Qatar 2022: Great controversy for the Blues

Qatar 2022: Great controversy for the Blues

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Six months before the World Cup, the silence of the French national team players on human rights in Qatar is getting worse.

Six months before the start of the World Cup, tensions rise around the France team. And not only because of the complexity of the challenge facing the Blues: to be the first team since Brazil in 1962 to retain their world crown. The organization of the Qatar 2022 World Cup has not finished shaking people. She fails in particular with the question of human rights and the conditions of immigrant workers.

“They will become legendary if, as reigning world champions, they help us defend and support immigrant people working in terrible conditions in Qatar, without whom this World Cup would never have been possible. Your talent is worth gold, your word must weigh the same! »Amnesty International wrote in a letter to the French team, and the NGO added: “In Qatar, you will no doubt meet these migrant workers at your hotel or when traveling between stadiums and other training venues. These people are still hundreds of thousands today to be exploited by unscrupulous bosses, without even having the right to protest against their conditions. It is a retrograde organization of work, which configures a virtual servitude of those who have come to work in Qatar. »

Denmark, an example to follow

And Amnesty International hopes that the French team will imitate Denmark, one of their opponents in the first round, which has decided to step forward to denounce the working conditions of immigrants. “Are you stronger than the Danes on the pitch? Be just as big in your pretensions! Get involved by clearly expressing your solidarity, with your public speech, in a message on your social networks or by signing our petition. It would be a gesture of justice for those who pay a high price for this competition to exist, the NGO continued. We ask only one thing of you, and that is to raise yourselves to the height of their esteem, clearly expressing your solidarity with those who continue to live a nightmare.

It is a very sensitive subject.

A request to which Didier Deschamps was invited to respond during his press conference on Thursday. “It is a very sensitive issue, it is not my role or that of the players to pressure the Federation, which has taken the necessary steps to be vigilant and attentive to the current situation. I do not want to enter a media debate, that is clear. This does not mean that each individual will have their freedom of expression. I don’t have the ins and outs. The FFF, the France team, like all nations, will do what is necessary to be attentive to this situation. I am not here to gag the players, they are free to express themselves about whatever they want. trusted the tricolor technician, who knows how to tread carefully on this issue.

The federation should not be silent

An answer that should not satisfy the NGO. Invited to the microphone of After Foot at RMC, Lola Schulmann, head of advocacy at Amnesty France, lamented the refusal of the French Federation to address this issue. “The federation must not remain silent and must speak out on the issue of rights violations in Qatar. The answer is that it will not be talked about in public.he lamented, adding: “The Danes, Germans and Belgians are mobilizing. Our European partners and these federations talk about what we can do on our trips to Qatar, to make sure that everything is okay in our hotels. They are speaking publicly about this issue.” “Talking about human rights should not be a taboo subject in France. You have to realize the impact of a word from Noël Le Graët”he added, hoping the FFF would change its tune.

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