Anne-Sophie (Koh-Lanta) eliminated, her complicated comeback: "My husband shook me up a bit..." (EXCLUDED)

Anne-Sophie (Koh-Lanta) eliminated, her complicated comeback: “My husband shook me up a bit…” (EXCLUDED)

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Since the reunification, the adventurers form the same white tribe in Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem. Well, in theory. Because in reality there are two clans: the ex-reds and the ex-yellows. The former, in numerical superiority, eliminate the latter one by one. After Setha, who jumped during the ambassador meeting, Colin, Pauline (who left the game during a tie), and Yannick, it’s Anne-Sophie’s turn to be eliminated. A setback for this sports coach. After 27 days on the island, far from any comfort, the 34-year-old blonde beauty returned home to Greece to find her husband, footballer Anthony Mounier, and her two adorable children. And the least we can say is that the return to reality was violent for her… In an interview for, she opens up on the subject but not only. Her elimination, Nicholas’s double game… Anne-Sophie recounts her adventure.

How did you experience your elimination?

It was very complicated. We could have tried to change the trend. I have not reached the end of my intuition, of what I thought. So I have a lot of regrets.

Why do you think your colleagues voted against you?

I don’t know… It was really between Olga and me. I grabbed some information about the camp. I saw that François was talking to Nicolás and I heard Olga’s first name come out. So I told him:I think you are in danger, you have to play with your necklace at all costs!“Besides, she was the one who found this immunity necklace, it was difficult to ask her to give it to me, then I don’t know if at some point they wanted to divide the votes… I said to myself: do it or break it Finally, I really don’t know the reason why who voted against me instead of against Olga.

At this point in the game, do you have any doubts about Nicolás and the fact that he serves as an informant?

I have absolutely no doubts at first. I see him talking to the reds but I tell myself that he may be playing the mole on us. On the other hand, the day just before the board, she stays with the reds. As soon as we speak, she addresses François directly. I feel like he’s drifting away from us a bit. At that moment I say to myself:It’s not possible, it turns it upside down.“I’m beginning to understand that he’s playing a double game but I can’t believe it, I tell myself it’s not possible. I get along very well with him, I didn’t see him selling us out like that. In fact I’m sorry but I don’t want to believe it, until I say goodbye to the ex-Japs on the council and I realize that he doesn’t look at me for a second, that his head is towards his shoes. I say to myself: “Shit, it really turned it upside down!

On a strategic level, you seem very lucid. How do you explain it?

Basically the strategy side scared me a bit in adventure because I don’t feel like a strategist at all. On the other hand, my buttocks are hot. I tell myself we have to move. We are outnumbered, I see the reds taking the lead. François is in charge and everyone follows what he says. He wanted to remove a strong head to prevent us from being eaten. I really wanted to save my team, save myself. I wanted to cut that tendency to remove the buds as the ends go. I know it is always very risky, but we are in a match and I will fight until the end.

You couldn’t talk to your husband and children when you lost the comfort test, how did you experience it?

I felt a lot of sadness. I blamed myself… Later, facing François, it was complicated. But it was very hard. When Denis Brogniart tells us about our children, he burst into tears. Because until then, it was the most difficult hunger to manage. And there I really feel the lack of my family, my children. I just want to know how they are doing without me, to listen to them and tell them that everything is fine and that mom is thinking of them. I was afraid they would think I abandoned them because it had already been 27 days of adventure not counting the 15 days of isolation before the game, no word from mom for a month and a half, that’s a long time for little kids. And me too, I needed it at that time. I had the impression that everyone forgot me, I was lost in the middle of an island.

On social media, some evoke a “hate” on his part towards Setha. Y ?

Absolutely not ! I don’t understand why we are talking about this. I never had any particular problem with Setha. She got mad at me after the game, too, when she always told her my votes and voting intentions. I voted against her twice. Once to save Alexandra and the time before he didn’t want to eliminate Stephanie. He had nothing against Setha, but he wanted to vote for her affections and she was the person he had the least affinity for in the camp. She was away from the group, but I don’t understand why people think there is hate. It’s just the game, and then I’ve always been very honest with her.

What was the most difficult for you during this adventure?

It was hunger, clearly. I also remember the nights when he was soaking wet, cold. As soon as I got home, I told my husband, “Koh LantaIt’s horrible, it’s hard. It is a magical adventure but really very very difficult. And when we say we have frozen blood and bone, I felt it!“My body was really frozen from the cold and the rain.

How was your return to reality?

It was very difficult. Especially since as soon as I came back, I wanted to quickly resume my life. I resumed my lessons. But I was there without being there. Physically I was with my family, I was resuming my lifestyle. Mentally, he was disconnected. I was a bit lost. I could see that my husband had left his mark: he went straight, he was very organized. I was a bit picky, whereas he is usually very boxy. I am the daughter of a soldier, I went to military high school and for me, it is time. There, I was fully perched. After two weeks, my husband shook me a little Telling me: “Hey, oh, you’re a mother, you’ve come back to reality! You take your marks a bit and go for it!

How was your reunion with your husband and children?

Very touching. Unfortunately I don’t see my husband when he comes back. He was playing an away game, so I didn’t see him until midnight the next day because he was traveling at night. When I call him at the airport and he tells me that he won’t be able to pick me up, he bursts into tears. Because he just wanted to hug them all. I found my children with my mother. My boys look at me like a stranger, but also a little admiring. He touched me a lot. They couldn’t believe their eyes. And then we don’t let go, hugs from morning to night. And then, they were nice: no nonsense for a week (laughs)! It was quite nice. And for my part, I found them so grown up, mentally and physically. I told myself that I had still wasted a lot of time with my children.

What are your projects?

I have my sports brand. I attack the second year. I would like to deepen, to innovate a little in the articles. In addition to that, I am a teacher of Kangoo Jump, my goal is to develop this sport in France. I’m waiting to pass the coach, I have to pass the diploma. I hope for a date soon to be able to train coaches in France, organize big events throughout the country. Because I have many requests since the release of my portrait.

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