Roland-Garros 2022: "It was one of the most beautiful atmospheres of my career", says excited Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, after his last match

Roland-Garros 2022: “It was one of the most beautiful atmospheres of my career”, says excited Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, after his last match

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Final applause for the best French player of the 21st century. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga returned his professional tennis apron on Tuesday May 24 after a last round against the Norwegian Casper Ruud in the first round of Roland-Garros (6-7 [6-8]7-6 [7-4]6-2, 7-6 [7-0]).

Applauded as it should be by the public at Philippe-Chatrier’s court, “Jo” was also entitled to a ceremony in tribute to his immense career. He was still excited when he got to the interview room.

What was your biggest emotion today on this Philippe-Chatrier court, at Roland-Garros?
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: My biggest emotion, I would say, was throughout the match, and afterwards as well. It was incredible, the crowd carried me, gave me the strength to fight and that’s what I did. It was a good match, I didn’t finish the way I wanted but I ended up on the pitch, playing, chasing the ball. It was strong for me and it will continue to be a good time.

1st round: Tsonga's body comes loose

In what state of mind did you live this match?
It was quite hard because before the game I am with Thierry (Ascione), my brother, a friend of mine who also follows me, and with every glance we are all aware that it is the last time I get on the Chatrier. . So it’s difficult because I get to the court and I’m already in an important emotional state. I had to compose myself, I fought against my emotions, against my tears before entering the field and then I said to myself: “Don’t flinch, there’s a game, come on!

What did you think of your opponent of the day, Casper Ruud, the No.8 seed?
It was not an easy match for him either. Playing here against me, with this crowd coming for me… And he played well, he was solid. Today I was able to beat most of the players but not him. He is young, passionate, he takes advantage of being on the circuit to live things to the fullest, he is great.

Looking back, how did you feel on court all those years?
Everyday life is sometimes difficult. You don’t want to be too rough, hurt someone. You always try to act to be affectionate, sociable. But on the court, you can express your demons. Everything in you, you put on the table. Sometimes it’s liberating.

What is your best memory on the circuit?
I think the whole adventure was good. Even the hard times. I can’t say that one day was better than the other. Having all these people around me to share my sadness, my moments of joy… I will remember all the relationships with the people around me. This is what will remain.

This match was a symbol of your career. We saw a “Jo” full of courage, and at 6-5 in the 4th set there is this injury, your weak shoulder…
It’s true, there is a bit of everything, panache, setting, injury… and a very solid rival in front. I think I have faced amazing players all my career, top 4 but not only: Del Potro, Cilic, Wawrinka, Ferrer, all very catchy players. Today I am happy to have played against Casper, he has a real regularity in his results. To be able to fight a solid player in my last game, that’s what I expected and what I wanted to do. I wanted to finish on the court.

“When I hurt myself to serve at the end of the 4th set, when I can’t lift my shoulder anymore, I call the physio but I wanted to finish on the court. I went all the way. I think he didn’t.” there wouldn’t have been a second game because I left everything on the field! (laughs)”

Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Did you know that this ceremony in your honor was planned?
I knew something was going to happen, yes. I pissed everyone off when they asked if I wanted to do something because it might not be my last game! And I didn’t want to calculate. Afterwards it was moving to see my first coaches on the pitch, my parents who are quite discreet… Even the boys, Richard, Benoît, Gilles… I knew Gaël was coming, he told me, but I didn’t. I know the others would be there. I didn’t want to think about it, I wanted to live the moment to the fullest and I enjoyed it. They are very happy because I managed to cry (laughs). It was a bit fast. when we are in heart Attention, it is difficult to live in the present moment. When I see the images again, it will touch me a lot.

After the last match of his career at Roland Garros against Casper Ruud, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga received an emotional tribute on Court Philippe-Chatrier.

Do you know what your future will be like, in the short and long term?
In the short term, I won’t invite you because you won’t be able to go home… (laughs) I’m going to enjoy it with my friends to celebrate. Tomorrow I will also go to the exams because I got hurt a lot, I couldn’t carry my son after the meeting. Then rest and continue to develop our academy with Thierry, organize the tournaments here in France and try to take advantage of the people I haven’t been able to see all these years.

What will you miss most about your life as a player?
The adrenaline of playing on a big court. When you have 15,000 people screaming your name, taking you to the field… What happened today is unlikely. Physically lately it hasn’t been easy and there, these last two or three days, I felt better. I think it’s thanks to all that, to the illusion, to the people in the stands… It was one of the best atmospheres of my career and it reached my last game. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better scenario, other than victory. It is this contact with the public that I am going to miss, and also with the people who have supported me all these years.

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