4 colors that attract mosquitoes: get rid of them by applying these tips

4 colors that attract mosquitoes: get rid of them by applying these tips

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When temperatures rise, mosquitoes often appear on our terraces, in our gardens and in our interiors. Mosquitoes can be attracted to body odors or the carbon dioxide a person gives off when they breathe or sweat. If you’re prone to mosquito bites, keep in mind that these flying insects are attracted to particular colors, a study indicates. Find out what colors they are and how to get rid of these pests.

Mosquito control can be difficult, especially if you don’t know which repellent products to choose to put an end to a mosquito infestation. Generally, these biting insects settle in warm, moist areas and cause discomfort to the occupants of a house. If you suspect you’re dealing with an overgrowth of mosquitoes, you’re probably wondering what the best repellants are for these pesky bugs. But above all, it is important to know what colors attract them.

What colors attract mosquitoes?

During the summer, mosquitoes can enter your home without warning. Also, some people find that they are more used to being bitten than others. And although they are often benign, mosquito bites are very annoying. In search of elements that can attract mosquitoes, researchers at Shingon University have discovered that certain colors can attract these insects. The study, titled “Olfactory activation of visual preferences in human skin and visible spectra in mosquitoes,” aims to inform us and help us better protect ourselves from mosquito bites. Published in the scientific journal Nature, the study showed that the colors we wear can influence how mosquitoes react to us. Thus, colors such as red, orange, black or even cyan attract mosquitoes. If you are used to wearing clothes of these colors, you could be prime prey for mosquitoes. Conversely, certain colors can ward off these unwanted insects. This is the case of green, purple, blue or even white.

If you are tired of suffering from unpleasant mosquito bites, you should know that there are solutions to keep them away from you:

1. Install a mosquito net to get rid of mosquitoes

mosquito net

A radical solution to fight mosquitoes – Source: spm

The mosquito net is the best solution to keep mosquitoes away. You can put a mosquito net on your window and on your doors to prevent these biting insects from entering your interior.

2. Opt for essential oils

eucalyptus essential oils

Eucalyptus essential oil – Source: spm

Essential oils have many virtues for the body and for the home. Citronella, geranium, or eucalyptus essential oil can keep mosquitoes away from your home. Simply diffuse these oils inside to ward off pests.

3. Put cloves in a lemon to repel mosquitoes

mosquito lemons

A trick to eliminate mosquitoes – Source: spm

This granny trick is great for repelling mosquitoes. Lemon and clove scents act as insect repellants. Cut a lemon in half and then insert some cloves inside. Place a lemon half in a room or near your bed to keep mosquitoes away permanently.

4. Use LED lights to drive away mosquitoes

LED lamp

An LED lamp – Source: spm

LED lamps emit a yellow light that can repel mosquitoes. Do not hesitate to use LED lamps even at night to permanently hunt these insects.

5. Avoid stagnant water to avoid attracting mosquitoes

stagnant water

The female lays her eggs in stagnant water – Source: spm

A female mosquito lays her eggs in places where water stagnates. Rainwater, sewage, cans of water, swimming pools, or flower pots can attract mosquitoes. Eliminate stagnant water spots to prevent a mosquito invasion in your home.

With these tips you can get rid of mosquitoes and protect yourself from their bites.

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