Amandine Henry, the absence that can cost Les Bleues

Amandine Henry, the absence that can cost Les Bleues

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The undisputed starter at the heart of Lyon’s formidable machine, Amandine Henry will not be part of the trip to England for the next European Championship in July. All but a surprise for a 32-year-old player who has worn the Bleues jersey since the fall of 2020 and whose relations with Corinne Deacon are icy. However, this absence could well be missing from the Habs in their quest for a first title.

“The door is never closed for anyone. We select in a time T » Corinne Deacon suggested last February when announcing her list for the Tournoi de France. A door that was never closed, but still refuses to open for Amandine Henry for over eighteen months. An eternity for a player who will not play the next European Championship in July, since she comes out of a more than successful season with the OL shirt with the key to a Championship-Champions League double. Behind this absence, the relations between the Lyonnaise and her coach are still fresh. Always emphasizing her desire to favor the group to the detriment of the individual, Corinne Deacon chose to do without an element that was, however, a driver when Les Bleues tried to win a first trophy.

“Wash dirty clothes as a family”

To find the origin of this decision, we must go back to November 15, 2020, the moment chosen by Amandine Henry to conduct an interview at the channel football club. “France must win a title, especially with the qualities we have. It is a golden generation, we have to go to the end. I’m sick of this. You stay there, you’re the ostrich, maybe it puts me in danger, if it can help the France team, I’ll do it.balances the international with the 93 selections on the tensions that would exist with the frame. The problems must be solved now, not in three years. It would be good to put everything flat, that we tell each other things. With the president, the squad and all the players. »

An exit that was not to Corinne Deacon’s liking. “This is an issue that, for me, should have been dealt with internallyrevealed in the columns of The team Last October. Before talking to the media, it would have been nice to just talk to the person in question. It’s good, sometimes, to wash dirty clothes with your family. » Result : “The confidence is no longer there as Amandine’s captain. But Amandine is a selectable player. »

And yet, since November 27, 2020, the Lyonnaise has not experienced the slightest meeting. Proof that this desire goes beyond the simple framework of the field and that Amandine Henry clearly pays for her intervention in the media. A punishment reminiscent of the one inflicted by Didier Deschamps on some of his players, including executives like Olivier Giroud, too talkative in his eyes.

a desolate environment

In addition to depriving himself of his captain, Deacon has, among the 23 girls selected for the European Championship, only a few solutions to replace her. Rather well supplied defensively and offensively, the Tricolores, however, lack depth in midfield. Behind the Lyonnaise, only Grace Geyoro seems truly unstoppable, as well as having solid experience and high-level custom. The other deductions for this euro? Kenza Dalí, Charlotte Bilbault, Sandie Toletti and Ella Palis. So many players that, without insulting them, they clearly don’t compete with Amandine Henry. Between them, they have just eleven more caps than the OL player, proof of a certain lack of international experience. A difference that is also felt in the club, since none of them stars in the League or the European Cup. At the moment, Bordeaux’s Charlotte Bilbault has the rope on as Deacon has lined her up regularly during Les Bleues’ recent outings (three terms out of four matches played in 2022).

“Charlotte is the defensive midfielder for Les Bleues, it may not have been true in the past, but she was able to show that she had the qualities to fill this role.” , revealed the coach on this subject in April. Proof that Amandine Henry’s absence from England this summer was already recorded at the time. While she continues to evolve her communication in recent months, to be more gentle, Corinne Deacon has not yet seen fit to finally lift her punishment against one of her former executives. This sanction intended to further establish their authority over their group has lasted too long and deprives Blue of an essential player at the heart of the game, something problematic a few weeks before the start of a new international competition for the French that has not gone beyond quarterfinals since the 2012 Olympics.

By Florian Porta

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