How to speed up your phone in just two minutes?  The secret trick that makes life easier

How to speed up your phone in just two minutes? The secret trick that makes life easier

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When you buy a new mobile phone, its performance is necessarily excellent. But over time, it can get slower and apps can struggle to work. It loses its fluidity and its use becomes unpleasant. Smartphones tend to slow down when their RAM memory is full or due to various factors. When their RAM has stored too much information, they have trouble working properly. To remedy this, there is a solution to make your device as fast as in its early days.

Discover a trick to make your mobile phone work optimally like when it started. This will save you from buying a new phone and save money.

What tips to boost your smartphone?

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To use the full performance of your smartphone, it is important not to overload it with data. If your device’s RAM is full, it may not work properly.

1- Backup your smartphone content to the cloud

To improve the performance of your smartphone, you can back up your phone’s content to the cloud or to your Google account. You can automatically transfer all your data to these remote storage spaces and not clutter up your smartphone’s memory. This backup allows you to protect your data in the event of an intrusion on your device. If you have an Android phone, please go to system settings, then backup and restore. In the Google account tab, turn on “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore”. All your data will be automatically backed up to your Google Drive account.

If you own an Iphone, go to the “Settings” option, then click on your “Username”, then “iCloud”, and finally “iCloud Backup”. Connect your device to its mains charger and activate the WI-FI network. Your data will be automatically saved to your iOS smartphone. If your remote storage space is full, you will receive a notification asking you to upgrade your storage plan.

Other tips to boost the performance of your smartphone

If you no longer use certain apps, uninstall them to free up space in your RAM.

2- Uninstall applications that consume energy on your smartphone

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If you use a lot of apps on your smartphone, remember to check if they are not using too much battery and memory of your device. If one of them uses more than 3% of your battery, consider uninstalling it. Especially since if it consumes a lot of power, it may also use a lot of memory space on your smartphone. If you have an iOS smartphone, go to your iPhone settings. Click the “Battery” menu and then “Battery Usage” and identify the apps that have a high percentage. Go back to the home page of your mobile phone and delete the app by clicking the logo until the little cross appears, then press it to uninstall the app.

3- Free space on your smartphone

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Clean your smartphone – Source: spm

It is important to clear your smartphone memory from time to time. When downloading applications and saving content on your mobile phone, the RAM memory may be almost full. For the proper functioning of your device, it is recommended to leave a margin of two gigabytes of free memory. To do this, regularly sort your photos or videos and save them to a Google Drive or cloud account for iPhone.

4- Clear the cache of all your applications on the smartphone

As you use the apps on your phone on a daily basis, a lot of information is saved in the apps you use. These junk files are cached data which is stored in your device storage memory and slow down your cell phone. Remember to delete them so as not to overload the memory of your Android or iOS phone. Go to phone settings. Then in “Storage” and press “Cached data” and then “Clear all cached data”.

So that your smartphone’s memory does not become cluttered, remember to regularly clean up your storage space. Your phone will perform better and faster when you use it. It is also recommended to update your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone.

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