Lidl limite fixe une limite par client sur ce produit à cause de la pénurie

Lidl places a limit per customer on this product due to shortages

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As announced, with inflation came shortages of many basic necessities. Many stores face supply difficulties. This forces them to limit the number of products that each customer can buy on a daily basis. The last product affected by this measure is sunflower oil.

there won’t be for everyone

Galloping inflation and shortages affecting certain products have forced large retailers to take these exceptional measures. The shortage of sunflower oil has been in the news in the media for several weeks. During one of his speeches, the head of Lidl called for the responsibility of his customers. He asked them not to “stock” so that there would be enough for everyone.

Michel Biero, the head of the German supermarket group, even asked his employees to put up signs asking customers to limit the amount of oil purchased. The presence of these posters is proof, if need be, of the seriousness of the situation. It’s not just Lidl, other stores have also asked consumers to buy less oil.

A limited number of bottles per basket.

The news is not reassuring. The main reason for this shortage is that Ukraine is the world’s largest oil exporter. In view of what is currently happening in this country, we quickly realize that we are not out of the shelter!

“Currently we are facing supply difficulties in several of our products. In addition, to satisfy all our customers, we kindly ask you to limit your purchases, ”announces the discount store chain.

The restrictions on the purchase of oil in Lidl are characterized as follows:

  • 3 bottles of rapeseed oil 1 liter per trolley/basket maximum
  • Maximum of 3 bottles of blend of 4 oils per cart/basket
  • 1 bottle of frying oil of 2 liters per cart/basket maximum
  • 1 bottle of 3 liters of sunflower oil per cart/basket maximum

Is it mandatory?

Journalists investigated the restrictions at a Lidl store in Perpignan in late March. The Actu Toulouse site also reports that this call comes from the Lidl head office located in Rungis (Val-de-Marne).

According to Lidl, these limitation messages are not mandatory. They are there only as a preventative measure. The objective of the maneuver is to reduce the risk of attacks that we experienced during the start of the health crisis in 2020.

Poultry production is threatened

In addition to sunflower oil, the supply of livestock products is beginning to get seriously complicated. Animal meat production costs have skyrocketed since the Ukraine crisis. As if that were not enough, there is an epidemic of bird flu that affects “5 to 10 farms a day in France”. All of this will inevitably affect retail prices.

The head of Lidl confided that the situation is “tense”. According to the latter, certain products risk disappearing from the shelves if a solution is not found very quickly. At best, prices will explode. Michel Biéro is also worried about the availability of duck during the Christmas period of 2022.

As for pork and beef, the price increase was measured at 40 cents per kilo on average. In the near future, the Lidl boss expects prices to rise by 5-8% in France. We are far from the announcements about the control of consumer prices.

In the face of all these alarming announcements, it is advisable to store what you can. Buy now what you will eat tomorrow, because prices will surely go up. However, when shopping, be careful not to buy too much at the risk of throwing away what you can’t consume. So choose products that can stay in your cupboards for several months.

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