"I'm ashamed..." Christophe Urios raises his voice at the UBB

“I’m ashamed…” Christophe Urios raises his voice at the UBB

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It was expected and it ended up falling on the afternoon of this Tuesday. Christophe Urios was not going to sit idly by in the face of the black streak that Union Bordeaux-Bègles was going through (two wins in the last 11 games). So after about ten days of vacation and before the last two games of the regular season, the emblematic coach of Bordeaux has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s! And as always, it’s worth the detour.

To prepare the ground, he had sent one of the leaders and father of the locker room, Jandre Marais, to the front, and then his technical leader, Matthieu Jalibert. The latter confirmed that the recovery had been muscular: “It was heated either with the squad or among the players, but that tension is normal and in quotes these settling accounts since we screwed up and after a while we had to say things to each other, even if it’s not nice at the time. “Behind Christophe Urios you just had to engage…

Had the time come to put the church back in the center of town for you?

If I think. We can say it like this. The Toulon game (16-29 home loss) clearly showed that we were no longer a team and that was what came out of each other’s balance sheets. So was it time to rethink what a team is? So yes, today we still have the cards in hand, but we have more space! We had to clarify our ideas.

Is this the most difficult period since your arrival at UBB?

Last season, after the loss to La Rochelle, it was a bit the same. Except that there we lost five times in a row at home, it is unacceptable. Unacceptable. This should never happen! So we have to look him in the face. The losses against Pau and Toulon are unbearable for me.

Do you have an explanation for this?

I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer. The only thing I can say is that the lack of character of the team is noticeable. That’s that’s all. Losing at home like this happens to you once, twice but not five times. It is not normal. And then they come to see me and say “there is tension” but luckily there is tension! And again, it’s nice here. If it happens in Castres or Perpignan, they cut your c…..guys.

Does this tension come too late in your opinion?

Not that I’m too late, but I couldn’t do it before because I was coaching a Crabos team (junior category, because of the selections and injuries). I do it when I can.

Do you think your team can react?

Sure ! We have already done it. In Montpellier, we are a real team, but a week later it’s not like that anymore, that means we got carried away! There is no other word, we get carried away and that is not acceptable! Everyone is doing well, last night we had a meeting with the fans, everyone was happy… You meet people on the street, anyway. But no ! We can finish seventh! So me sometime, how are you? Yes, it’s a character problem, a responsibility problem, an eye opening problem… What we did against Toulon, it’s just not possible! There, we don’t care in the m….

It’s enough?

No I dont think so. I’ve been asked this question several times and I don’t believe it. I don’t think we feel better than others. It’s not how I feel. There is lightness but it is not in relation to the adversary, it is in relation to ourselves. We are like this, the weather is good, everyone is nice, there are 30,000 people in the stadium… Me, I’m embarrassed! I tell you, I am ashamed and I would like everyone to be ashamed. I know people are like me, but not everyone is.

Can last week’s course be a new starting point?

No, but it may have opened some people’s eyes. We talk all week. But be careful, we talk like when it’s not going well and it’s not going well! There, for two weeks, I see a team that trains (finally) well. But it’s also my fault because I accepted things and maybe I shouldn’t have.

Despite all that, you still have the cards in hand…

Yes, because remarkably we were able to win twice away from home, which shows the quality of the group. When you get down to business… So the group can concentrate. But, I repeat, we are light! We have not been able to launch a real positive dynamic since February. So there, against Lyon, go and see and if someone trembles, they don’t have to put on the shirt because it will bother me! This is the game of men, we are facing our responsibilities. We are capable of it but everyone has to be in the same direction. You don’t have to think about Roland-Garros, about things, about things, you have to be focused! The priority for everyone must be the Top 14.

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