Algeria-Cameroon, when does it end?

Algeria-Cameroon, when does it end?


Since March 29, 2022 and Cameroon’s qualification for the World Cup against Algeria in Blida, the tension has not subsided. Between Djamel Belmadi who turns on the Gambian referee, a Cameroonian journalist who calls the manager of the Fennecs “Arab terrorist” another – Algerian, this time – that accuses Djamel Debbouze of having participated in a plot that led to the elimination of the North African team, the festival is daily and often exudes the stench of the sewer.

We had lighter afters. It’s been more than a month since Cameroon qualified for the World Cup after winning in added time with a goal from Karl Toko Ekambi, but some have decided to play extra time, as if it had nothing more to do with their days. . In Algeria, the defeat is still not passed and the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama crystallizes most of the criticism. Including those of Djamel Belmadi. The coach of the 2019 African champions had declared, on his federation’s site, that he would not bear to see Gassama “Comfortably installed in the halls of the Algiers airport the day after the match, having a coffee and eating millefeuille. I’m not saying kill him, but don’t leave him alone.” . A final limit sentence, denounced by many observers seeing it as a call to violence and that the affected tried to minimize by stating that his “the words had been distorted” . A great classic of the genre…

Belmadi torpedoes Gassama, Chapron calls it a “mediocre”

Belmadi, who has probably never been as vocal as he has been in recent weeks, inherited a complaint filed by the Gambian federation and criticism from former French referee Tony Chapron. that the technician tried “mediocre” Before I suspected it was “frantically” . The former OM midfielder responded with his usual verve, but what follows is also well done. We will gladly ignore the attitude of this Algerian fan who is still hot as a chip stand and who took the liberty of questioning, on 1Ahem April in Doha, Samuel Eto’o and Rigobert Song, respectively president of the Cameroon Football Federation and coach of the Indomitable Lions, during the World Cup draw, accusing them of having bought the match, filming their program with their phone . Others have gone much further, such as the former Algerian international Mohamed Khazraoui, a consultant for the private channel El Bilad and convinced that the Franco-Moroccan comedian Jamel Debbouze would be “involved in a plot against the selection” … But also of having served as an intermediary with Gassama.

And now Jamal…

The arguments put forward by the accuser are, indeed, relentless: “Debbouze makes the beautiful days of Morocco, with the Marrakech of laughter. He knows the king of Morocco, he knows Fouzi Lekjaa, the president of the Moroccan federation, he is influential, he lives in Paris. Lekjaa couldn’t stand that Algeria beat Morocco in the last Arab Cup in Qatar. » Khazraoui, serious as a tax adjustment, claimed to have all the evidence to confuse the actor. He could have added, just to reinforce the depth of these shocking revelations, that Debbouze, who had the intelligence not to respond to this torrent of nonsense, is married to Mélissa Theuriau, launched the jamel comedy clubHe loves the gratin dauphinois that his wife prepares for him and is very fond of Kylian Mbappé.

In a somewhat less folkloric record, sports journalist Hafid Berradji (beIN Sports) revealed that Gassama had made a stopover in Morocco before setting foot in Algeria to meet with the intermediaries sent by Eto’o to complete the scam. History doesn’t say if good old Jamel Debbouze was one of the gunmen designated by the former captain of the Indomitable Lions, but the way things are going, all hope is allowed. Among other sensational revelations, an Algerian citizen living in Switzerland claimed on social networks that Gassama had received 100,000 euros from the Cameroonian federation. Without, of course, providing the slightest proof.

Bidjocka, a large format madness

“The problem is that some end up believing the bullshit they say and others the bullshit they read or hear. And with social media, you will inevitably find people who subscribe to these conspiracy theories and who will believe them. It is in tune with the times, with all that this entails in terms of racist or xenophobic slips. , laments an Algerian agent, disconcerted by everything that is said in the media or on social networks. Belmadi’s comments about the quality of refereeing in Africa, a question the Algerian coach is not the first to ask, have even been used to question Algeria’s Africanness. Attention: in Cameroon, some are not left out in the field of excesses. The very delicate Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka, who runs Ris FM radio, thus exploded on the air pointing to Belmadi. “like a terrorist Arab trainer” a very cool release posted on a forum.

Cameroon officially apologized for the unacceptable comments of its national. His partner Raphaël Nkoa (CRTV-Radio), much softer in his statements, is convinced that the Fennec coach “He created the buzz to divert attention to the real problems of his team, especially with this lost CAN. It becomes pathological for him. Against Cameroon, Algeria yielded in the last seconds due to lack of discipline, due to a basic positioning that is taught to the minimum. And this is where your responsibility comes into play. » In short, the match ended on March 29 around midnight. But it still seems far from over. FIFA, which examined the appeal filed by the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) regarding the arbitration of Bakary Gassama, has definitively endorsed the score. I’m not sure that will help turn off the faucet…

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