The agony of diesel motorists!  - Insolence

The agony of diesel motorists! – Insolence

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Purchasing power: the agony of diesel motorists

“Diesel, which equips more than half of the French fleet, could see its price increase significantly in the event of an embargo on Russian oil. Affecting an already fragile motoring population.

Anxiety at the pump. For millions of French motorists, going to the service station has become a source of concern and frustration in recent months. The price of highway fuels, following the continuous increase in oil prices that began in 2021, is part of a formidable inflationary spiral. Even more than gasoline, diesel is today close to the peaks. On April 22, the liter was trading at 1.88 euros, a rise of more than 50 cents in a year compared to 1.80 euros (+43 cents) per liter of 95 unleaded gasoline. Those cents of difference do not certainly weigh heavily in the cost of a full tank, especially since the diesel engine has better performance. Even so, the crossing of curves is a strong symbol, in a country that since the 1970s and the oil shock has massively supported the deployment of diesel vehicles due to their lower CO2 impact as well as the competitiveness of French manufacturers in the field. . All this, thanks to more attractive taxation that has made France the European champion of this fuel.

Even today, diesel vehicles make up almost 57% of the vehicle fleet. “The diesel vehicle is the symbol of the France of the regions, of peri-urban France, of rolling France”, judge Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of the association 40 million motorists, very mediatic. Unfortunately, fuel is hardly sleepier lately. »

A few months ago he had indicated in the strategy sheet that it was necessary to buy a recent second-hand gasoline car due to the shortage and end of diesel to be sure of being able to “drive” at the minimum and “cheaper” for almost 10 years, because the end of the thermal in Europe is announced for 2035… if we reach this date!

In the meantime we have a real impact on diesel and this price impact will no doubt also become an availability impact as Russia is a large producer of diesel and the whole world needs diesel to run freight trucks like this! tractors in the fields!

We are heading into very difficult and complicated times for those who only know how to drive diesel.

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