Warriors - Celtics, NBA Finals 2022: 5 reasons why a Golden State coronation would be so special

Warriors – Celtics, NBA Finals 2022: 5 reasons why a Golden State coronation would be so special

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It’s the big day, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the moment to finally begin these NBA Finals that we’re so excited about. Golden State, Boston, it doesn’t matter who the future champion is because we have two great teams ahead of us and two great stories to write in the event of a victory. What makes each other’s coronation so special? After a first episode dedicated to the Celtics, we now deal with the case of the Warriors.

After a gloom that lasted two seasons, the sun seems to shine again on San Francisco and the Chase Center. The local Big 3 is back in business and, big coincidence (or not), Golden State is back in the NBA Finals. Without keeping Dub Nation waiting, we give you the five reasons why a coronation of Steph Curry’s friends would be elegant.

# Because we can’t imagine a better ending for Klay Thompson’s comeback

942 days, that is the time that separates Klay Thompson’s last game during the 2019 Finals from his official return to the courts on January 9, 2022. In this interval, two and a half lost seasons, many doubts, impatience, frustration and a few questions that inevitably crossed the minds of fans. Can the Klay of 2022 be the Klay of 2019 again after these horrible injuries, after all these struggles? If the back sniper hasn’t recovered 100% of his media yet, he has already proven on several occasions that the arsonist was still hiding under the smile of the number 11. Game 6 (a classic) against the Grizzlies, Game 5 against the Mavs , Steph’s sidekick wore his several times in these Playoffs and now he’s back in the NBA Finals, the most glorious and darkest event of his career. Three years ago, almost to the day, he was seriously injured and began his journey to return to the courts. Today he has the opportunity to forget all these sad memories by going to collect a fourth championship ring. What to validate once and for all the return to the fore of the Splash Brother.

# Why Stephen Curry should win Finals MVP

3 times NBA champion, double MVP, eight times invited to the All-Star Game, eight times selected in an All-NBA Team, world champion with his country, record holder of almost all long distance records and best shooter of all time. We are not going to do the entire CV of Stephen Curry but there is already enough to fill in the 21 x 29.7 format and on both sides. Already secured a place in the Hall of Fame and in the hierarchy of the greatest leaders in history, Baby Face still has a title that is sorely missing from his list: Finals MVP. Deprived of the prestigious award by Andre Iguodala in 2015 (wrongly?) and Kevin Durant in 2017 and 2018, Steph arrives this time in a good position to win it all. Fresh off Conference Finals MVP, Curry has what it takes to finally get his hands on the Bill Russell Trophy. This will require beating the Celtics and once again bringing out the big numbers and the good percentages. We talk a lot about the return to the top of the Warriors dynasty, but this trophy will certainly bolster Steph’s legacy a bit more. Curry’s valve and Finals MVP must be outdated in 2023.

# Because the Dubs knew how to get back to the top without ceasing to be themselves

Unlike some heavyweights who bet everything on trades and short-term win projects (hello Lakers, Nets), Golden State has kept what made its team strong. When the franchise signed Andrew Wiggins against D’Angelo Russell, many thought the winger was going to be packaged with some youngsters (Wiseman, Poole) to bring a big fish off the market. What a reform a quartet like during the golden age. Well, no… The management preferred to bet on their own foals, integrating them into the Warriors mold to turn them into Dub Nation’s darlings of tomorrow. Golden State is also the praise of training and “homemade.” Of the fifteen players that make up the Warriors’ active roster, eight were selected by the franchise and two (Damion Lee, Juan Toscano-Anderson) were selected out of the draft and “trained” through the G League in particular. This group exudes Warriors DNA and Golden State has known how to return to what made it strong in the past: executives with blue and gold blood, good choices in the Draft and a game identity that does not age despite the years. This 2022 version brings a breath of fresh air that is a bit reminiscent of the first part of the Warriors’ golden age, between 2014 and 2016, when they were still admired by everyone.

# Because the Warriors dynasty deserves a better ending than 2019

Klay Thompson seriously injured, Kevin Durant also injured and on the way out, a Three Peat lost due to executive sores, the lost farewells from Oracle Arena, the mess that followed… The Warriors have had a lot for three years. an undeniable fact. Of course, every dynasty must have an end and you have to know how to close the book at some point, but not in this way. Not on a stretcher and with the impression of having lost one or two more titles due to a cruel fate. The managers may be getting older, they continue to show that once united they continue to be that formidable attacking force that made all the teams in the League tremble. We don’t know if this is the legendary Big 3’s last meeting with the NBA Finals, but an ultimate title would certainly bring a better ending to the story. And who knows, with these young warriors further and further behind, there may be something to prolong the pleasure in the jewelry box a little longer.

# Because this team has made history and we must take advantage of it as much as possible

Best all-time record in regular (73-9), best all-time record in Playoffs (16-1), six finals in eight years, a place among the most beautiful dynasties in history, we can say everything that ‘we want’. but this Golden State team marked its time and won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Of course, the arrival of Kevin Durant and the massive dominance that followed caused some fans to resent the Dubs, but you have to appreciate the spectacle that has been given to us for nearly a decade. We have the best shooter in history (we let you guess who), who is probably his dolphin (hint: his brother), a talent for leaving the body on the ground and cementing the whole collective (hi Green), when will we be able to have a distribution like this on a floor again? We take the craze unleashed by the Warriors for many years too much for granted and we will feel the emptiness when the Big 3 decide to put the shoes away. In a word: enjoy it! Let’s enjoy while we can.

The Warriors have a chance to get back on top and the Big 3 still have big stories to write in the Bay. It starts tonight at 3 am!

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