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NBA Finals 2022, editorial predictions for Warriors – Celtics

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We’re ! The 2022 NBA Finals will kick off tonight between the Warriors and Celtics at the Chase Center. And as always before the start of a series, the TrashTalk newsroom gets wet giving way to its forecasts by Hexperts (or pumpkins) in two weeks. So do you see Golden State or rather Boston?

Nicholas m.

Sometimes, we can turn the problem around, but we still have a hard time choosing between the two finalists. One day is one, the next day is the other. This card between Golden State and Boston has that effect on me. “Go ahead, I put Boston on because they’re too strong defensively and they’re going to wreck Golden State.”, “yes, but actually no, I put GS for experience and home court advantage”, “although the Celtics respond well to adversity anyway”… This is the kind of pattern that has been going around in my head for a few days now. But you have to decide at some point, so let’s go to the Greens. Why the Celtics when they have the ability to make life difficult? Because physically and defensively it will hurt Golden State, as long as the referees don’t have the whistle too easy. Obviously, there are many other aspects of this series that could turn this series on its head, but I think Boston, with its army of strong and versatile defenders, is the perfect team to end the game. Experience has taught me to go for tough, athletic defenses in this type of series, so I say Boston. In six? In seven? I know nothingbut soon there will be a banner number 18 at the top of the TD Garden.

Alexander T.

The return of the Warriors dynasty on the one hand, the Celtics’ eighteenth banner on the other. Two great stories for two great teams, but you have to know how to choose and sometimes get wet. On paper, it’s hard not to give Golden State the edge: home-field advantage, experience, NBA Finals experience, a group that knows each other inside out, all led by a top tactician. . Still, I have a feeling this is Boston’s year. That fantastic climb up the rankings, that built-up confidence, that hatred of losing in the playoffs, there’s something about this group that sweats the NBA champion. More than just sentiment, the Celtics have the weapons to seriously hinder the Dubs in this series. No disrespect to Denver, Memphis and Dallas, but Boston’s defense is over the top and promises tough matchups for the Warriors, especially their leaders. On the inside, I think the Celtics can also do some damage, as they can penalize by playing big, but also adjust to the smaller lineups created by Steve Kerr (Al Horford should be key in this series). The matchup will be close, probably several games to nothing, but I think Boston can validate the case at home in Game 6. The Celts win 4-2.

Nicholas v.

The Warriors are in the NBA Finals, the feeling is incredible because we have the impression that we are back in 2015, the best moment of the 2010s. However, we are good in 2022. The Celtics who challenge the Warriors want win at all costs his first ring in fourteen years. Let’s party like kings, why? The two teams that will give it to him have a very particular style of play, as effective as it is spectacular. Clear advantage for the Warriors in terms of experience, but these C’s have shown against very tough rivals that they have the chest to overcome any test. The most anticipated duel of this series in my opinion? Ime Udoka vs. Steve Kerr. The former is a rookie in the head coaching position, but he is fearless and has already shown all of his adaptability in the middle of a game. Steve Kerr is the king of the small ball, watch out for the deluge if management is present. The difference will be mostly in fitness, I don’t see how the Celtics could compete with the Warriors who are too rested by comparison. Two Game 7s in a row, it’s still tiring huh. 2-0 before heading to Boston, 3-1 in the return, and finish off at home in front of a white-hot Chase Center. 4-1 Warriors!


A clash of styles? Not so much… The Warriors will shoot 2 km from the basket, but the Celtics are also capable of lighting fires from anywhere. Boston is also a defensive fortress, but also in the Bay we know how to bring out the barbed wire when necessary. Stephen Curry certainly, but Marcus Smart. Jayson Tatum certainly, but Andrew Wiggins. Among the C’s, we want to win a title that has been on the run from Massachusetts since 2008, while GS wants to revive a dynasty that has been more than booed in recent years. So many unknowns that lead me to think that this series will go to 7. Because the Celtics don’t like to lose two games in a row, and because the Warriors are going to be hellish in the third quarter. The difference can be made with role players like Jordan Poole and Kevon Looney or Grant and Robert Williams, for example. But in this little game, I see the Warriors winning after a bitter battle, especially since Stephen Curry has his first Finals MVP title. More experienced and fiery at the same time, the Dubs are also more rested while the Greens have just played two consecutive series in 7. This one will be fatal for them in my opinion and the title will return to California (let’s reassure the Lakers c’ not is for you). We look forward to the Jordan Poole show. Warriors 4-3.


This 2021-22 season did not follow any seriously planned scenario. Among the favorite franchises that do not qualify for the Playoffs or that are swept in the first round… It is not necessary to mention them more, they will recognize themselves. So we find ourselves at the end of this film with a completely new ending, and seeing the poster we are not going to complain, far from it! On one hand, we have the perfect Warriors story that will make anyone cry: two black seasons, Klay’s return from injury, Curry’s Olympic form, and boom, we’re back in the unseen, unheard NBA Finals. And on the Atlantic coast, we have a team with a mind of steel that hasn’t lost two games in a row this Playoff campaign anyway. Boston’s defense is a real strength, and it has what it takes to take advantage of the racket thanks to Grandpa Horford. If the C’s don’t burn and the wall prevents them from driving, the Splash Bros will have to provide parking. In short, it will be a physical, tactical duel, very hard as we like it, but experience is not everything. The Celtics have played more games but the truth is that they still have the fangs. Come on, 4-2 Boston, finish the job in front of the public and more, what do people want?


A great series with two great stories awaits us. On the one hand, the return to the top of the Warriors after two years of difficulty. On the other, a Celtics team that has finally found its way to the NBA Finals. When you look like this, it’s hard to decide between these two very similar teams. But since this epic series needs a winner, I’m going with the Celtics. Without the advantage of playing at home, it won’t be easy, but… The dynamics are too good, they play too much collectively, they defend too much, they are too solid mentally. I also see the Cs finding the right tactical options and using matchups to their advantage, especially in the draw. The ability of the green defense to limit Steph and Klay (here we think of Marcus Smart) will be decisive. So yes, you will tell me that the Warriors have used less of their resources and have valuable experience of these moments, quite the opposite of their opponents. Sorry Splash Brothers, but for me, that won’t cut it. 4-2 Celts

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