LIVE - Chaos at the Stade de France: Darmanin: "The negative image of this match is a wound to the national image"

LIVE – Chaos at the Stade de France: Darmanin: “The negative image of this match is a wound to the national image”

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“Liverpool is not a club like the others”

Gérald Darmanin: “The preselection organized by the federation was a good thing. It worked for the Coupe de France. (…) We authorize the consumption of alcohol in the stadium from 6:00 p.m., because that forces people to enter the stadium Liverpool is not a club like the others Madrid, in 2019 (also in the Champions League final, editor’s note), there were exactly the same problems. No doubt we should have anticipated, I say it willingly. Even difficulties from counterfeit tickets and people outside the stadium.”

Gérald Darmanin deplores the “disgusting links” on the arrests

The Minister of the Interior deplores the “very nauseating links” and the “very inappropriate” reflections on the security context in Saint-Denis.

To a senator, Gérald Darmanin declared: “When you say that France has not been the same since 1998 and that Seine-Saint-Denis has changed, you are entering the game of quite extreme parties. I have the right to be quite surprised at this point. I don’t have to give the nationalities of the people arrested. I guess the next question will be what kind of French have we arrested.”

Gérald Darmanin on the images of the return of supporters

“The images showed the return during the first half, and then during the second, of many English fans by the RER D”.

The minister explains that he cannot show the images publicly, given the legislation. However, he suggests that the chairman of the legal commission see them.

Gérald Darmanin corrects himself on prefiltering

The minister acknowledges a “misuse of language” on the management of prior filtering, thus confirming the statement by the Stade de France, stating that this filtering was the responsibility of the FFF and UEFA.

the questions continue

Olivier Paccaud, senator LR of Oise, considers that the reported figures “pose a problem”.

“Soit il y avait 100,000 anglais, on l’a su et on n’a pas su s’adapter, soit il n’y avait pas 100,000 anglais, et c’est que nous n’étions pas prêts”, estime-t -The.

“We still don’t know where the 30,000 people have gone”

The many questions from senators revolve around these figures. the explanations of Darmanin and Oudéa-Castera did not really convince the senators.

AOC remembers that the problems had also been great in England during the final of the European Championship

As he recalled his sorrow for the Liverpool fans: “The Liverpool club is a great club with a great manager and a great player.”

“We are going to have to improve”

Amélie Oudéa-Castera announces the areas for improvement, in particular in the flow of people, pre-filtering…

Minister announces compensation for injured fans

And he welcomes UEFA’s investigation into the delicate ticket sales case.

“An element that makes you lose confidence in the analysis that we present to you of the facts”

Amélie Oudéa-Castera tried for a long time to explain the difference between the figures of 30,000 and 2,800 without making it very clear.

“They wondered if it wasn’t the chemical pens that were defective”

“And they (UEFA) went back to tell the stewards.

On the difference between the 35,000 spectators without tickets and the 2,800 counterfeit tickets

“The two surveys will give us more precise elements, but I would like to share what for me is not an inconsistency.” Let’s have an explanation in 7 points.

Speech by Amélie Oudéa-Castera

It begins by expressing regret and apologies for the victimized followers.

“Are these means of dispersion adequate?”

Clearly, the use of tear gas is questioned. “The tear gas saved people from being crushed, but it also caused damage, especially to children.”

“The decisions that have been made have saved lives”

“There are two reports of police action. I saw two incidents where the use of tear gas was against the rules and I asked for sanctions. But I want to put things in context.”

“What did we do wrong?”

“We have probably underestimated the action of the public security police.”

“From Friday for France-Denmark, we will draw all the consequences for this match but for all competitions later on.” There will be investments in video surveillance.

Half of the people who were arrested and jumped the gates were British citizens.

numerous arrests for acts of theft as well.

Comparison with the Coupe de France final

“More tickets were sold for this match than for the Champions League final.” There was less police force and yet almost no overflow.

Where have these 35,000 people gone?

At 22:52 (minute 58) a large number of people began to take the metro and the RER.

We return to the figure of 30 to 40,000 people

Either with counterfeit bills or no bills. Darmanin is based – “for those who do not believe in the ministries” – on the figures of the FFF.

“According to the figures given by the RATP or the SNCF”… Darmanin details the crowds. This is what the count gives:

Attendance figures at the Stade de France on May 28 according to the Ministry of the Interior
Attendance figures at the Stade de France on May 28 according to the Ministry of the Interior © RMC SPORT

End of the sequence of events by Darmanin

“We can consider that in public order, from the end of the first half, that there is no longer a problem.” “Everyone goes out to take their transport with new problems of late payment at the Post Office.”

