Roland-Garros LIVE: Dominic Thiem out of the start and a Frenchwoman already eliminated... Follow the 1st day with us

Roland-Garros LIVE: Dominic Thiem out of the start and a Frenchwoman already eliminated… Follow the 1st day with us

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13:20 : Jaber falls apart. The Tunisian hits a big blow. After saving balls 5-2 in the 3rd set, the 6th player in the world tied 4-4 against Linette.

13:14 : As it starts to rain at Roland-Garros. It works for now but for how long?

13:12 : On the side of the French, things are not going well for Barrère leading 4-1 in the first set against Japan’s Daniel. On court 7, Carole Monnet has just started her match against the Czech Muchova.

1:10 p.m. : Jabeur is close to the exit. The Tunisian is losing 5-2 in the 3rd set…

1:06 pm: A short drive and then off to Dominic Thiem. Defeated in three sets (6-3, 6-2, 6-4) by Bolivian Dellien, the Austrian leaves Roland for the second consecutive year. Sad streak for the former US Open winner and two-time tournament finalist in 2018 and 2019.

13:05: Jabeur is in a panic. Linette just broke in the 3rd set and leads 4-2. The Tunisian’s unlikely exit from the first round is getting closer.

13:01 : It is better for the American Sloane Stephens. The former tournament finalist (in 2018) has just tied a set across the board against German qualifier Niemeier.

12:54 pm: Ons Jabeur does not look calm at all in this 3rd set. The Tunisian shows signs of nervousness while the Polish Linette has just taken a 2-1 lead in this deciding set. What if we already had the first big surprise of the fortnight?

12:52 : Second Frenchman of the day to compete, Grégoire Barrère has just started his match against Japanese Daniel on court 14.

12:46 : Health walk for Dimitrov! The 18th-seeded Bulgarian qualified for the round of 16 (6-1, 6-1, 6-1) against American Giron.

12:43 pm: Ons Jabeur is in trouble on Center Court. The Tunisian, who is one of the favorites of the tournament, has just lost the second set in a tie-break against the Polish Magda Linette. An all-around set between the two players.

12:37 : Dominic Thiem is in the middle of a nightmare. The former double finalist of the tournament (2018, 2019) takes two sets to love and 2-1 in the 3rd set. He already feels like the outlet for the Austrian who is not recovering from wrist surgery last year.

12:33 pm: And already a first French eliminated. Harmony Tan just lost 6-4, 6-3 against Colombian Osorio. We just hope he’s not the first in a long series…

12:32 : Hello everyone. I take over from Nico for this lunch break

12:28 : We had forgotten a bit about her by dint of frolicking from one court to another, but Ons Jabeur is not amused in the central, facing the Polish Magda Linette, apparently well recovered from her physical restlessness. 5-5 in the second set.

12:23 : On Court No. 1, American Sloane Stephens, a former World No. 3 and 2018 Roland-Garros finalist, isn’t the best against German qualifier Jule Niemeier. Stephens lost the first set (7-5) and leads 2-1 in the second.

12:19 : With a hand on his back and a blindfold, Dimitrov leads 6-1, 6-1, 1-0 against Giron…

12:17 : Things aren’t looking up for Harmony Tan on court #14. 4-6, 0-3…

12:16 : There it is, the first result of the Roland-Garros final draw: the Romanian Cirstea dominates the German Maria in 1h04 and two sets (6-3, 6-3).

12:10 : Huge reaction from Croatian Coric, who wins 2-0 in the second set after conceding the first against Spanish Taberner (3-6) on court 13!!! How many emotions in these first round matches!!!

12:05 pm: And things don’t get any better for Dominic Thiem, now led 6-3 and 2-0 by Hugo Dellien… A bit sad anyway for a player who has never digested the first Grand Slam victory after which he ran for a long time (US Open 2020) before having physical problems.

12:03 : I interrupt the broadcast to report that my son completed the second 5K walk of his life without penalty under a felon evader during the Interclubs in Rodez. Well done son!!! End of the interlude.

12:01 pm: Big talker for Harmony Tan. The Frenchwoman just conceded her fourth game in a row and the first set in stride. 6-4 for Colombian Osorio. It will be necessary to react quickly so as not to leave Roland-Garros before the news at 1:00 p.m.

