DIRECT - The Blues list for Euro 2022: Without Henry or Hamraoui

DIRECT – The Blues list for Euro 2022: Without Henry or Hamraoui

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This is the end of this press conference.

Corinne Deacon returned to the non-selection of Amandine Henry. “We weighed the pros and cons and we wanted to trust the players with whom we have built this team for a few months.” There was a lot of talk about balance, although Corinne Deacon never mentioned Amandine Henry’s name.

In other data, the future of Katoto, at the end of the contract with PSG will have to be decided (like that of the other players affected by a change of club) before the start of preparation.

On Katoto, not retained in 2019 and currently at the end of his contract with PSG

“I don’t regret not wearing her in 2019, because her mood at the time would not have served her and would not have served the France team. But today Marie is performing well and her future will be decided before the start. about the preparation, we talked about it collectively with the group of players”.

Did the 2019 World Cup weigh on the options?

“The evaluation has been done. In various aspects. It has been a long time with my assistants, and since the World Cup, it has been three years. We had time to test various things. Now we have come to something that works.” Okay. There were many things to check. Now we have three years of experience in common, we know each other much better and things happen a little more naturally.”

About the preparation matches

“The first match will come in the continuity of the preparation, the second match will be a little closer to the composition that will kick off the competition.”

Sarr instead of Le Sommer?

“Their profiles are completely different.”

About the absence of Hamraoui, the result of off-sports problems?

“It’s especially the fact that she hasn’t played for several weeks. In terms of performance, it’s hard for us to watch her, that’s what tipped the scales in the choice not to play her.”

About Katoto’s health

“Marie is fine. But we will avoid putting pressure on him. We have other assets.”


“Officially yes. I will call them in the afternoon to tell them my wish to keep them in good shape before the official list is published in UEFA.”

Lack of top-level experience without Amandine Henry?

“It’s a question we asked ourselves, but we have experience with other players. We also had to regenerate the squad and found a balance. We didn’t want to change that with regards to the girls who had made the effort, on the pitch and in group life.”

Corinne Deacon is now at a press conference

“We especially wanted to trust the players that we work with and with whom we built this team. We wanted to maintain a certain balance.”

Now the press conference

Corinne Deacon will have a little more time to express herself. The start is scheduled around 13:50/14:00.

“The goal is victory”

Quite a high goal for Les Bleues, who failed in the quarterfinals against the United States in 2019. But Corinne Deacon gives an appointment for “July 31”, the day of the final.

In the absences of Henry and Le Sommer

I know that for the two players you mention, the blue shirt is important. The choice was difficult for me, but like all lists, I have choices to make and I will take them to the end.

The list of 23 Blues for Euro 2022

Goalkeepers: Mylène Chavas (Bordeaux), Justine Lerond (Metz), Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (Juventus)

Defenders: Selma Bacha (OL), Hawa Cissoko (West Ham), Sakina Karchaoui (PSG), Griedge Mbock (OL), Eve Périsset (Bordeaux), Wendie Renard (OL), Marion Torrent (Montpellier), Aïssatou Toukara (Atlético de Madrid)

Midfielders: Charlotte Bilbault (Bordeaux), Kenza Dali (Everton), Sandie Toletti (Levante), Grace Geyoro (PSG), Ella Palis (Bordeaux).

Forwards: Sandy Baltimore (PSG), Delphine Cascarino (OL), Kadidiatou Diani (PSG), Marie-Antoinette Katoto (PSG), Melvine Malard (OL), Ouleymata Sarr (Paris FC), Clara Mateo

Corinne Deacon is present on the set of TF1 JT

and first, we talk about the excitement around Les Bleues during the 2019 World Cup. “Behind this French women’s team, a showcase for the FFF, we have set ourselves another challenge for the new group and try to win the first title next month of July”.

An announcement and a press conference.

Corinne Deacon will announce her roster during the 1 p.m. news and then explain herself during a press conference at 1:30 p.m.

the blue program

friendly matches

June 25 (9:10 p.m.): France-Cameroon to Beauvais

July 1 (9:10 p.m.): France-Vietnam in Orleans

Euro 2022 in Rotherham

July 10 (9 pm): France-Italy

July 14 (9 pm): France-Belgium

July 18 (9 pm): Iceland-France

Neither Hamraoui nor Henry is on the list

RMC Sport can confirm the absence of Kheira Hamraoui and Amandine Henry from the coach’s list.

As expected, Corinne Deacon had already explained during the April rally, that Kheira Hamraoui’s aggression last November and the relational repercussions on the Parisian side also had consequences on the French side during the Tournoi de France. Something inconceivable for Deacon who nevertheless appreciated Hamraoui’s profile.

The champion of Europe and champion of France, Amandine Henry has been a commented case in recent weeks. Her impressive performances for OL, especially in the Champions League final under the watch of Corinne Deacon (UEFA observer at this match), set her spirits. Her level was not up for debate, but the bond of trust between Henry and Deacon was broken in the fall of 2020.

hello and welcome to this life

Which players of the France team in the European Championship? Response at 1 pm in the interview with Corinne Deacon in the TF1 newspaper. This is the first major competition for Les Bleues since the 2019 World Cup in France. Three years is a long time, especially as these three years have been marked by numerous conflicts between the coach, Corinne Deacon, and several France national team executives, notably Lyonnaises Eugénie Le Sommer and Amandine Henry.

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