Rennes: "I'll be there next season and I'm getting ready", says Genesio

Rennes: “I’ll be there next season and I’m getting ready”, says Genesio

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Although Stade Rennais finished its season with a 4th place in Ligue 1, qualifying directly for the next group stage of the Europa League, what is the sporting record of the Breton club and what to expect next season? Answers, especially with coach Bruno Genesio.

The sports report: “The ranking reflects the season,” says Genesio

“It’s very good,” welcome coach Bruno Genesio and sports director Florian Maurice. The objective of the start of the season, which was to qualify for a European competition and, if possible, for a better competition than this year’s with the Europa League Conference, has been fulfilled. With this 4th place, Rennes qualifies for the Europa League and for the fifth consecutive season will play in Europe next year. Five consecutive seasons in Europe, only PSG have achieved this performance in Ligue 1, which shows that the Breton club continues to exceed milestones. Stade Rennais has even had a record season: record for points scored (68), record for goals scored (82 in Ligue 1, 101 in all competitions), record for wins (20 in L1) and also the most beautiful match played in the history of the club in all seasons. With recognized individual performances such as Martin Terrier in the typical UNFP team or Bruno Genesio chosen as the best coach in Ligue 1.

Despite everything, Rennais was left out of the Champions League for a little. Disappointment? “Yes and no” for Genesio, “because I think we are in our place and if we take the budgets as a reference we are even above our place (Editor’s note: Rennes has the 7th budget with 110 million euros). The ranking reflects the season. We had exceptional moments in the season in terms of quality of play, with big wins, but we also had too many weak moments and too many losses. The game we played also gave us maybe cost the lost points but we never denied ourselves.”

Upcoming Changes: Genesio Extended? “We will discuss”

For the next season, Stade Rennais intends to remain ambitious and continuous in terms of play: “We will continue to play in the same way with this desire to produce a lot of play with a lot of running, movement, repetition of efforts.” The profiles of the players sought will go in that direction”, announces Bruno Genesio, who is very involved in the preparation for next season. A sign that the Breton coach, who has a contract until 2023, will always be there. “Whatever happens, I’ll be there next season and I’m getting ready. I’m fine here. I do a good job with the Pinault family and Florian, you know, who I have a personal relationship with. We form a couple. The work environment is not calm because we are pressured by the result, but we can tell each other things and move forward frankly without thinking twice. I am totally fulfilled”. To the point of refusing any request? “It is possible, yes, but I am not really a careerist and, as I say for the players, not necessarily everything is better elsewhere.

Discussions are underway for a contract extension and could end quickly even if Genesio falls behind a bit. “What I want is to make a club and a team progress. Now that the season is over, let’s discuss. I am still waiting for answers about what we are going to put, with what means”.

The transfer window to come: a number 1 goalkeeper, a central defender, a midfielder…

On the exit side, Jonas Martin at the end of the contract was not extended to allow in particular the emergence of the young man trained at the club, Lesley Ugochukwu. Les gros dossiers seront les prolongations de contrat ou non des cadres Hamari Traoré, le capitaine, et Benjamin Bourigeaud le vice-capitaine, sous contrat jusqu’en 2023 comme Flavien Tait qui lui a prolongé ce lundi jusqu’en 2024 (plus a supplementary année in option). Traoré and Bourigeaud, who have known everything at the club for 5 years (victory in the Coupe de France, European qualification, Champions League) want to play abroad. If the trend is towards an exit, Stade Rennais wants to keep them and has made offers in this regard. Traore is followed in the Premier League by Brendford. Benjamin Bourigeaud in deep thought is notably on a list of targets from Leicester and the two Roma clubs, Roma and Lazio, but one hint among others at the moment. The future of the two players could take time to settle depending on the offers.

The Rennes club also expects to be attacked by Nayef Aguerd and Martin Terrier but intends to keep them while Serhou Guirassy, ​​relegated to the bench for most of the season, could find a way out to make room for the young promise Mathys Tel (17 years old) and Matthis Abline (19 years old).

On the arrivals side, the priority will be to incorporate a number 1 goalkeeper, a 4th central defender who was absent during the second half of the season and a midfielder with impact and experience. Alfred Gomis’ performances in particular in goal are logically considered inconclusive since his arrival two years ago. Some names like Benjamin Lecomte or Walter Benítez came out at the end of the contract in Nice, without being confirmed. The attack is a priori the sector where the movements will be more limited. Rennes is already well supplied, notably with Jérémy Doku and Kamaldeen Sulemana almost non-existent this season due to injuries.

Finance: a budget increase on the sidelines, with the support of the Pinaults

The Stade Rennais had invested massively last summer with almost 80 million euros in purchases (for Laborde, Majer, Sulemana, Badé, Santamaria…) partially offset by 45 million in sales (including Camavinga to Real Madrid for 30 million of euros). The budget of 110 million euros should increase in the margin. If the investments will probably not be as massive and a big sale is not expected, the Breton leaders know that they can always count on the Pinault family to finalize a transfer or a contract extension like that of Bourigeaud, idol of the club and the fans. for example. The shareholder says he is very satisfied with the season and especially with the image that reflects the performance of the club and the pride of the public.

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