The nightclub affair, the prison... Tony Vairelles' truths in Rothen come on

The nightclub affair, the prison… Tony Vairelles’ truths in Rothen come on

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Sentenced to five years in prison, three of which are closed for violence with a weapon, former France national team striker Tony Vairelles was the guest of Rothen turned on Thursday at RMC. The opportunity for the former Lensois who appealed to proclaim his innocence and tell of his descent into hell.

From the glory of football stadiums to prison. At 49 years old, Tony Vairelles, like his three brothers (Fabrice, 55, Jimmy, 41, Giovan, 30) still does not get justice. A fortnight ago, the man who wore the France national team shirt eight times between 1998 and 2000 was sentenced to five years in prison, three of which were jailed for acts of violence with a weapon in the parking lot of a nightclub d’ Essey-lès-Nancy on the night of October 22-23, 2011. The former Lens and Lyon striker, who has already been in pre-trial detention for five months, appealed this decision at the Nancy Criminal Court. Guest on Thursday at RMC in Rothen lights up, the author of “Balls in the center” (Hugo Sport) loudly proclaims his innocence.

Your version of events

“I got a phone call from my little brother (Giovan) at 3 am He panicked: ‘I was attacked by ten people, come get me.’ I didn’t know where the box was because it has a bad reputation. Since I don’t know where I’m going, I’d rather go with my older brother (Fabrice), I pick up my two little brothers (Giovan and Jimmy), my brother (Fabrice) arrives with his car, there is a misunderstanding. He rushes into the parking lot thinking of picking up my little brother. I follow him, saying : “No, it’s fine, I’ve picked up the little ones. Everything is fine.” Except that he, the time to follow him, enters the parking lot. The gorillas leave. They take out the telescopic baton, there is no exchange of words, they gas us. We receive barricades, We defend ourselves as best we can. There I hear a shot. In fact, there were several since there were several wounded. We finally managed to get back in the cars and off we went.

The aftermath of the case

“Do the bouncers say I shot? They don’t say it at first. There are multiple versions of the bouncers. So I can’t understand how we can judge this case. They say “there was a surveillance video. So she was walking. They saw four armed men but they came out anyway… In these cases, you stay in the club and call the police. They come out… They admit to having come in front of us, having gassed us… Some doormen explain that we had automatic weapons but we didn’t find any casings, any weapons…”

His sentence to five years in prison.

“I really feel that I have been found guilty with the benefit of the doubt. I would like to understand. It took ten years to judge the case. I have respected it. But I need to speak. I had it in my head at the beginning. It is my truth. I am trying to find out. If they accuse me of having been in that parking lot, I say yes. If they accuse me of something else, let’s explain it to me. We talk about revenge, premeditation, but what? When I go to this parking lot, I don’t know what they were the gorillas who massacred my little brother.

His ordeal in prison

“It was horrible. Luckily my wife didn’t tell me. If I had known these things in prison, I think I would have gone crazy. When you know your son is crying in the shower… He wants to go to heaven with dad.” Because he thinks I’m dead. The first month, he has not heard from his father. His mother told him: “He has gone to Bastia’s house.” But he is six years old, he is not crazy. He knows there is a cell. phones. He didn’t want her to come to the visiting room, a gloomy place. He didn’t come until after a month and a half. When I got home, I felt like locking myself in with my wife and son for two weeks. Even if it makes some people smile, five months in prison, when you know you haven’t done anything and you can’t defend yourself, it’s horrible. But I wanted to fight, to prove my innocence. I wanted to be okay. I was going to run. I wanted to let off steam. 5/5 matches allowed me to escape from prison. its. Today I am not afraid of going to prison even if it is not a pleasure. Now I know. When you don’t have the codes, it’s always scary. Today, it is above all the fear of everything that is happening behind. My son suffered a lot. He was remade thanks to rugby, which saved my son. I have another younger son who is more emotional. I fear for him. Today they talk to me about jail again, without any element. That drives me crazy.”

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