, we see the regular of the Comédie Française in the presence of his clone. Forced to justify himself, he takes this post and kicks into touch. » I have stunt doubles for comedy scenes, because I don’t act very well. » Very fast, it is ironic and specifies that this man would be responsible for the crazy sequences while he handles the most dangerous ones.. Omar Sy’s laugh fools no one. At least he assumes the injury of him in the g ** ra!

Omar Sy is still traumatized!

Every time we see Omar Sy’s smile on the screen, we would like to chat with him, like one of our friends. You could listen to him talking about his filming anecdotes for hours, never getting tired. However, the one that is going to tell us cannot leave anyone indifferent. Visibly, Netflix He really had little to lose for his hero. Objeko informs him that he is currently in the middle of filming the third season of Lupine ! And with one less finger… necessarily it does a little less!

This phrase is spinning in the minds of Omar Sy subscribers. ” I even got seriously injured during this movie. I almost lost a finger ! Why did he keep the fate of his left ring finger a secret for so long? Referring to his partner Laurent Laffite’s earlier joke, he adds that he hardly feels anything anymore when folding it. Imagine the drama if the team had to proceed with the amputation. Also, one wonders how he was able to keep shooting without ever asking the understudy for him. How brave! We are truly amazed! The rest, we will necessarily tell you in one of our next issues. Until then, you can still watch the movie and let us know what you think in the comments. See you soon for new adventures!

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