F1.  Spanish Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc signs his fourth pole position of the season in Barcelona

F1. Spanish Grand Prix: Charles Leclerc signs his fourth pole position of the season in Barcelona

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This is the end of this live, thank you all for following us. See you this Sunday from 2pm to follow the race for the Spanish Grand Prix. The day of sports news is not over, this afternoon you will be able to follow the 38th and final matchday of Ligue 1, commented live on ouest-france.fr. Good evening !


George Russell, 4th, at the Canal+ microphone:

It’s the best Saturday we’ve ever had, and it wasn’t a perfect session, I had tire problems, so fourth I think we have to be satisfied with that. I think it will be difficult to fight the Red Bulls. They have a very high race pace, we have two Ferraris in front of us, maybe that is going to be the fight, I think we can fight with Charles and Carlos.


Pierre Gasly, 14th and eliminated in Q2, at the Canal+ microphone:

Very complicated, disappointed this morning for not being able to drive FP3, we had a problem at the rear of the car, they had to remove the gearbox, we couldn’t do the session when we had a lot of things to test, unfortunately it didn’t go as expected. All weekend we struggled on this track. It is true that since yesterday we have been trying to find solutions, I am slipping a lot, we had zero traction, we tried something for qualifying but unfortunately it did not work. We will have to work, try to understand, but for tomorrow it is the car we have, we will have to fight with it. The race will be very long, with a lot of degradation, we will try to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Carlos was very strong. I am very happy for him.


Carlos Sainz, 3rd, at the Canal+ microphone:

It’s been a tough weekend so far, the conditions haven’t been easy, windy and hot, but I managed to set a decent lap. The key will be the start and tire management, so I’ll try to get a good start and then we’ll see. I think that tomorrow everything is possible, we will try to give our best. It wasn’t the best position in Q2, I had to put on an extra set of tyres, which I’ll miss tomorrow.


Max Verstappen, 2nd, at the Canal+ microphone:

It’s always hard to say, but I couldn’t make it on my last try. I just lost power, it’s a shame, but overall to be on the front row here, when you look at how the weekend has gone so far, it’s quite an achievement. Of course I would have liked to go further. It will be a difficult race on the tyres, tomorrow it will be very hot again, it will be difficult to pass them, but I hope our car will remain economical on the tyres.


Charles Leclerc, poleman, at the Canal+ microphone:

I feel very good, it was a very difficult qualifying, especially in Q3 because I made a mistake on my first try. And of course I only had one lap, but it went extremely well. There were some hot moments on my lap, but I’m very happy. It’s a very good trick. We are in the best position to start the race but I am wary of the Red Bull and Max because they seem to be managing their tires well in the stints.


Charles Leclerc signs the 13th pole position of his career, and returns to a drive from Max Verstappen.


Fortunately for Max Verstappen, no one has managed to do better than him and he remains at the forefront. But with his engine problem, we’ll have to watch out for possible penalties for changing parts on the Dutchman’s engine.


🏁 Fourth pole position of the season for Charles Leclerc.

5:00 pm.

The Monegasque signs a 1’18”750, while Max Verstappen pointed out that he was losing power, it’s over for the Dutchman!

5:00 pm.

Q3 – 30 seconds left. Leclerc’s best time!


Q3 – 2 minutes left. The pilots leave for their last race.


Esteban Ocon, 12th and eliminated in Q2:

It is difficult, complicated. We expected more performance than we showed. The tires overheated at the end of the lap, that’s what we missed. We have several sets of new tires for tomorrow, it is a bit of hope to be in the top 10. I think there will be a lot of research after this qualification, we can take advantage of that.


For his part, Max Verstappen hit hard with a record time of 1’19”073. He is ahead of Carlos Sainz.


Q3 – 8 minutes left. Leclerc is to blame!

The Monegasque spun at the chicane not far from the finish. He immediately returns to the pits to change his tires.


⏱️ Q3 – 12 minutes left: let’s go for the last session


Verstappen improved on his last lap with a time of 1:19.219. The Dutchman raised his voice.


🏁 Sainz’s best time at the checkered flag

The Spanish rider sets a time of 1’19”453.


Q2 – 2 minutes left

George Russell, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc did not come up. They are reserved for Q3.


