Will Elon Musk manage to "destroy" Twitter without even buying it?  - Insolence

Will Elon Musk manage to “destroy” Twitter without even buying it? – Insolence

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Je dois vous avouer que je regarde la bataille que joue autor de Twitter a la fois amusé et fascinated car I thought that Elon Musk es en train de jouer un tour pendable aux gentiles «woke» que règnent en maître sur l’empire de the blue bird

Act 1 Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter.

They tell him it’s out of the question because it’s a bit like Bordeaux Chesnel rillettes. “We do not share the same values ​​my poor sir.”

Act 2 Elon Musk offers 45 billion dollars for a company that is worth, to you and to me, 10 times less!

They tell him that at that price the values ​​begin to be worth less, but we explain to him that he will have to take care to prevent freedom of expression… which, you will admit, already allows some sleepy people to realize that freedom of expression is only if you want to express what is authorized by the friendly political censors chosen by no one and self-proclaimed guardians of the temple of good.

Act 3 Videos of Twitter members in charge of censorship wisely explain on caught camera how left-wing they are, how awake they are, and how they censor anything that might express a thought opposite to their own.

The latest video that has been made public is of a boy who wants to be “ultratolerant” with a tendency to mega-wake up but who cheerfully makes fun of Elon Musk’s Asperger syndrome… which says a lot about the morality of the boys. In charge of morale on Twitter.

Act 4… Elon Musk, who is not a 6-week-old rabbit, had included in the sale agreement that there had to be less than 5% fake accounts on Twitter. But since there is a commitment to sell, Elon Musk has the right to investigate the reality of things to proceed or not with his acquisition… and there could come to light the massive Twitter fraud in his fake accounts.

Act 5 is not finished yet, but sorry to come, the fake accounts are so numerous that the value of Twitter is crashing in the stock market. Elon Musk buys Twitter for 4,500 million euros and not 45 with the addition of legal proceedings…

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