INTERVIEW.  Soccer: "What happened to me is like a movie," says player Yohan Mollo, who accuses his agents of fraud

INTERVIEW. Soccer: “What happened to me is like a movie,” says player Yohan Mollo, who accuses his agents of fraud

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“It destroyed me.” Yohan Mollo, a footballer whose professional debut dates back to 2008 with Monaco, denounces the manipulation of his former agents, which would have cost him “between 10 and 15 million euros”. Caught today at the Banque de France and banned from banking, the 32-year-old native of Martigues revealed the affair on Saturday, May 14. in an interview with Carré mediaspecialized in soccer and present only in social networks.

In October 2019, the former international candidate, wanting to dip into his financial reserves, would have realized that the life insurance he believed he had subscribed to and that it was going to contain more than ten million euros was false. Yohan Mollo, who plays today in Hyères in Nacional 2, also claims to have been the victim of several real estate scams. In addition, accounts and loans were opened in his name without his authorization.

The judicial investigation, which had been going on for more than two years, ended recently. A first hearing before the Marseille Criminal Court is scheduled to take place in September. The battle of numbers will be in heart of the judgment “The investigation revealed a proven embezzlement of 1.7 million euros, an audit firm expects 4 million“, assures the teacher Ceccaldi, his lawyer, while the total damage suffered by Yohan Mollo could be greater.

While awaiting trial, the former Saint-Etienne and Caen striker, who has also played in Greece, Russia and Qatar, relied on franceinfo:sport to recount his setbacks.

Franceinfo: sport: You say you were swindled by your agents. What happened ?
Yohan Mollo: What happened to me is from a movie. Never in my life could I have imagined this. My agents took their commissions, but it wasn’t enough, they also took my salaries. They took out several loans at the bank in my name, bought goods and sold them at a loss. I have never witnessed a purchase or sale of property in my name, which however is mandatory.

They also presented me with life insurance and told me that I had to invest the money to think about the future. I went to the office of the director of an agency: they received me, they presented me with official documents, there was nothing suspicious. But this life insurance never existed, the guy was in cahoots with them. All documents were forged. Some players were defrauded in the banking plan, others in the real estate plan, but I, all the documents that were made, I did not sign them!

Didn’t you realize that at the time?
When the lie is well armed with the right people, you can’t say anything because those people give credibility to the story. I suffered manipulation for several years and several people, banks, notaries. Every time I was close to discovering the truth, there was always a new configuration that made me believe that it existed.

People don’t understand how I could trust someone who finally betrayed me. But when you have been working with him for ten years, when that person eats at your parents’ table, when he kisses your nephews, when he is there to protect you and tell you that everything is fine, of course you think you are. in good shape. How do you know the accountant is in cahoots with the agent? How to imagine that another guy, for another life insurance, is in cahoots with him, that two sports directors are with him? It is impossible. I was cheated my whole career, I only found out three years ago.

How did you react to?
I was at the end of my life, because I was away from my family. [en Grèce, au Panathinaïkos, où il a joué entre 2019 et 2021, avec un prêt à Orléans en 2020], I had a lot of problems. But it’s been three years and I still don’t understand why they did that! I often wake up at night, from 4 am to 6 am, I can’t sleep.

“But I always end up taking charge. First there’s a period where you’re in pain, but after that it makes you tougher. I wouldn’t say it makes you tougher because I’m hurt and I don’t like it.” . I will never forget”.

It doesn’t go away, but you have to face your problems head-on. Then there’s my family watching me, and because of them alone, I have to stay strong.

How does this story impact your life today?
It destroyed me, but I have this strength of character and this mentality that always brings me back. I have always had a salary and that allowed me to survive. It is true that today I have problems, but I can afford to have a normal life because I continue to play, I have enough money to live. I know that many would have fallen into depression, they would have done anything, but my life is built on this failure.

My happiness goes through the family. Money has never been the engine of my life, but I have made sacrifices. The money I had to raise wasn’t even for me, I wanted to share it with my family so everyone would be happy. I don’t need to live in a palace, I just need to have my father, my mother, my cousins, my sister, my nephew.

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