STRAIGHT.  Djokovic - Nadal: crazy match between the Serb and the Spaniard who leads!

STRAIGHT. Djokovic – Nadal: crazy match between the Serb and the Spaniard who leads!

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STRAIGHT.  Djokovic - Nadal: crazy match between the Serb and the Spaniard who leads!

DJOKOVIC-NADAL. The Spaniard recovers the advantage after winning the third set in this high duel (6/2 4/6 6/4). Follow the quarterfinal clash live.

00:20 – 3/0 for Djokovic

Novak Djokovic takes off in the third set. After taking serve from Rafael Nadal, the Serb confirmed his break advantage to lead 3/0 and take a big step towards a fifth set.

00:16 – Nadal concedes the break

2/0 for Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal who has just fit his face-off in a badly hit cushioning that comes out from the side. Everything resets between the two players!

00:12 – The three hours passed

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have been playing for more than three hours with an intensity and rhythm that only they have the secret of.

00:10 – Djokovic runs in the lead

For the first time in the match, Novak Djokovic ran into the lead by winning his face-off 1/0 for the Serb and serving to follow for Rafael Nadal.

00:08 – Nadal’s 100% victory

When leading 2 sets to 1 against Novak Djokovic at the Grand Slam, Rafael Nadal wins every time.

00:05 – Nadal regains the lead

6/2 for Rafael Nadal in the third set against Novak Djokovic who can blame himself on the second set point. The Serb made a gross unforced error with a forehand. The Spaniard is only one round away from the semi-finals.

05/31/22 – 23:58 – White game for “Djoko”

Even if he has a double break against him, Novak Djokovic remains hopeful in the third set. The Serb has just recovered at 5/2 and offers Rafael Nadal a chance to serve to regain the lead and lead two sets to one.

05/31/22 – 23:57 – Nadal one game away from the set

5/1 for Rafael Nadal in the third set against Novak Djokovic who offered the game with several unforced errors.

05/31/22 – 23:54 – Double break for “Rafa”

In the third set, Rafael Nadal took the lead with a double break. 4/1 for the Spaniard against Novak Djokovic who has been making big unforced errors for a few minutes.

05/31/22 – 23:50 – Bad timing for “Djoko”

Novak Djokovic double fault offering double break point to Rafael Nadal.

05/31/22 – 23:47 – Nadal recovers the lead

The games follow each other and are similar between the two players. Four games played in 22 minutes and 3/1 for Rafael Nadal.

05/31/22 – 23:45 – What a volley from Nadal!

An almost blind volley. In a sublime backhand volley, Rafael Nadal offers himself a new opportunity to take off in this third set and lead 3/1.

05/31/22 – 23:43 – The double fault at the wrong time

Second double fault in the third set by Rafael Nadal who had a ball to advance 3/1.

05/31/22 – 23:40 – Djokovic can blame himself

At 15-15, Novak Djokovic led the exchange to perfection before missing a fairly simple finish.

05/31/22 – 23:37 – Djokovic is still in touch

Novak Djokovic switches gears and activates the “attack” mode again. The Serb won his serve on an unforced error on Rafael Nadal’s return and regained 2/1. Service to follow for Spanish.

05/31/22 – 23:33 – Nadal confirms and leads 2/0

Same scenario as the first two sets. After breaking from the start, Rafael Nadal won his face-off.

05/31/22 – 23:29 – White break for “Rafa”

After leaving the locker room at the end of the second set, Rafael Nadal returned with other intentions. The Spaniard has just started Novak Djokovic’s face kick after an unforced error by the Serb. 1/0 for the 5th in the world.

05/31/22 – 23:25 – An incredible first point

What a point to start the third inning. Rafael Nadal won the point with a baseline spike after running Novak Djokovic from left to right.

05/31/22 – 23:23 – Djokovic calls

6/4 for Novak Djokovic in the second set. Led 3/0, the Serbian chained four games before breaking Rafael Nadal again during the Spaniard’s last serve.

05/31/22 – 23:20 – New opportunity for Djokovic

Rafael Nadal’s new backhand foul giving Novak Djokovic a second chance to get back to a set all around.

05/31/22 – 23:17 – He is dismissed by Nadal

Novak Djokovic’s long foul loses the opportunity to return to a round everywhere.

05/31/22 – 23:17 – Set point for Djokovic

While he seemed overwhelmed in the exchange, Novak Djokovic earned a set point after a Rafael Nadal backhand foul.

05/31/22 – 23:12 – The trend has reversed

From the start of the match until 3/0 in the second set in favor of Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard controlled the exchanges thanks to his aggressiveness and power. Since Novak Djokovic scored again, the 5th in the world finds it harder to play long and his ball has less impact. It is probably due to the temperature that has cooled and the humidity that makes the clay heavier. 5/4 for World No. 1.

05/31/22 – 23:09 – Solid Nadal

This match was fundamental for Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard won his face-off thanks to a superb serve and recovered in 4/4.

05/31/22 – 23:06 – What a point!

40-30 after a superb exchange won by Rafael Nadal that ended with a smash after a sublime drop shot.


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