Celtics - Bucks Notes: Giannis and his friends are crushed

Celtics – Bucks Notes: Giannis and his friends are crushed

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An NBA season is made up of games, guys watching them and talking about them, but also guys watching them and rating them. Probable revenge after a youth dedicated to collecting zeros, and a perfect opportunity in any case to release the auction to kilos. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with its inexhaustible imagination, while trying to talk a little about basketball. Chick?

Rumor has it that that night there was a neighborhood game of this sport better known as basketball. So we looked at a little bit anyway, history. But to see Grant Williams’ artillery as if he were part of the Splash Brothers, we tell ourselves that a chain had to be planted. The Boston collective took down Giannis, who was dumped by his teammates and who must probably be humming Corneille right now. 109 to 81, such is the score of this game so random that there was even a guy with the number 59 who entered the game and a guy who scored a triple after smoking his shoulder. We even fear for our ratings after such a game.

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Al Horford (5.5): a good wine that improves over time, but also the ideal player in the team he needs. The triangle that fits the triangle in the children’s game.

Grant-Williams (9): Drunk, he took himself for Gérard and took 18 award shots in this Game 7, hitting 7 precisely. The Bucks defense disrespected him, and he called. 2017 had the Kelly Olynyk Game, 2022 will always have its Grant Williams Game.

Jayson Tatum (8): was eagerly awaited since the beginning of this series, at times he was able to drop off the radar before forcefully returning to the front of the stage never again to disappoint. What if Jayson Tatum was the Cauet Burger?

Jaylen Brown (7): tonight, it just wasn’t necessary to ask him to return a free throw, but otherwise Jaylen Brown did, that is, to secure the essentials and hit some big shots. Anyway, rather JB than Chivas.

Smart frame (6): despite what his percentages suggest, Smart Marcus has made several saves for Boston. After spending his Game 5 in hell, he knew exactly how to bounce back. He has lived up to his name very well tonight, and you will have understood that this is not about cars.

Derrick White (3): With his endless skull and green and white robe, the Space Zinzin played completely backwards. The good weather is back, she could have turned on the air conditioning and had a salad, she decided instead to turn on the heating and have a tartiflette.

Payton Pritchard (7): the guy thought it was Kyrie just because he had the number 11 on his back. Incredible handling, great shots and even a little selfishness to bank him after a winning shot. Payton Pritchard is definitely a fun rascal.

Daniel Teis (5): escaping from Fox River after getting a tattoo on his back, only to make it to the conference finals next. Without a doubt, Michael Scofield is truly a genius.


Lopez Creek (6): perhaps the only one who proved to be at a minimum level to ensure in the wake of Giannis. Always so clean defensively, his contribution was not, however, enough to help a breathless Giannis. The López of 63 that we find at the bottom of the video, and that says nothing.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (7): he was totally alone, and abandoned by his companions at the worst moment. Despite a tough second half, Giannis did the work of a complete major 5, neither his efforts nor the minutes he spent on the court counted. He is the intern that Claire DESpagne dreams of having in her company.

Wesley Matthews (3.5): he had a nightmare on both sides of the field and couldn’t even get his arrow out tonight. William Tell must be turning over in his grave.

Grayson Allen (2): he probably put his right shoe in his left and vice versa since he missed everything. He wandered around like a banshee and it would have been painful to watch if he wasn’t Grayson Allen. A match as uncomfortable as Adil Rami’s speech at the UNFP trophies.

Thu Holiday (5.5): in this decisive game he was expected, but in the absence of having filled the stat sheet, we can say that he filled his cape well. Jrue Holiday was in a hurry to go on…vacation. And yes, we haven’t slept in about 2 weeks, so that’s the only valve that comes to mind.

Pat Connaughton (3): see Grayson Allen, but with broad shoulders.

Bobby Portis (5.5): Still with the same appearance of a chemistry teacher, he probably participated in the filming of Breaking Bad but took the instructions too seriously and probably saved some products for his personal consumption.

George’s Hill (4): we just found out he was still in the NBA and frankly, it’s always good to know.

You miss Khris Middleton, and everything depopulates in Milwaukee. The 2021 champion is going on vacation and will officially step down as the defending champion in a few weeks, while the Celtics and Heat will give us a remix of the Eastern Conference Finals in the Orlando bubble. We can’t wait, can we?

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