At the moment Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon, Guanyu Zhou, Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly are the pilots practically eliminated.


Q2 – 5 minutes left. Red Bull and Ferrari fallen

Leclerc and Verstappen only posted 4 and 6 times on their first try.


The Mercedes have raised the tone in top speed with a record of Lewis Hamilton with 337 km / h on the straight.


Q2 – 8 minutes left. Best moment of the weekend for Russell

The British rider sets a benchmark in 1’19”470 and is in the lead. He is ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.


Did the Aston Martin team rip off Red Bull?

The current Aston Martin closely resembles the Red Bull car, so much so that suspicions of plagiarism have been raised. Very quickly, the FIA ​​reacted and considered that there was no infraction by Sebastian Vettel’s team.

4:30 pm.

Q2 – There are 10 minutes left. Riders are just getting started in this session


⏱️ Q2 – 15 minutes left. Let’s go for the second session


The Aston Martins may have been talked about at the start of the weekend, but both find themselves eliminated from qualifying.


Big disappointment for Alpine with local Fernando Alonso already eliminated, while Esteban Ocon narrowly moved to 15th for Q2.


Q1 – 3 minutes left. gasly threatened

Pierre Gasly’s first attempt is inconclusive. The Frenchman may have paid the price for his lack of running this morning due to engine failure.


Q1 – 6 minutes left. Ocon in the top 10

Esteban Ocon moved up to tenth position, one second behind Charles Leclerc.


For now, Fernando Alonso, Pierre Gasly, Mick Schumacher, Nicholas Latifi and Yuki Tsunoda are provisionally eliminated.


Q1. 9 minutes left. Ferrari goes down from 1’20

The Spanish and the Monegasque signed blow by blow the best reference. Leclerc leads in 1’19”861.


Q1 – 10 minutes left. Verstappen improves

The Dutchman passes in 1’20”091.


Q1 – There are 13 minutes left. Few drivers on the track

There are only three riders who have set a time so far and most of the riders are still in the box.


As a reminder, the best time of the weekend so far was achieved by Charles Leclerc with 1’19”670 on Friday during Free Practice 2.


⏱️ Let’s go for Q1


🎥 Live a lap of the circuit with an on-board camera on board the helmet of local Fernando Alonso


🌡️☀️ It’s hot and heavy this weekend in Barcelona. Minutes before qualifying, it was 34 degrees in the air and 47 on the track.


The Mercedes team remains in Barcelona with nine consecutive pole positions. Since the start of the weekend, the drivers have been pretty much into the game thanks to the improvements made to the circuit. Lewis Hamilton, for his part, maintains five successes in a row at the Spanish Grand Prix. So we may have to rely on Silver Arrows this weekend as well!


👀 Suspicion of plagiarism at Aston Martin?

A soap opera started at the start of the weekend, after the arrival of the changes to the Aston Martin in Barcelona, ​​​​which are very reminiscent of the Red Bull configuration from the start of the season, especially in terms of the flat bottom and the pontoon of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll’s car. The FIA, however, considered that the Aston Martin team did not commit any offence.


Lewis Hamilton smiles again after an encouraging first day

Third in the first day of free practice for the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was positive when taking stock. He appreciates the progress made in the Mercedes, although his teammate remains a little more measured about the conclusions drawn from these performances on a circuit where his teammate has always had success.


📋 Barcelona: speed, track, records… Everything you need to know about the Spanish Grand Prix track

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit has been on the Formula 1 world championship calendar since the 1991 season. It also hosts pre-season winter tests every year. Here you have everything you need to know about the circuit that hosts the Spanish Grand Prix.


“I’m stiffer this year”: Carlos Sainz Jr concerned about the health of the drivers

Asked by Motorsport.com about the new F1 regulations and the new cars, Spanish driver Carlos Sainz Jr admitted to being concerned about the health of the drivers in these new cars. Heavier and less lively in the corners, they have different repercussions than the cars of the previous era. Before the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, where he will be at home, the Spaniard shares his doubts.


Charles Leclerc continues to lead after free practice 3

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) set the fastest time in the 3rd free practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix, 6th round of the Formula 1 World Championship, this Saturday at the Barcelona-Catalonia Montmeló circuit.

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