Shots at 12 noon: Production accused of fraudulent maneuvers!

Shots at 12 noon: Production accused of fraudulent maneuvers!

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In addition, its audience in the 12 noon slot continues to grow as it attracts more viewers to the TF1 television channel.

Everyone has their own vision of the show. 12 noon plans. In fact, some viewers just watch the show for fun and others are glued to the show to support the contestants. In any case, everyone finds pleasure in seeing it. Especially people who like to expand their knowledge thanks to the questions posed by Jean-Luc Reichmann.

shots at 12 noon

12 noon shots start to cheat

However, the questions seem to be well chosen during the tests. It’s even possible that the production of the 12 noon chimes gives special treatment to the noon masters. The champion Marion is one of them because the last duel was very close. The victory should have been won by her opponent. However, a trick question caused him to lose this round.

Fan reaction to cheating

According to fans, this is not the first time that the 12 noon shots program has cheated a champion’s opponent during tryouts. Viewers had already noticed it two months earlier. And yet, the situation repeats itself day after day. That’s why fans have denounced this dubious stunt on Twitter over and over again.

The followers of Tomas 12 noon shared on the networks that there was a mischief duel. Also, they are wondering if there is a change in the flow of proposals for the knockout blow to take the champion. Some even tweeted that it is a stealer program that aims to set a big trap to protect the champion. After this scandal, fans of the show are wondering if there really are any shows without cheating on television.

Marion’s undeserved win on 12 noon shots

Marion’s loss came close in the 12 noon shot-for-hit against Laurent, her opponent who is a professor of philosophy. In fact, he had just missed two questions. Now it was Laurent’s turn to answer the trick question posed by Jean-Luc Reichmann. The professor did not give the correct answer, although he was sure of it. Indeed, Sabrina answered the question Who sang Boys, boys, boys?, while the correct answer was Lady Gaga.

Zette explained that it was not the 80’s song called Boys but the song performed by Lady Gaga.

Hence the reason for all the discontent on social networks. Suddenly fans think there’s always a rotten question ready with the production of the 12 noon shots to get the person they love.

Les 12 coups de midi (TF1): Who was hiding behind the mysterious star? Clues explained.

Although the day before yesterday, the production accused Marion of favoritism, finally discovered who was hiding behind the mysterious star. Without further ado, we reveal the identity of this celebrity and explain the meaning of each of the clues.

Yesterday we revealed that Internet users were unhappy with the production of 12 noon, which they accused of favoritism towards Marion. While Marion, the show’s host, had missed two questions during the blow-by-blow, Jean-Luc Reichmann asked Antoine, her challenger, Who sang Boys, boys, boys?

mysterious star

The candidate answered Sabrina as expected, even if the question hid a little subtlety. Zette, the show’s voiceover, explained that the song from the 1980s was called Boys and that the title of the question Jean-Luc asked was sung by Lady Gaga and not Sabrina. It was enough for the Twittos to read on the social network that now we do see that they wanted the Master of the Midi to win with this subtlety.

A not so mysterious star

That said, nothing and no one will disturb Marion’s happiness at finally discovering who was hiding behind the mysterious star.

Let us remember that the clues were the following: a makeup and lipstick kit, a London Underground station called Chalk Farm, a microphone with a cover on which Press could be read, a yellow transistor radio, a vaporizer, a baby high chair and a tire.

Marion had suggested many names, including the singer Adele, for example. Actually, he is Philippe Lellouche, brother of Gilles. As for the clues, each one had a specific meaning. The Underground was a reference to his play The Calling of London, the microphone was a reference to his years as a journalist, and the tire was a reference to his Top Gear show.

12 noon chimes

For the transatlantic index, we think of the film Welcome Aboard with Valérie Lemercier. The make-up set was a reference to her hair and make-up artist colleague, while the baby’s high chair was a reference to her work Le Jeu de la Vérité. Finally, the transistor was a way of remembering that Philippe Lellouche worked at France Inter and RMC. It’s not that complicated, is it?

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