Francis Lalane, évincé : il gagne son procès contre Fort Boyard, ALP condamnée

Francis Lalanne Expelled: Wins His Case Against Fort Boyard, Convicted ALP

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The PAF was anxious to know the verdict of this trial, since it was about the singer Francis Lalanne and his former employer. We take stock!

Francis Lalanne willing to do anything to clear his honor!

Despite himself, Mister Boo fired the starting gun at Francis Lalanne. By choosing to turn against Fort Boyard, and more specifically against ALP production, hope to succeed. What happened for them to make such a drastic decision? It’s not common to drag a legendary show through the mud. After many twists and turns, justice has just decided. Objeko will explain everything to you. You will see that for a detail, everything can change!

Who will have the last word?

What happens once the cameras Fort Boyard go out? Ah, if walls could talk, they’d say things about it. In the last few hours, it is Delphine Wespiser who has been in the spotlight. From her comments on the presidential election, we wondered if ALP was going to renew it or not. Also, speaking of which, do you know that it is not a CDI, but many CDDs that these famous people sign?

The one who defended the singer fromwe will meet againtell our colleagues that they have made a big mistake. ” FOR At the request of the labor court, ALP provided Francis Lalanne’s employment contracts. Several of them were not signed. » This time is the last straw. It’s time to ” from restore order to these shoots. » He says he thinks “it’s bullshit [tant] that are not suitable (…). »

These two arguments atomize the Fort Boyard fans

For three years, Francis Lalanne has felt aggrieved by the situation. The one who called himself Narcisse at Fort Boyard tells us how MOUNTAIN repeatedly tried to cunningly remove him from the footage. At first, his date of birth would have been a problem. He regrets that the question of whether or not to take out insurance for ” people over 60 due to Covid » no longer seems relevant.

Next, Objeko knows that the singer was involved with the movement of the yellow vests. Last summer, his altercation with a journalist from Newspaper in proof that he has crossed the line of limits. Far away, the production would have ceased to manifest itself before him. ALP’s lawyer protests against his two arguments. He points out to the court that in a television program of this type, no one is eternal!

For Francis Lalanne, it is the straw that broke the camel’s back!

The labor court has returned the issue in every way. Finally, he agrees with Francis Lalanne. All of these CDDs are CDIs. Then ALP will have to pay you damages. This sum of 9,500 euros, no Alexia Laroche-Joubert employee expected! Objeko advises them to be careful with the dormant water. Maybe this could give some ideas to other protagonists of Fort Boyard.

During the proceedings, Francis Lalanne demanded to get his accessories back from Narcisse. The plumbing was not a problem. On the other hand, the hat is another debate. And yes, so characteristic, you can not do without it. It is a precious memory that he wants to have in his possession. Yes MOUNTAIN does not comply, you will have to add 50 euros (per day) to your debt. And it can go up really fast! Oops… this detail does not fall on deaf ears! Whether or not it ever happens, count on him to let us know on social media. And of course, Objeko I will transmit with you, dear reader friend! We’ll tell you soon for new adventures! See you soon !

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