Les Bleus, official providers of emotions in the 1st round of Roland-Garros

Les Bleus, official providers of emotions in the 1st round of Roland-Garros

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at Roland Garros,

We beat them up enough when they walk out the door in single file before Wednesday not to give them the glitter brush when they deserve it. The proud male representatives of the tricolor nation, very shy in recent years, charmed the first round of Roland signing some memorable performances in fairground environments. However, we tell you.

The craziest atmosphere: Gillou at the Simonne-Mathieu nightclub

A little confidence in the form of regret. When we saw the time of the match (a good 21 hours typed) and the pedigree of the mastard opposite, the Spaniard Carreño-Busta, we murmured in overalls : “Cruel that Gilles ends up angry at 11 pm in front of his dog and three frozen grandparents.” But Simon, who had turned up at Central a little earlier for the Tsonga tribute, returned to the pitch filled with a new energy: “What I found fantastic was that we had really seen for the last time the Jo that we all love, admire.” . . I told myself, regardless of the last few weeks, he was there for the last time, he played a great game and I wanted to do the same. That we see Gilles Simon for the last time on the field”. Chills just reading it, and I’m not telling you to watch it.

The former 6th in the world, who will double the shoots at the end of the season, has fulfilled his inner promise, carried by a priceless atmosphere. It was the corner of Auteuil that corresponded to the corner of Boulogne, with a bit of the Vélodrome in the middle.

  • From “Aux Aaaaaaaaaaarmes, we are the Gilles Simon, and we are going to gaaaaaaagner”
  • “Gillou’s win, we’re not leaving until we get it”
  • “He is really phenomenal”
  • “It takes me to the end of the night, it’s Monsieur Gilles Simon”

All booed by guys dressed as musketeers suspected of putting something other than mint syrup in their water bottles. But that was what it took for Simon to climb the benjamin before our amazed eyes and go from 2-4 6-4 in the 5th dying between each point: “Ah well, in the end there are only geniuses left, there are still those who real. It was really an amazing atmosphere. It is very important because when Pablo runs me over, there they are, at the minimum point I win, they get up, shout, sing. They never stopped, from the first to the last point. He feels that as soon as he fails he will be yelled at and that is not nice. That’s the advantage we have playing here.” Next, Steve Johnson, we’re off for 4 hours.

Our kifometer rating : 10/10, a moment of ecstasy that no one would have bet on, outdoors, before an audience of déglingos.

The most common atmosphere: Gaston boiling the Lenglen

Strange phenomenon that of Hugo Gaston. The Tolosan does not win a game of the year or almost, but when he crosses the inner ring road he becomes a small Iberian bull. Supported by an omnipresent clan in the stands, two years ago despite the calibers, the 74th in the world has the rare gift of transcending the public as much as he transcends himself at home. On Monday night, at Lenglen, between his absences, his flashes and his supersonic end of the game, he twisted De Miñaur in a stadium won by orgiastic madness. “With the 6-0, 3-0 against me in the 5, you pushed me well, this is for us, we went to get together.”

The Australian, promising top 20, could not believe it: “I think there is a line that should not be crossed between supporting the local player, which is normal, and saying things that are not necessarily sympathetic towards the rival or making it permanent ” eye-. contact”… All the better for him to have been able to rely on it and have a moment he will never forget. »

We’ll forgive the young man for not knowing who he was rubbing shoulders with. Gastón had already blown up the Alcaraz box in Bercy, one afternoon when the Spanish phenomenon seemed quite ridiculous at the height of his 18 years, in an atmosphere close to the insurrection that had kindly scandalized our Iberian colleagues. Anthony, caught on the run Monday night, was already there: “We pushed him, he pushed us, he loved it. Hugo is a player who encourages the public, he doesn’t have a great serve so he creates a lot of play, he’s not platonic with him”. Valentín agrees: “It’s the first time I’ve seen him, he was absolutely crazy, almost to the limit of fair play at times. Gaston plays well with it. In the end he had a cramp, but he went on purpose to look for the public to win, for a little while, he reminded a little of the Davis Cup. »

In the euphoria of the moment, he even asked the audience to sing a sonorous “Happy Birthday” to his girlfriend who no longer knew where to stand. “He always manages to take the public with him, Sebastien Grosjean blows, it must be said that he goes a long way.” Next concert on Thursday in the same place, many come.

Our kifometer rating : 8/10, we begin to meet the beast, each comeback is both dazzling and logical.

Most Heartwarming Vibe: Tsonga Making Chatrier Cry

Some people cry more easily than others. A song, a movie, the last game of a tricolor legend, anything goes to make people believe that this damned pollen is to blame. Like us, Pierre-Hugues Herbert is part of the gang of complainers. “I completely broke down when I saw his coaches arrive, all these people who accompanied him in this crazy life… This mix between the lack of love at the end of his career and liberation, telling ourselves” we gave everything, we are free ”. It was a beautiful tribute, very emotional. Jo has succeeded both in his career and in his farewell. »

P2H is on target. During the Rolando of containment, we wondered about the willingness of all these huge players to continue fencing when they were just the miniature version of themselves. Overwhelmed by an impossible injury, Tsonga “promised to do everything” to stop at a memory to warm up on winter afternoons. Roland’s double semi-finalist even came close to turning back the clock against Casper Ruud, one of the best surface specialists of the moment.

The shoulder came loose when he was about to capsize us in a fifth game of all promises, in a Central that we sometimes consider a little lukewarm for these big occasions: too many Panama hats, too many guests, too many people at lunch. for the last game of the best Frenchman of his generation, who had regretted all his life having returned to a half-empty field during his semifinal against Ferrer in 2013. But on Tuesday, everything was forgotten.

“I haven’t felt like this in a long time. I think it’s thanks to all that, in fact, it’s thanks to the illusion, to all those people who take me every day, whether they’re family members, people from the stands. It was crazy! It’s one of the best environments I’ve experienced in my career, and it happened to me in my last match, I couldn’t ask for better”.

Our kifometer rating : 9/10, an idol who leaves at the right time is beautiful.

Bonus, most unlikely environment: Moutet finally winning a fight at home

Corentin Moutet sometimes gets a bad rap. The guy can be a real jerk on the pitch at times, and he doesn’t always laugh at the media, but he deserves to ignore first impressions. His musical eclecticism, his detachment from the environment, his analysis of the game are curiosities that must be tamed in order to appreciate them. And then, before the appearance of Hugo Gaston, he was our beautiful sin at Roland-Garros. We still remember with butterflies in our stomachs the boiling of court 14, the bomber of the place, one afternoon of heat wave in 2019. The Frenchman had commanded for more than four hours against an Argentine so brave that he had finally lost his mind.

An exasperating first defeat that announced others. Six hours of play for nothing in 2020 against an Italian qualifier in the autumn drizzle, never stopping whipping. Then another four hours against Djere last year, before a loss behind closed doors because of curfew. So we were sincerely happy for Moutet when we saw him exhaust the ghost Wawrinka, still lacking sensations, for the first nice tricolor emotion of the fortnight, on Monday.

And then the young man gave himself a nice gift: Nadal, in a night session, this afternoon, Nadal whose “slept in his tank top when he was little.” “When you are little you need to have idols, identify with people, and then I, who was left-handed, was my inspiration. I mimicked his serve, his forehand, mimicked everything until the moment I decided to do what worked best for me. The famous marathon specialization, from which we hope to see a new play against the majesty of him Rafa of him.

Our kifometer rating : 6/10, Stan, 37, is no longer the same.

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