Brest Stadium.  Why Gautier Larsonneur was not in the group against Bordeaux

Brest Stadium. Why Gautier Larsonneur was not in the group against Bordeaux

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It is a (long) story that is ending in black pudding. Present on the match sheet for the first 37 games of the Ligue 1 championship, replacing Marco Bizot, Gautier Larsonneur was not called up for the last game of the season against Bordeaux, on Saturday night at Le Blé. News that caused a stir on Friday, around 6:00 p.m., when the Stade Brestois team was announced on the club’s social networks. Contacted as a result of the publication, Michel Der Zakarian refused to comment on his decision. On Saturday night, after his family’s defeat against Girondins, the Stade Brestois coach was again questioned on the subject.

– “What was the reason for the absence of Gautier Larsonneur in the group? »

– “It’s my choice. I can say things, but I’ll be mean.”

– ” Namely ? “

– “I say nothing more. Final point “.

– “From the outside, this decision may surprise a player you had called up during the first 37 games.”

– ” Final point “.

– “So something happened…”

– (short) There, he knows what happened, and I know what happened”.

A smile in Monaco gone wrong

Larsonneur’s disposition with the reserve, this weekend at Dinan-Léhon, was therefore a sanction. And the reason, according to our information, goes back to the match played in Monaco a week before. Shortly after Kevin Volland’s fourth Monegasque goal, the Brest goalkeeper shared a smile on the bench with two members of staff, which would have reflected, in the eyes of Michel Der Zakarian, too great a detachment from the game and sparked the ire of the. The SB29 coach, behind, quickly made his decision during the week not to summon the 25-year-old goalkeeper, contacted but who did not respond to our requests.

I speak as a friend and not as a captain, but it is very difficult to see him do his last like this.

Already fresh before this event, the relationship between the two men is now icy and a departure this summer for Gautier Larsonneur, zero minutes in Ligue 1 this season, is inevitable. In a long interview granted to Telegram this Sunday, the sports director Grégory Lorenzi, in the file, also concedes this: “I can understand that Gautier finds it difficult because he has done beautiful things with us, a story is created and he must be respected. Today, Marco is number 1 and Gautier knows that such a situation is not simple, it is not obvious. For his own good, he must be able to find a project that will allow him to pick up and relaunch his career. We will open this possibility to him if he exists.”

SPORTS - CDA - FOR FINISTERRE PIE N3 - DINAN / BREST (B) (2-4) _ Teva Lossec (Brest in white) Thomas Bazin (Dinan in white) and Gautier Larsonneur (Goal Brestois)(Photo Joël Galiot)
Gautier Larsonneur played with the Brest reserve in Dinan on Saturday afternoon. (Photo Joel Galiot)

“It is better that the paths separate”

Asked in the mixed zone, Brendan Chardonnet, his close friend from Le Conquet, could not hide his emotion, tears not far from rolling down his cheeks. “He still has one year left on his contract, we can’t say for sure, but for him and for the club it’s better that we go our separate ways. Gautier has ambitions, he and the club discussed it. I speak as a friend and not as a captain, but It is very difficult to see him do his last like this. Not being in the group or on the field is very hard and we talk about it all week. It is difficult to talk about it, I wish him the best, he still has very good days ahead of him.

A long broken spring

Leaving Larsonneur out of the group, Der Zakarian undoubtedly deprived him of a proper farewell before an audience that has seen the small venue being born since 2017. And that has not stopped paying tribute and applause this Saturday, when he joined his teammates . on the lawn for a lap of honour. But with Brest, Larsonneur also knows that the spring was broken more than a year ago, when, first, Olivier Dall’Oglio took him out of goal for four games in favor of Sébastien Cibois. When this summer, due to an injury to the latter’s Achilles tendon, he was arrested in Brest and prevented from living his dream of the Tokyo Olympics. When, a few weeks later, Marco Bizot was recruited as the new number 1 and immediately installed in the cages of Lyon. Larsonneur’s future is therefore written away from Brest for a goalkeeper who, whatever happens, will have left his mark at the Stade Brestois after four seasons in the shoes of a starter, including the first three at a very good level. According to our information, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lorient have taken the temperature of the file, although the true intentions of these three clubs have not been leaked.

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