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Warriors or Celtics? Also on the other side of the Atlantic, the debate is ongoing

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Because it’s not just the TrashTalk newsroom where there’s severe debate over who will win the ring between the Warriors and the Celtics, we decided to go check out the opinions of the major American sports media. And guess what? It is quite shared.

Each year, debates around each other’s predictions for the Playoffs are animated. These discussions always represent great moments and make us wait for the little time we have left before the final series of this 2021-22 season begins. You know, here we take to the game with pleasure and we are far from the only ones. The great American sports media too, and it is always interesting to know their feelings about this beautiful final that is being announced. So we did our little research by taking a tour of the top US sites, from the athletic a ESPN going by Sports Illustrated. And as expected… nobody agrees!

The only observations that can be made at the beginning is that the series looks tense and tight. In most cases, US analysts expect witness a fierce fight, a long series in 6 or 7 games. For the rest of the points in common between the opponents, the journalists see in this final the confrontation of two great groups, well trained and that reach the final thanks to a quite impressive dynamic. For the rest, they are very divided between the two teams and decide according to certain elements : the youth of the Celtics against the experience of the Warriors, the advantage of the Californian field against the great solidity of the Greens on the outside or even an excess of fatigue on the part of the Bostonians that could be offset by a dynamism and a more what a solid mentality. But let’s get to the heart of the matter by taking a closer look at the predictions given.

at[person]’s house the athletic, We are offered two forecast articles: an analysis article by journalists from the media outlet in question and a work in which the opinions of three anonymous League players (a scout, a coach and a technician) are presented. In his article, Anthony Slater gives the Warriors a slight edge by seeing them win in 7 games, especially because of the recovery difference between the two teams and Golden State’s home field advantage. The opinion of the anonymous NBA actors is different, since only executive interviewed sees Golden State go in 7 innings. Unlike the scout and the coach, who rather predict a Boston win in 6 highlighting the versatility of the green roster that opens different tactical options or advantageous defensive confrontations in favor of the Celtics.

On the side ofESPN, we chose to focus on clarity and efficiency: a good paper that balances the predictions of 20 NBA experts, with the score of the series but also with the Finals MVP. There, it is much clearer sincethere are no less than 15 to see a final victory for the Californians, against 5 for Boston. Also note that of these 15 picks in favor of the Bay boys, 13 see Stephen Curry. Finally lift his first Finals MVP trophy. Among the channel’s chroniclers too, everyone goes there with their crystal ball. In recent hours, this has been the case, for example, with Kendrick Perkins, Amar’e Stoudemire and the famous analyst Stephen A. Smith. The two former players give Boston a small advantage, who would thus seek his 18th championship title. In front of them, Smith instead sees the Splash Brothers force the home-court decision in Game 7 to collect a fourth banner in eight seasons.

Finally, Sports Illustrated offers us an article of another type, intended for punters and based on team statistics. Despite the odds of bookies suggesting otherwise, the conclusion of this article finally gives the Boston Celtics the advantage. Despite the lack of experience, YES highlights the difficult duel that the C’s represent for Golden State. His ability to slow down the Dubs’ fire attack (especially from 3-pointers) stands out, while also having plenty of options on his side on offense, with the paint probably dominating.

In short, you have understood it, the opinions multiply and there is food and drink in all these predictions. We’re now eagerly awaiting Game 1 to confirm our prediction, or in any case to get a first glimpse of what this tense series will offer us.

Sources: The Athletic, ESPN, Sports Illustrated

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