France-Serbia Espoirs live: the unplayable Bleuets rush to Euro 2023

France-Serbia Espoirs live: the unplayable Bleuets rush to Euro 2023

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Good win for Blueberries!

A very good performance by the France Espoirs team, who dominated Serbia from start to finish (2-0) and won with confidence. Eduardo Camavinga was impressive in the middle, Khéphren Thuram (43rd) and Amine Gouiri (61st) were the scorers. France is 6 points ahead of Ukraine (and one more game), and is heading towards Euro 2023 qualification which will be assured if they succeed in Armenia next Monday!

Fofana sounded, and on the ground

The game is interrupted after an inadvertent big clash between the defenders, Badiashile and Fofana. The second received the first with full force from him and is bleeding from the nose.

Extra time

Three more minutes minimum.

Koné is still very hot!! (2-0)

And here is French shot number 21, again the work of the very enterprising Koné, who puts together a great shot from the right that Gordic repelled with a magnificent dive.

blueberries have fun

There is no more resistance ahead for the French, who do what they want to get closer and then enter the opposite area. With a little more precision on the last pass, the score should have been on the river tonight.

The rest of the program

After this well negotiated match against Serbia, the French youngsters will travel to Armenia on June 6 and Turkey to face Ukraine on June 9 in their last two qualifying matches.

New change for the Bleuets, and another new

Truffert is replaced by the Nantais Merlin, which is also celebrating its premiere at Espoirs. There is plenty of talent on Ripoll’s bench.

Kone has guts

The newcomer to the France Espoirs Konaé team is not afraid. The Gladbach player steps forward and shoots a low shot that goes too far to the left.

Fofana bad reaction, three cards

Very nasty foul from a Serbian player, but Fofana has a reaction that he is not supposed to have. The missing Mitrovic received a yellow card, the French defender is also suspended with Stanic, with whom he warmed up.

Cho a few inches away!! (2-0)

Another great opportunity for the Blueberries, which multiply the boiling situations! Thrown only deep to the right, Cho rolls in turn to the left and grazes the opposite post!!

Magnificent attempt by Kalimuendo! (2-0)

The Lensois striker transplanted inside from the right corner of the surface and shot a good shot with his left foot. Which forces Gordic into a very nice horizontal to get the ball out of his little net!

Departure from Camavinga, entry of a new Cornflower

Cho and Koné, for the first time in Espoirs, take the places of Ngoumou and Camavinga, much applauded. Cama is really the boss.

The Serbs are trying to get closer

Little to do defensively but Truffert or Kalulu in particular are very diligent at work behind. Serbia has been putting their foot on the ball for a few minutes, without getting close to Meslier’s surface.


At home, the France team has so far shone in the race for qualification, with victories against North Macedonia (3-0), Ukraine (5-0), Armenia (7-0) and the Faroe Islands (2- 0).

triple tricolor change

Ripoll turn: Le Fée and Diop enter. Exit Gouiri and Thuram.


Gouiri scored his eighth goal for the France Espoirs team tonight.

Big scare in the Serbian area!! (2-0)

Les Bleuets unwind and offer a polished game. Kalulu asks for a one-two with Kalimuendo in the area, before Gouiri takes advantage of a favorable counterattack to restart a few meters from the goal. But Gordic plunges into the ball in extremis!


Well no, the Blueberries will have no regrets since Gouiri has come to realize the French arch-domination!! Camavinga recovers on the opposite feet through the center and shoots directly deep to Niçois, who ideally opens his foot to find the net on the opposite side, magnificent!

you won’t have to regret

Ball of ball for the Serbs on the right, poorly finished off and that still does not offer a dangerous situation to the visitors. But the Bleuets still have to be careful, they always stay in range.

more fear than harm

Thuram gets back up after a while on the ground, it looks more like a jab than a spin. He should be able to resume after leaving for treatment at the edge of the lawn.

Concern for Thuram

The Nice environment is still rocky and seems to be suffering. Belic’s tackle seems to have done some damage.

Kalimuendo up

Another difference is in speed on the right by Ngoumou, who makes fun of Rogan, limited by his yellow card. The countered cross is picked up at the near post by Kalimuendo, who fires up.

An unplayable trio Camavinga-Thuram-Caqueret

The French midfielder is radiant at the heart of the game and they complement each other beautifully. Mobile, available, impressive, Thuram, Caqueret and Camavinga offer many solutions.

Les Bleuets will have opportunities

The Serbs, who are at stake for survival in this group, will have to attack and therefore reveal themselves. This should give Les Bleuets even more space in the second half.

Here we go again at the Stade des Alpes! (1-0)

Two changes from the Serbian side to highlight at the break. Stefan Mitrovic, a highly talented young striker, entered in particular.

It’s rest in Grenoble! (1-0)

Archdominators, the Blueberries offer exciting and attacking football. And after long stumbling over an impressive Serbian defense of generosity, he ended up finding the opening late in the period thanks to Khéphren Thuram (43rd). Amine Gouiri and Nathan Ngoumou hurt a lot on the flanks, Eduardo Camavinga, Thuram and Maxence Caqueret are formidable in the middle, and their talent ended up paying off.

