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The Celtics atomize the Warriors, Morant, Batum and Durant react live!

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This Thursday, June 2, was Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the game between the Celtics and the Warriors. It all happened in the fourth quarter of Game 1, when the Chase Center was returned by the Boston team.

The Golden State Warriors close to victory

During this first match, we find a Stephen Curry on fire throughout the match.

In fact, the Warriors player took his entire team with him in Olympic form. The Golden State crowd was also in full swing and pushed their team throughout the game.

Everything suggested that the Boston Celtics could not win this game and in particular the level of Jay Brothers who was not there.

In the third quarter the Warriors are 12 points ahead of the Celtics, enough to enjoy a comfortable score in the fourth quarter and opt for a defensive strategy while scoring a few baskets to ensure victory. This show could have happened but it was without Al Horford.

A fourth room of madness

It was during the last quarter of this first game of the NBA Finals, which pitted the Celtics against the Warriors, that everything was decided.

We have witnessed a real comeback! At the base of many actions of this Celtics comeback, we find Jaylen Brown, the Celtics winger gives us a crazy last quarter.

Indeed, the player allows his team to get back on the scoreboard, although leading at the end of the third quarter. He is more accurately involved in 20 of the green team’s first 23 points.

Far from being the only actor in this comeback, Al Horford also speaks for himself with his 26 total points for 11 in money time.

a historic comeback

Beyond a nice basketball, the effort made by the Celtics against the Warriors is far from trivial. In fact, this is the largest gap in a quarter in an NBA Finals game. Therefore, the Celtics were not the first to have such a gap, it already happened in a final.

What the Boston Celtics are making history for is that, according to ESPN, this is the first in NBA Finals history. An opponent leads by 10 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter to finally be led by more than ten points.

Ja Morant’s reaction

The reaction of the player of the Memphis Grizzlies was immediate before the great game of Stephen Curry. The latter ended up losing steam but it was important to highlight his important performance.

Precisely, the Grizzlies player highlighted Curry’s high level of basketball.

Reaction of French player Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum, the French player who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, also followed Game 1 of the NBA Finals and reacted live to this carnage.

Beyond the fact that it was an exceptional comeback, it was above all a good basketball game and that is also underlined by the pivot. It also highlights the beautiful basketball performed by Jayson Tatum.

As we see, the France national team player is not only based on the points scored by Tatum but also on the fact that he won with the Warriors.

Kevin Durant’s word before the game

We also got Kevin Durant’s reaction via Twitter during the Warriors game against the Celtics. Indeed, the Golden State player highlights that it is a great game.

In fact, while the Celtics team’s comeback is impressive, the entirety of Game 1 was a great game.

There are still 5 games left to meet this season’s NBA champion

Finally, the Boston Celtics have, thanks to this game, a first victory but we must not forget that an NBA final is played in 6 games.

Game 2 is also scheduled for Monday, June 6 at the Golden State Warriors. We can’t wait to see if the Warriors being home turns the tide.

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