Savo Vucevic said yes to Elan Chalon

Savo Vucevic said yes to Elan Chalon

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Two climbs with Bondy (up to Pro B). One with Antibes (in Pro B). One with AS Monaco (in Pro B). One with JL Bourg (in Pro A). And one last one with Chalon-sur-Saône? If we give the benefit of the doubt to the current team, which nonetheless seems unable to regain momentum from here to the playoffs, savo vucevic (65 years old) will have no other goal next season than to experience a sixth addition and bring Elan back to where it is supposed to be: in Betclic ELITE.

one year contract

Because yes, after long conversations with his former Cholet sports director Rémy Delpon (in 2001/02), the Franco-Montenegrin coach ended up being convinced. Passing through Bourg-en-Bresse last week, where he was able to greet hundreds of people in Ékinox and remember the good memories of a successful term in the JL, the former coach of the Roca Team also took advantage of his time in the region to finish a I agree with Elan. With a short-term contract at stake: only one year. Accustomed to seizing clubs in delicate situations, Savo Vucevic will be served in Chalon-sur-Saône. Since the 2017 coronation, the Saône-et-Loire institution has been in free fall, to the point of seeing the Colosseum empty and the few fans clapping for cheers during a loss to a nearly relegated player (86-91 against Nantes). with the interim Maxime Pacquaut at the head of the professional team (since the dismissal of Sebastian Machowski at the beginning of April, where the name of the native of Bar had already been prioritized by the Burgundian leaders).

An excellent leader/manager of men before being a coach with great tactical principles, one of the keys to Savo Vucevic’s success is building a true relationship of trust with his executives. “It’s one of his greatest qualities,” confirmed his nephew Nikola Vucevic, a two-time Chicago Bulls All-Star. “He often manages to establish very good connections with his players and I think they respect him a lot. He understands the players, he knows how they think and that is something that a team appreciates. He has a personal connection with them, he really wants to help them, it’s something that stands out about him. Outside of sport, people can’t understand much, but players manage to give their best when they have a coach nearby, knowing that with him there are limits that should not be crossed. Most of the best trainers manage to do this. My uncle is good at it. »

Players coach and “panache basketball”

The best examples are surely Zack Wright, who has never missed an opportunity since his retirement to praise him on social media, or the quiet ex-Pro A MVP Zachery Peacock, who got carried away on our mic, in December 2017, made a three-minute declaration of love for her. “Many players say that their current coach is one of the best they have ever had, but believe me, that is the case. I have never had a coach like him, who cares about what you think, who cares about you. Savo helps me to play at a high level by thinking more about my fitness than myself. It’s great to play for him. I can admit it: I love Savo! And since you are never better served than with your own words, the main stakeholder was deciphering the last year… “I’m not a conventional coach. The Vucevic method is completely different, designed with a certain softness and flexibility. I am a person who gives a lot to the players, who is very close to them. »

On the pitch, Savo Vucevic has always been a fan of spontaneous play, resolutely committed to attack. “I want simple basketball, and that’s ultimately the hardest thing to do. I try not to give 36,000 information to the players. I have always been a fan of basketball where you score two points more than the opponent, but I don’t like the labels of offensive coach or defensive coach. I’m proud that we were the second Jeep ELITE offense this season (last year, editor’s note), but to play offensive basketball, you have to have a good defense. Personally, I have always wanted a basketball with panache: to play quickly, simply, to run, to circulate the ball, to offer a good game to the spectators. “What to do to win back a Chalonnais public that has grown more and more tired over the years, already practically disillusioned even before the start of the playoffs? Nice challenge in the twilight of a rich course…

A press conference scheduled for Monday…

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