Extra time

Two additional minutes are announced by the fourth official.


Les Bleuets are finally launched, and the light has come from a midfielder! Following a perfect cross from Kalulu towards the far post, where the niçois is forgotten, Thuram finds the fault of an unstoppable cross header!! His first goal with the Espoirs.

One kick stopped for nothing

Corner for the French on the right. It is played with a combination, and Kalulu’s center ends up being repelled by the Serbian defense, which reached the spring.


Les Bleuets remain in 6 victorious outings, all without conceding a goal (including that of Northern Ireland, in a friendly).

The Serbian goalkeeper’s dumpling! (0-0)

Gordic’s big recovery error, who finds Kalimuedo on his way. The Lensois striker sees an empty goal and tries to score from distance, but his shot isn’t powerful enough, and the opposing goalkeeper had time to come back!

The Serbs are suffocated.

Les Bleuets keep a lot of pressure, the young Serbs just defend and run. Gouiri imposes himself in the air but uncrosses his head too much. He will come back eventually.

Camavinga is launched

Discreet until then, the Real midfielder has been everywhere for five minutes. It is he who accelerates and launches Kalimuendo to the right towards the surface, where the Lensois hits too hard to the right.

The French continue to threaten! (0-0)

Thuram big drop to the left. The opposing defense pushes as best it can, but Caqueret creeps in and hits wildly. His shot from him with a ricochet from him forces Gordic to a new stop!

Kalimuendo on the goalkeeper

The French perform a good high pressure and recover the ball. Kalimuendo finds himself in a full shaft shot position but slightly outplays his attempt, easily caught by Gordic.

First card for Rogan

The Serbian left back is taken by Ngoumou’s speed and stops him by the shirt. Deserved sanction, the accountant was left behind.

Caqueret to the side

We go to the right this time to attack, where Ngoumou hurts more and more due to his percussion and overflow qualities. The man from Toulouse looks for Caqueret, who jumps to the near post but cannot recover enough.

Kalulu too short! (0-0)

It was very well played by Gouiri in this set attack! While Les Bleuets are ahead in number, the Nice striker sees the call at the far post and in the middle. It’s a bit too high for Kalulu, who could have resumed almost at point blank range!

spearhead bed

Camavinga won the Champions League with Real Madrid on Saturday and remains the undisputed star of this young French team. Already appearing in A (3 selections, 1 goal), the former Rennais player remained at Ripoll’s disposal to help Les Bleuets in their goal of qualifying.

From the blue side balloon

The tricolor game clearly leans to the left, where Truffert gets heavily involved in the offensive game. His agreement with Gouiri could hurt. The French in any case offer a game inspired by the attack, made of small touches.

Thuram’s Firecracker! (0-0)

The niçois takes the initiative in the axis and recovers on his right foot. He Unleashes a clear shot that narrowly misses the opposite skylight!

Serbia is cautious

The Serbian bloc is positioned extremely low, and it will not be easy to break through this defence. It will take patience and a combined game to make the difference for Ripoll’s men.

The French quickly attack

Blueberries already very high on the ground, which attack with force. Gouiri even allowed himself a class gesture in the opposite area, but the pass from him to Kalimuendo did not arrive.

Let’s go to the Stade des Alpes! (0-0)

After the national anthems, it was the Serbs who kicked off this Euro 2023 Espoirs qualifier!

To the good memory of the Serbs

The French face one of the serious rivals in this group, but they had dominated at home in the first leg last October (0-3). And who is playing his last chance, third five points behind second place (and one game more than Ukraine).

Classification System Reminder

The nine group winners and the best runner-up will advance to the final, joining hosts Georgia and Romania. The other second will play the play-offs.

The qualification is not very far.

With three days to go in qualifying, the team led by Sylvain Ripoll can take another step towards the final phase in Romania and Georgia. They are three points ahead of Ukraine, which is in second place. A success this afternoon would allow the possibility of validating the qualification during the following day.

The composition of the Bleuets, in 4-3-3

Apart from the withdrawal of Rennais Calentado Omari, Sylvain Ripoll has all his life forces. Eduardo Camavinga is accompanied in the middle by Maxence Caqueret and Khéphren Thuram, preferred over Sofiane Diop. Wesley Fofana, absent from the courts for six months with a broken fibula, is returning to defense. Up front, Arnaud Kalimuendo is supported by Amine Gouiri and Nathan Ngoumou. Illan Meslier takes his place in goal.

final stretch

Their last qualifying match scheduled for the end of March in Ukraine was postponed by UEFA due to the war, the France Espoirs team is back on its way to Euro 2023 against Serbia. Solid leaders of group H, the Blueberries crush their way alone: ​​they won 6 of their 7 meetings, by only a small setback, in the Faroe Islands (1-1), in September 2021.

Good morning to all !

And welcome to RMC Sport to follow the live commentary on the match between the France Espoirs team and Serbia, which counts for the Euro 2023 qualifying group stage. Kick-off scheduled for 8:45 pm!

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