Mavericks avoid sweep: 119-109 win over Warriors

Mavericks avoid sweep: 119-109 win over Warriors

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You know the formula: make or break for Dallas, and it rhymes. The Mavericks have their backs against the wall and must win to avoid a nasty California sweep. Largely ahead with twelve minutes left, the Unicorns were able to finish the job, but the Warriors’ youth shook up the American Airlines Center’s pampered (119-109).

Is this the last game of this Western Finals or will the Mavericks have the guts to avoid humiliation? In view of this first half, we will clearly lean towards the second option, huh. Dallas starts their match pretty well: shooting clean from 3s, a small event in this series where awkwardness has reigned so far on the Unicorn side. Maxi Kleber, Reggie Bullock, Jalen Brunson and even Frank Ntilikina turn on from the bar Above all, the Mavs have raised their level of defensive play. In tight spaces, the Warriors clearly struggle to find shots, and on the outside, it’s not a better story. So it stands to reason that Jason Kidd’s protégés take the lead with a good fifteen points. Oh yeah, if we’ve barely mentioned Golden State at the moment it’s because we feel a kind of lightness in their game, it’s true that maybe they weren’t ready to rub shoulders with an overly determined local team but go ahead eh, finish packing your bags. As we know, guys like to double down on the playoffs in their corner of California. Stephen Curry is struggling to find the intervals, but he’s still Steph and it stands to reason that he’s the leading scorer of his clique at halftime: 15 pawns, that’s the job awaiting a third quarter that could liven up this game. On the scoreboard, it’s also more than fifteen for the Texans. Thank you lieutenants and rotations, because Luka Doncic is not in great pomp this afternoon: 4/14 shooting at halftime, obligation to adjust the sights in the second act.

Hey, do you know a roofer? Because the thunderstorms that hit the city of Dallas caused a leak in the roof of the American Airlines Center. The situation is 100% comical and we even get a standing ovation for Jean-Mich’ from the technical department when he reaches the roof with the headlight to put on a piece of tape. Twenty minutes will pass before everything returns to normal, but the main thing is to be able to talk about basketball again. And hey, if there’s anyone for whom the trend hasn’t reversed, it’s the Warriors. The difference was fifteen points, it rises very quickly to 25, a symbol of the particular defensive frivolity of a Warriors gang that touches the coquillard a little to win this game, as if the next home game were the guarantee of a certain success. Too bad, don’t you want to play? Well, then we won’t talk about you. On the Mavericks side, Dorian Finney-Smith was very skilled and his entire team began to imitate him, planting like this non-stop. Stop everything, we’ve found the source of the leak, it’s just the Unicorns making the rain fall in the room. There are 12 minutes left, the Texans lead by 29 points and Steve Kerr is already blowing up his main performers. Luka Doncic has also found some rhythm, he will finish the game on 30/14/9, boss what. We thought that the opponent had quickly dropped the white flag… or not. The Golden State substitutes send a pure last quarter (39-20) and get back into the game, WTF is crazy! Neither one nor two, Kerr returns his stars to coal, tries the bet. Yes, but sir, it’s just that the starting line-up is very cold after a long period of idleness on the bench. Jason Kidd can breathe, letting his top five roll for ten minutes will have had the credit of making the difference in terms of pace at the end. Lulu Magic will have been decisive in the last moments, scoring and offering caviar so that his team could secure the match. The score during the final bell? 119-109 is that they like to put sissies on these Mavericks.

We believed it until the last minute… definitely these Warriors are one of a kind, or was it the Mavericks that almost gave us an all-time panty poo, look at it however you want. In any case, Dallas avoids the sweep and will have to fight for survival in the Bay again on Thursday!

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