OL: lack of enthusiasm for Les Fenottes, whose fault is it?

OL: lack of enthusiasm for Les Fenottes, whose fault is it?

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Despite an eighth European champion title, OL failed to draw crowds on Sunday for this coronation festivities in Lyon. Is it a problem of organization or simply of mentality towards women’s football?

On Sunday, at the Place de la Comédie, the crowd was far from that seen during the various titles of the boys until 2012 and the Coupe de France. For the 8th Champions League in the trophy cabinetOLSome 200 people had gathered outside the gates of the Hôtel de Ville to see and celebrate Les Fenottes. For a team that every day writes its name a little more in the football legend, it is not thick and many regret it on social networks. Between late communication and lack of interest in these girls who are still on the roof of Europe, whose fault is it really?

The answer surely lies between the two. On Saturday, in Turin, the Juventus Stadium was much more blaugrana than red and blue. Of the more than 30,000 spectators announced for the Champions League final, only 2,000 had made the short trip between lyons and Piedmont. Before 15,000 supporters of the barcathe different groups of Lyon fans such as Lyon 1950, Hexagones, Kop Fenottes 69 and OL Ang’elles tried to support the comparison and the players of theOL just as Sonia Bompastor did not fail to specify it the next day during the reception in her honor. “Barcelona is still a great club with loyal fans and a strong culture, so good for them, Ada pointed Hegerberg. Sure we would have liked to have the same number, but those who were present did a great job and that motivated us a lot because we wanted to give them this title too.

A mentality problem in France?

The Norwegian striker is never the last to give her opinion and has certainly raised a first point of explanation for this lack of enthusiasm around this final. Because it was the whole week that she surrounded this duel that caused this feeling of being left behind. When Spain machine-gunned its newspapers with articles, football France remained fairly quiet on the subject, much more passionate about the soap opera Kylian Mbappe. Wouldn’t our country finally be overcome by the defects that we know, namely, not being a soccer country? In any case, this is what Amel Majri and Nicolas thought. puydebois on the set of While There Are Gones, on Monday.

“It’s also the mentality. When you look at Spain, Barça started winning and directly filled the stadiums with 91,000 people. When we played at the Parc, it was full. It takes but it takes time.”La Fenotte pointed out before being followed by our consultant who estimates that France “It’s far in terms of fervor compared to the Italians, the Spanish or the English. It’s the French mentality.”

If women’s football is becoming more and more common in France and seeing a girl play in a club, even an amateur, is no longer scandalous, there is still work to be done to have even greater recognition. amel Majri ensures “That there is no point in comparing yourself with the boys, we will never run as fast but we progress and do this sport as well as they do.” With titles with which you no longer know what to do, theOL he has yet laid the groundwork for more mainstream recognition and especially for performances that could bring people to the stadium when the boys have been doing nothing for a decade. just for nicholas puydeboisthere is a strategic error in the communication that is made in women’s football and in OL.

“You have to go find your audience, each sport has its audience. Rugby, basketball, soccer, women’s soccer have their audience. Rather than focusing on the ultras and the already existing public, you have to go find a more familiar public”. who are not afraid to come to the stadium. You don’t have to say ‘because you’re an OL fan, so you go see the girls’. It’s a different audience and you have to develop that aspect.”

A more family-oriented and more specific communication?

when it sounded bomber or Amandine Henry push the FFF to second place in terms of infrastructure development in France, so OL should review their communication. A step in this direction has already been taken with the appointment of a person in charge of women in marketing and the reception at the Lyon City Council is a real step forward since “it was the first time” as noted Majri. The communication from the Lyon City Council and the club came late and was done on social networks, which may explain the few people present in the city center on Sunday, but there is a gap to take around these girls who are the pride of an entire club. , an entire city.

“They make things happen. The region, the city know that there is a niche to take. The excesses of the men’s soccer business generate reactions and behaviors that slightly deteriorate our balance in society. our consultant continued. With the girls, through their mood and their simplicity, we find more family values.”

Time and patience are the key words in this evolution of women’s football and it may well be that the Fenotte are ultimately just the harbingers of what the football of tomorrow will look like.

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