Maxwell: “It wasn’t Qatar that made PSG” – Canal Supporters PSG 24-7

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come to psg in January 2012, Maxwell is one of the pillars of the project QSI in Paris. The player who finished his career in 2017 under the colors Red Blue he is now responsible for the development of football in theUEFA. Former sports coordinator paris st germain and then ambassador of the club in Brazil, Maxwell entrusted extensively to our colleagues in SoFoot. The side does not lose sight of the sporty side of the side of Parisespecially when asked why psg still can’t win Champions League : “ This is a tough question. I think that this title, which was a wish, has become an obsession mainly for the people, the public. However, such a project must be built slowly. I think it is difficult to find a reason, but the truth is that this team is competitive.“. There is a lot of speculation about the wardrobe of the psg and the status attributed to the players, something to which Maxwell answer : ” I think it is difficult for an external observer to have the necessary knowledge to talk about what is really going on inside. For me the club has grown a lot, the fans can be proud of what psg It has become in ten years, in terms of sports brand. Obviously we expect European titles, the players must believe that the most important thing is the interest of the club, but it is difficult to talk about where we are in the relationship between the club and its players.“.

“I still have friends there, from the president to the laundry people. »

When we told him about the clubs he went through before the paris st germainthe Brazilian left-back believes that it is not the same, thus marking the difference between clubs” already trained“, and another (the psg) still at the stage of “ draft“. And when we talk about identity, Maxwell he trusts the link he and the players of his generation have created with the club from the capital: ” Today the psg, is a club that many players want to join. Quand je suis arrivé, le Qatar venait de racheter le club, mais ce que je peux dire, c’est que nous, les joueurs qui sommes arrivés au début, on a, encore aujourd’hui, a huge love pour ce qu’on built. We hope that has happened to the players that are arriving now. I still have friends there, from the president to the laundry people. And if you go to interview the others who played in Paris between 2013 and 2017, they will give you the same answer: we created a very strong bond between us, because the club expected a lot, we responded present, we identified with the project, with the club.“.

When our colleagues SoFoot question Maxwell about the identity of the club, he replies: Today there is a new cycle. The truth is that a winning mentality has been created. The club wins in France and is recognized at European level. Now the culture, the DNA, is difficult to create. Many coaches have passed, each with a different philosophy. And I agree with the supporters: this culture must not forget the past. It was not Qatar that did the psgI know particularly, as a Brazilian, I admired several compatriots who went to the club. And I think it is important that a player who arrives today knows this story.“.

The Head of Football Development of theUEFA He also talked about the 15 titles he won with the shirt of the psgand the importance it can have: I’m not the best at parties, but when you win titles, I want to stay until the end, because I know what the trophy means, the commitment we put into it, the effort throughout the year. I remember in psg the first, the championship that we won in 2013 and the party that followed in the streets, to the point that it almost degenerated, but we were so close to the fans, that marked me. And then I remember the last one, the French Cup versus you will go Y Thiago Silva which allows me to lift the trophy of my last match, to celebrate not only the title, but also the end of my career“.


“I’m in love with Paris”

About life in Paris, Maxwell is dithyrambic with the French capital: “ I am in love with Paris. Culture, gastronomy, education. I think I had a fantastic experience and I remember many days off, when I would put my headphones on, walk along the Seine and in neighborhoods like Saint-Germain and try to visit, discover. Sometimes we have dinner with Lavezziwe had lunch with ibrawith other players“, he confided, before continuing on the same topic: “ I really enjoyed Parisian life and I think that we, our generation, our cycle of players, had a very strong relationship with the city, with the club. And we learned a lot in Paris, it gave us a lot, much more than we could give on the pitch. And besides, what I value most today are relationships with people, that is the biggest title of my career for me.“.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of the psg under the era QSI, Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade He played 214 games between January 2012 and May 2017 with the shirt of psg on the reverse, stamped with the number 17.

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