11:59 : On court n°9, the Spaniard Munar also won his first set, against the German Altmaier. In 42 minutes, the first professional of the Rafa Nadal Academy left only one match for his opponent.

11:55 : We barely kept our backs to each other for 5 minutes when Harmony Tan didn’t break. It is led 5-4 by the Colombian Osorio after having conceded the last three games, a service to follow for the French

11:54 am: And it jumps, 6-3 for Dellien against Thiem. Doesn’t smell very good to the Austrian lumberjack.

11:48 : Well, we’re not going to talk about it 10 times at this Roland-Garros, so know that Romania’s Cirstea (seeded 26th anyway) won the first set against Germany’s Maria (6-3) while Slovenia’s Bedène ( 175 in the world) beat New Zealander O’Connelle (wild card) (6-2). No problem.

11:46 : Linette is back. The match can be resumed at the Chatrier, with a delay set for the Pole against the Tunisian.

11:14 : Enormous battle on a well-filled court 14 between the Frenchman Tan and the Colombian Osorio… 4-3 for Armonía (yes, we are in tennis, we all call them by their name), always with a breakthrough break.

11:41 : 6-1 for the Dimitrov tractor that hit Girón in 29 minutes…

11:39 am: A Linette backhand at the net and it’s 6-3 for Jabeur. The Polish woman, visibly affected, called the healers. She limps out a bit.

11:38 : Popopo… Jabeur’s clenched fist after a wonderfully constructed shot and finished off with a forehand that takes the line… The first set is soon in the Tunisian’s pocket.

11:36 am: FIRST BALANCE SHEET OF THE FORTNIGHT. From France 3 to France 4 very fast…

11:34 am: How could I miss Harmony Tan’s game kickoff??? I apologize to the family and the fans. The French wildcard leads 3-2 on serve to continue in the heat on court 14, against Colombian Camilia Osorio, 66th in the world.

11:32 am: Break Dellien against Thiem… The greenest of tennis players is already on the hard side (3-1).

11:29 am: Jabeur breaks and then confirms this time, despite a curious point in which the Tunisian failed to conclude a shot at the net (4-2). Chatrier’s audience is currently as warm and numerous as for a Monaco – Lorient in Louis II.

11:26 am: Grigor Dimitrov pitched his game to perfection against American Marcos Giron on Court No. 7. 3-0 for the former “Baby Federer” (who is now 31 years old, anyway).

11:24 : When we told you about the degradation of this brave Domi Thiem…11:21 : Well, forget what I wrote 3 minutes ago. Linette has already broken (2-2).

11:18: Jabeur takes the break. After a difficult start, the Tunisian, seeded n°6, started the second against the Polish Linette (2-1).

11:12 : Well, Linette clearly didn’t come to Paris to play the victim. She distributes the loaves at the beginning of the game.

11:08 : With the talent that we know him, Nico Camus summarizes the challenges of this 2022 edition, marked by the complete return of the public.

11:05 : Great attack of the day with Ons Jabeur in particular, immense favorite of the tournament in a World Cup where Iga Swiatek does not exist, who will hit the Polish Magda Linette in the Chatrier. In Simonne-Mathieu, Dominic Thiem (finalist here in 2018 and 2019) continues his resurrection operation after major physical problems against Bolivian Hugo Dellien.

11:00 HELLO EVERYONE!!! Here we are, start! The weather is (too) beautiful, all the French men and women are still in the running and the wildest hopes are allowed.

Hey Roland Garrix! That’s it, this time it’s good, here we are. The highlights of spring. The heat, the sun baths interspersed with stormy downpours. High school reviews and the country’s productivity undermined by the mountain of games scheduled next to the Porte d’Auteuil.

15 days of Roland-Garros, the cement blocks of Iga Swiatek, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sakkari, the slides of Djokovic, popopopopololo… olééééé! Waves, whistles, sick atmosphere on court 14, rackets and shattered dreams. Feats, surprises, sweat, dirt everywhere, on the shoes, the socks, the elbows, the wrists and even the face. In the end, there will only be one left. It’s not up to you to decide, but you can still enjoy the show.

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