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Florent Pagny convicted? His daughter publishes a snapshot that says a lot about her state of health

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During the semifinal of “The Voice”, Florent Pagny appeared bald for the first time in the program, a logical continuation of his chemotherapy. It must be said that despite his illness, the singer always remains positive. In fact, he hasn’t lost any of his optimism. Very close to his admirers, the interpreter of “My freedom to think” continues to reassure them. Only then, like many people who have cancer, he too sometimes has difficult times to overcome.

a sad announcement

Florent Pagny needs no introduction. Since the beginning of his career in the 80’s, the son of Jean and Odile Pagny has been hitting the hits and is one of the biggest record sellers in France. His success is due in particular to his audience who, since January 22, 2022, have cared for him. No wonder, on this date, he announced sad news to them.

Let’s remember, in a short video shared on his Instagram, the emblematic coach of “The Voice” publicly declared that he suffered from lung cancer, which unfortunately is inoperable. Also in the same video, he also regretted having to cancel his 60th anniversary tour. Which obviously saddened more than one who already saw themselves humming his most beautiful titles, but they know very well that the health of his idol comes first.

Quite a change of look

In his healing process, Florent Pagny had to start chemotherapy sessions for a period of six months. As we all know, it causes hair loss in cancer patients and the singer was no exception.

Thus, on March 8, 2022, during the benefit concert organized by France 2 with the aim of helping the Ukrainian people, everyone was shocked to see his new face. In fact, he is a completely bald Florent Pagny who appeared on stage for a good cause. Obviously, after this, the reactions were numerous as expected.

Although for years, the star has accustomed us to haircuts as eccentric as the others, seeing him appear with a shaved head was not very easy. For his part, the singer satirizes the situation. With humor, he said in particular:

“There, it’s not even a cup anymore. It is true that events have rushed… You tell yourself, I am going to shorten their suffering (to their hair, editor’s note), do something more correct because these chemo make their hair fall out a little. But that’s okay, it doesn’t stop us from staying fit and still looking good. »

So these are words that prove for the umpteenth time that Florent Pagny is a true example of hope and fighting spirit.

shocking confidences

In fact, you could feel sorry for yourself, but you don’t. Although sick, Azucena’s sweetheart continues to spread good vibes around him. However, he does not hide that in this fight that he is leading against cancer, certain moments can sometimes be complicated. Asked by Nikos Aliagas in the columns of Gala magazine, Florent Pagny remarkably returned to these difficult times that more or less hit his morale.

Thus, he trusted:

“Yes, I’ve known this period where you don’t want anything, you don’t have the peach, your heart is on your lips, but it passes. I passed the pure chemo, the one that fights: anguish for twelve days, it’s not a joke anymore! You know, the dizziness you get after you’ve been on dry land for a week. »

Fortunately, in these difficult times, Florent Pagny can always count on the support of his wife and children, including his daughter Aël.

A cliché that says a lot about your health

Born on May 26, 1996, Aël Pagny seems to be very close to her famous father, as evidenced by the photos she shares on social media. Also, on May 12, 2022, the young photography enthusiast shared a snapshot of her “boss” during her family stay in Mont-Saint-Michel.

In the photo in question, dressed in black and looking at the horizon, Florent Pagny appears with a cane; which shows that his fight is not easy. The latest news is that his tumor has shrunk considerably after two treatment sessions. According to him, the size of a kiwi, he turned into a hazelnut. So that’s something to reassure the audience of him. In a video, he said that if all goes well, next year they can meet again for the 61-year tour.

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