“2,800 counterfeit bills were scanned on the tripod”

“The same ticket has sometimes been duplicated for one 760 times, another 744 times.”

“In this first preselection that the SDF applied everywhere, only British sympathizers posed a problem”

“In this first pre-filter that the SDF applied everywhere, only British supporters posed a problem,” says Gérald Darmanin. The Minister of the Interior evokes 50 or even 70% of counterfeit bills on the English side.

“Up to 15,000 people in the narrow traffic jam” on the way to RER D

This is the second time that the Stade de France has carried out pre-filtering to check tickets well in advance. “It is not the police services that check the tickets, but the mobile gendarmes are in support of the commissioners.”

“There were enough police personnel for this event”

Gérald Darmanin then retraces the course of the night, beginning at 6:45 p.m.

Darmanin details the security device

“This is the event, since I took office as Minister of the Interior, that has mobilized more police and gendarmes.” Darmanin recalls that two fan zones have also been set up in Paris and St Denis. “These two fan zones did not cause any particular difficulty.”

Gerald Darmanin speaks

He is going to make a presentation. “She will be on social media for those who want it.”

“It is evident that the negative image of this party is a wound for the national image and things could have been organized better”, begins the minister.

Senators point to risks for the 2024 Olympics

As well as at the 2023 World Cup. The opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympics on the stage is already in doubt.

François-Noël Buffet, president of the legal commission, frames the debate.

First attack on fraud and police reaction to Liverpool fans. Third problem raised, the warning from the DNLH that would not have been taken into account.

Gerald Darmanin is in the Senate

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra too. the hearing begins.

Start of hearings of ministers around 5 pm

It is also to follow on the Senate’s website and social networks.

Liverpool says it received 5,000 testimonials from supporters after the incidents

Liverpool had launched a call for testimonies to collect the words of the fans present at the Stade de France and victims of the events before and after the match. The club received nearly 5,000 response forms.

>>> Liverpool received 5,000 testimonials from fans

The President of the Republic and the entire government “sad and repentant”

Olivia Grégoire, government spokesperson, responded to journalists this Wednesday at the exit of the Council of Ministers: “We did not spend the Council of Ministers detailing what happened at the Stade de France but the issue was discussed. Could things have been done “Better? Could it have been managed better? Yes. Were there any tragedies or injuries? No. Can we improve things for the next sporting competitions? Also noting that France is “capable” of hosting major events and the fact , in particular, with Roland-Garros.

“What was shared this morning is that we must maintain a bit of composure, even if things are for the better. We must not forget those who, before the government, had a bad evening, that is, the supporters, the families, the 2,700 spectators with tickets who could not see the game. As a priority, the President of the Republic and the entire government expressed sadness and sorrow for these people who ‘were displaced and were simply deprived of a game.’

The points that will be raised during the hearing of Darmanin and Oudéa-Castéra before the Senate

This afternoon, the senators will question Gérald Darmanin and Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. The clearly shown will is to shed light on the events of Saturday, the elected officials expect a “speech of truth”. “We are in general confusion, there have been too many contradictions,” slides one of them. “Sometime you can’t hide,” he adds.

The senators want concrete elements, evidence. They are counting on a duration of 1h30/2h (extendable duration according to the responses of the ministers). There will be about thirty, some interventions will be made on video.

Among the points to be covered:

  • The figures mentioned by Darmanin (30,000 to 40,000). How did the Home Secretary arrive at this figure?
  • And the use of public force? According to the senators, there were public security police and mobile forces, knowing that public security is not trained to maintain order.
  • How to improve the training of delegates?
  • Finally they will put on the table the note of May 25 that indicates that potentially 50,000 counterfeit bills could circulate: why then was it not anticipated?

The Minister of Sports sends a message

Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera, who will appear before the Senate committee this Wednesday with Gérald Darmanin from 5:00 p.m., tweeted: “Don’t collapse under pressure. Walk. Walk this morning to the Council of Ministers.” In addition to promoting the march, the minister seems to respond to the criticism that emanates in number after the incidents at the Stade de France and the Government’s arguments.

Darmanin and Oudéa-Castéra before the Senate

Four days after the chaos around the Stade de France, the Interior Ministers, Gérald Darmanin, and the Sports Minister, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, will explain to the Senate, dominated by the right, the incidents that disturbed the champions of the League final. The two ministers will be heard jointly for two hours by the Law and Culture Committees starting at 5:00 p.m., in a session open to the press and broadcast on the Senate website.

welcome everybody

Four days after the Champions League final, won by Real Madrid against Liverpool (1-0), the incidents at the Stade de France remain at the center of the debate. Follow all the latest information live.

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