Liverpool - Real: what happened in the Champions League final?

Liverpool – Real: what happened in the Champions League final?

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Liverpool - Real: what happened in the Champions League final?

LIVERPOOL-REAL MADRID. The Champions League was won by Real Madrid against Liverpool (1-0) but it was marked by problems and violence. A ministerial meeting will be held tomorrow to “identify the dysfunctions. Latest info.

18:23 – Thibault Courtois “sorry for the Liverpool fans”

[FIN DE LIVE] Thibaut Courtois, goalkeeper of Real Madrid sent a message to the Liverpool fans this Sunday morning: “I’m sorry for the Liverpool fans and the way they have been treated. I hope everyone has returned home safe and sound.”

17:49 – Tomorrow there will be a ministerial meeting to “identify the dysfunctions”

The organizers of the Champions League final, the police, and local authorities will meet on Monday at 11:00 a.m. to “identify the breakdowns,” the Ministry of Sports and Olympic Games announced.

17:48 – The police headquarters defends its file

Sure BFM-TV, Loubna Atta, spokesperson for the Paris police headquarters, is justified: “However, we strongly urge fans without tickets to stay in the fan zone, prevention messages were broadcast several times. We told fans without tickets to remain in the fan zone so that they can enjoy the match. Some tried to get to the Stade de France and it was these fans in particular who created overflows and crowd movements pressing the entrance in the first play-off and putting pressure on the fans who had tickets.” “The police were in charge of ensuring security around the stadium and restoring public order. From the moment that overflows were noticed, the prefect of police decided to bring security agents as reinforcements, in particular from the private sector, who were in charge of carrying out the first screening to let spectators with tickets through. The police supported these agents at the gates of the stadium to separate those who had a ticket from those who did not, to let legitimate spectators into the stadium.”

17:18 – The prefecture justifies the use of tear gas

Loubna Atta, spokesperson for the Paris police headquarters indicates, in BFM-TVthat “The use of tear gas was done in a controlled manner to put an end to intrusion attempts and crowd movements. We regret that families could have been indirectly affected.”

16:48 – The British press is unleashed against the French organization

The Guardian pointed the finger at France: “Questions should also be asked of the French authorities. There was serious violence during Euro 2016, particularly in Marseille, and Manchester United fans can recall being tear-gassed at a venue full of people during a Champions”. League group stage match against Lille in Lens in 2007.” English journalist Steve Douglas said he was a victim of censorship: “A security guard forced me to remove video footage showing problems with the handling of crowds”. France did not get out of this final a few months before the Olympic Games in Paris.

16:18 – The police headquarters indicated that the two fan zones had been closed and evacuated “calmly”

On Twitter, the police headquarters indicated that the two fan zones that had been set up for the supporters of the two clubs had been closed and evacuated “calmly”.

15:48 – For Éric Zemmour, it is the “scum” that jumped the barriers

Éric Zemmour said it was “scum” that jumped the barriers and attacked around the Stade de France.

15:28 – For Henri Guarino, “it is the image of the West as a whole that is affected”

guest of European 1, Henri Guarino deplores an “image of the entire West affected”. “Violence is increasing and the West, which, always ready to give lessons to the entire world, today gives the image of fractured societies,” insists the former deputy.

15:01 – 174 injured and 39 arrested

Overnight, the police arrested 68 people, 39 of whom were eventually detained. In addition, 174 supporters were slightly injured.

14:48 – The events told around the Stade de France

special envoy for the team channel, at the Stade de France, Bertrand Latour recounts what the fans experienced around the stadium. He had previously been beaten by England fans.

14:03 – Marine Le Pen feels “a feeling of humiliation”

Grand Jury Guest RTL, Marine Le Pen says she feels “a feeling of humiliation” with what happened yesterday at the Stade de France. “France can no longer organize large demonstrations without degenerating,” she added.

13:33 – Jean-Luc Mélenchon reacts to the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final

On the set of BFMTV, Jean-Luc Mélenchon indicated that “we are not sufficiently prepared, since Paris 2024 is coming”. He also criticized “the methods of Minister Darmanin and the perfect.”

13:03 – Several people, without tickets, tried to scale the gates to enter the Stade de France

This marked tonight, as some fans were making their way back outside the Stade de France, despite their tickets, other people were trying to scale the gates to get into the stadium without a ticket.

12.33 pm – Liverpool fans with tickets outside the stadium

Some Liverpool fans were forced to stay outside the Stade de France, despite having a ticket for the match.

12:03 – Politicians take advantage of the fiasco

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan reacts to the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final by calling it “a shame for France”.

11:33 – The images of the British fan zone after the game

A fan zone for Liverpool supporters had been set up at Vincennes to accommodate Reds supporters who did not have a ticket to the match.

11:03 – The Liverpool club has called for an investigation

The Reds have called for an investigation “into the causes of these unacceptable problems”


10:33 – UEFA explained the incidents in a statement

“As the number of people outside the stadium continued to increase after kick-off, the police had to use tear gas to disperse them,” UEFA said in a statement, saying it would proceed “urgently” with an audit of what happened. . with the French police and authorities, as well as with the French Football Federation (FFF).

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