What's new Apple won't reveal at WWDC

What’s new Apple won’t reveal at WWDC

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If you were waiting for one of the following products, you will have to be patient…

Every year for nearly 20 years, Apple has hosted its traditional developer conference, WWDC, as summer approaches. Several days began with a conference and during which the invited developers have the opportunity to get their hands on the different operating systems made at Apple with which they will have to work during the next twelve months.

But WWDC is also a chance for Apple to lift the veil on some highly anticipated and sometimes even unexpected new products. And like every year, with the arrival of the keynote, rumors abound about the possible products announced by Tim Cook’s band. So, so that you don’t get false hopes regarding one or the other announcement, let’s take a direct look at what Apple will not present on June 6.


To say that it is expected is an understatement. For months, if not years, the Apple Car has been talked about for better and for worse. Mainly bad, with many employees who are part of the project development team giving up along the way, the last being none other than the team leader.

But then, since we talked about this project, when is it likely to be presented by Apple? In all probability, it is not for now. Rumors about the project contradict one after another, some evoking a 100% autonomous and electric car, others pointing to software much more evolved than CarPlay to integrate with current manufacturers.

Finally, the latest rumors speak more of an electric car, certainly, but not entirely autonomous. It would include some elements drawn from artificial intelligence, but would remain within European legal limits. However, Apple is not abandoning a 100% autonomous car.

As you may have understood, currently no rumors seem reliable enough to know what the Apple Car will look like and it is still too early to foresee a launch window. Barring one big change, we shouldn’t be hearing about the Apple Car this year, let alone at WWDC.

glass of apple

This is the other big project that Apple teams are currently working on. A mixed reality device, cleverly combining virtual and augmented reality. For years, Apple has shown a growing interest in augmented reality, with iPhones and iPads supporting apps that use it. LiDAR cameras, which calculate depth of field, are another obvious example.

But the idea that Apple is working on such a device doesn’t come out of the blue either. Apple has filed dozens, if not hundreds, of patents in this direction. Cupertino engineers explore multiple technologies, one of the latest concerns an automatic lens cleaning mechanism.

But what you should know is that Apple is working on several mixed reality devices. A helmet, goggles and even glasses. In fact, the helmet could be presented this year, and why not at WWDC. Then it would not be called Apple Glass, a name that would be reserved for augmented reality glasses, scheduled for 2025.

iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, AirPods 4, AirPods Pro 2

These are the general products to which Apple reserves a well-defined calendar. The iPhone always comes out at the beginning of the school year and therefore won’t have the luxury of being unveiled at WWDC, which is also very shortly after the previous model.

The same for the Apple Watch, which for its part should land in the fall, like every year. Finally, the AirPods 4 are not expected to launch in 2022, as soon as the third generation. On the other hand, the AirPods Pro 2 will not be presented, a priori, at the WWDC, but they would be well planned for 2022.

New MacBook Pros

Here too, the latest MacBook Pros date from October 2021. Very successful 14″ and 16″ models, which have just arrived. So it seems too soon for Apple to refresh its lineup at WWDC. However, that doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t plan to introduce new Macs on June 6.

In fact, rumors point to a completely revised new MacBook Air, as well as a new Mac Pro, highly anticipated since the teasing of the last presentation.

But what products are still expected this year? Are here !

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