These five games that sent Girondins de Bordeaux to Ligue 2

These five games that sent Girondins de Bordeaux to Ligue 2

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It’s official: Girondins de Bordeaux will play (at most) in Ligue 2 next season, despite their 4-2 win at Brest on Saturday. The last demotion of the club dates back to 1991. It had been administrative due to very serious economic difficulties that are somewhat reminiscent of the current situation of the Armada and Blanca. To find the last sporting relegation, you have to go back to 1960. For the record, therefore, the Girondins are destined to be relegated to the second division every 31 years.

The one in 2022 is just the result of a decade of descent into hell. Between financial problems, failed acquisitions and sports degradation in recent years. And like others before them, by dint of playing with fire, the Girondins ended up burning. As of today, the only objective is that there are not only ashes left in a few weeks and that the club can return to Ligue 2 and start to rebuild. From a sporting point of view, this team has never managed to get its head out of the water, neither with Vladimir Petkovic nor with David Guion at the helm.

Clermont, the day the Girondins were not prepared

First game of the season and first loss. Nothing dramatic at the time, although logically losing at home against a promoted player always has a bad effect. But in hindsight, we can now say that this mishap illustrates that everything went wrong from the start. And for the first time, the new management isn’t there for long. The club faced this match after a very busy summer, just three weeks after taking office, and with a coach who arrived a week before the start of the season at the head of a squad without signings. The Girondins were simply not ready. Result of the races, three defeats and two draws in the first six days and an already good team last in Ligue 1.

Marseille, the day the club began to implode

This Friday night in January, the club will implode for the first time this season. Even before the meeting, the context is extremely complicated. Despite an epidemic of Covid-19 cases in its squad, Girondins did not get the match postponed. They will also have to play “the game of the year” for them behind closed doors. The punishment was terrible: after a mistake by their goalkeeper, Benoit Costil, Marine et Blancs lost their 41-year unbeaten record at home against OM. A real tragedy for the fans.

Behind the scenes, another “drama” is unfolding. After this historic defeat, the club announces that it wants to part with its captain and defender, Laurent Koscielny. The management argues that it is officially for economic reasons but in reality it also criticizes the former international for his sports performance and his lifestyle. The player himself takes the floor to say that he does not understand what is happening to him. Vladimir Petkovic, the coach at the time, was not consulted at all and, of course, the dressing room viewed this decision very badly. This is the first clear break between the leaders and some of the players. Some of them are also excluded (Baysse and Zerkane).

Reims (0-5), the day the players dropped Petkovic

Despite a disastrous season so far, Vladimir Petkovic is still in command ahead of this trip to Champagne. The former Nati coach has even just saved his position, a week before against Strasbourg (4-3). But in Reims, his players will drop him completely for the first time. Girondins suffered a new beating against Rémois (0-5), three weeks after the one received in Rennes (0-6). It will be one more defeat for the leaders of Bordeaux, they fire their coach the following week. A dismissal that can cost the club dearly in the medium term.

Girondins coach Vladimir Petkovic.
Girondins coach Vladimir Petkovic. – Romain Perrocheau / AFP

To replace him, David Guion arrives at Gironde. The club is starting the maintenance operation and hopes to quickly raise the bar thanks to a new transfer window that is quite interesting on paper (Guilavogui, Marcelo, Ignatenko and Ahmedhozic).

Montpellier, the day the club hit rock bottom

This Sunday, March 20, David Guion still hasn’t won a game (two draws and two losses) a month after his arrival. There was no psychological effect and the Girondins are dragging their sentence in last place in Ligue 1. But that afternoon, the club will go down the drain. At half-time, an altercation broke out on the edge of the field between Benoit Costil and one of the leaders of the Ultramarines, the largest group of Bordeaux fans. On the ground, the Girondins were unable to overcome the score against Héraultais reduced to nine for fifty minutes.

In the stands, the situation is very tense. The Ultramarines end up accusing their own goalkeeper of racism before going to wait for the players outside the stadium. Then a muscular explanation takes place. Benoit Costil will first announce that he wants to leave the club because of these accusations before finally reconsidering his decision. In the absence of a strong reaction from the management, the CSE of the club and the players will come to issue their own press release to support the Bordeaux goalkeeper and deny the accusations. it’s chaos

Saint-Etienne and Nantes, the day the Girondins “self-destructed”

The setting for these two matches played four days apart symbolizes the Girondins de Bordeaux season. Mbaye Niang’s teammates miss out on two big chances to get back into the upkeep race by leading these two games 2-0 before teaming up against ASSE (2-2) and getting beaten by Canaries (5-3). to make Gérard López, owner and president of the club, say in particular that Marine et Blanc has “self-destructed” this season with, in particular, the worst defense of the five major European championships (89 goals conceded in 36 games, that is to say , 2.5 pawns taken per game).

A stat to summarize: Navy and White lost 28 points after leading in the scoreboard this season (17 times, for only five hits at the end). This is the highest total of L1. The observation is clear, this Bordeaux team simply does not have the technical and mental level to play in Ligue 1.

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