Cette femme épouse Marcel pour son argent, sans se douter de la vengeance qu’il avait préparé

This woman marries Marcel for his money, unaware of the revenge he had in store

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Not all people marry for love. Unfortunately, sometimes it is out of necessity, out of obligation and other times it is for financial reasons and self-interest. This is the case of a real estate agent, Sandrine Devillard, who married a 67-year-old farmer, Marcel Amphoux. The story hit the headlines… But this woman surely had not imagined that one day she would be able to take revenge… We tell you the details of this case.

This city woman married a farmer lost in the mountains… For what reasons?

Marcel Amphoux is a 67-year-old lonely farmer who lives far from everything in the mountains. He is located in the village of Puy-Saint-Pierre, near Briançon. One thing is certain, he does not have a very advantageous physique and is not very careful neither with his person nor with his accommodation, which is of questionable hygiene. In fact, he lives in a dilapidated cabin with no running water or electricity. Not enough to make the pretty and rather flirtatious blonde dream that he comes from Paris and works in real estate. Also, the farmer is 25 years older than her. However, according to his words, when they meet, it is love at first sight. But then what is this woman doing with this man?

A woman who suddenly appears in his life.

When the real estate agent from Paris landed in Marcel’s life overnight, no one looked favorably on this relationship. In fact, the farmer’s entourage tried to warn him against this woman. Her relatives do not believe her story at all and think that the beautiful blonde has something in mind… but what?

Despite the doubts of his family and friends, Marcel fell under the spell of this woman who brought him out of his loneliness. So he decides to ignore her criticism and live his story with this Parisian. Very soon the couple talked about marriage. Too fast for those around you. The couple did not live together, because Sandrine was forced to continue her work in the French capital. So she visited him whenever she could.

The farmer dies a year after his marriage

This man lived on nothing and spent very little, but in reality he had something worth gold… In fact, Marcel owned several pieces of land in the Alps, near several ski resorts. Valuable land, therefore… So, it is certainly her land and not her physical appearance that attracted this woman… That is also why those close to the old man thought that she was there only for him. money. Also, knowing that she is a real estate agent, she knows how to spot good deals.

Unfortunately, a year after their marriage, Marcel joined the stars. He was in a car with two other people and they had a traffic accident. Only one survived this tragedy and it was not Marcel. Then, very quickly, all eyes turned to this woman. As if by chance, she had married Marcel a year before… According to police investigators, Sandrine is totally innocent. In fact, it is an unfortunate traffic accident, as it often happens. What happened after her funeral?

A big surprise after Marcel’s death

When Marcel died, the young woman regained control of his real estate. She graciously housed tenants that she was quick to evict immediately. But, she never would have imagined that her late husband could have done such a thing. The latter completely disinherited him… Did he finally realize that something was wrong with this story?

In his will, Marcel gave the accommodations to the tenants themselves and part of his fortune to his friends and family. Angry, Sandrine takes legal action and tries to have her will invalidated, but so far she hasn’t succeeded… In the end, it wasn’t a good real estate deal!

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