Roland-Garros LIVE: Kiki and Caro return to a set everywhere... Nadal-Zverev leading the men's... Follow the semifinals live

Roland-Garros LIVE: Kiki and Caro return to a set everywhere… Nadal-Zverev leading the men’s… Follow the semifinals live

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14:25 : Nadal and Zverev must be in the final preparations, they will soon fall on the Central. A covered Central, we remind you, since the weather is dirty above Paris.

14:22 : The players leave the court, go to the canvas…

2:19 pm: AND WELL! García and Mladenovic do not tremble at the end and equalize a set everywhere.

14:15 : Come on, after Kich/Ost’s point, Kiki and Caro will serve to win the second round.

14:10 : Hey, I got lost in the WhatsApp debate about Gavi’s mother, with whom Gerard Piqué would have been playing, and I forgot to follow the game. 5-3 for the French, break confirmed.

14:06 : That’s it, the umbrellas come out on the Suzanne-Lenglen court.

2:05 pm: IT’S BREAK!!! (this time I assure you that I’m fine)

14:04 : So no, Aymeric, it wasn’t a break for García and Mladenovic… There, instead, they have two balls to take the serve of their rivals.

14:05 : So it’s also raining in the 16th district.

2:03 pm: Yes, there’s the break!!! Good reaction from the French duo, it’s nice.

14:02 : As it starts to rain on Barbès. I hope that is not the case at Roland. Speaking of the weather, at least for the residents of Ile-de-France, I see that we are going to have a very dirty weekend, I am upset…

2:00 p.m.: 3-2 (no) for us. The story is on. It is extraordinary to sneak in such widths…

1:58 pm: Feel free to come live chat with us, the “comments” section is open for you and we see it regularly. If you have a tennis question or need some plumbing advice, that’s what I’m here for.

13:56 : Don’t ask me how I found this, but even though it has nothing to do with tennis, I just had to share it with you. What a genius this Denis!

13:54: And voila! We continue with Caro’s foul volley at the net. Kichenok-Ostapenko advantage, well, yes!

13:53 : From 40-0 to 40-40 very quickly… What the hell is this girls?!

13:50 : Ah but I see that your colleague Quentin had already told you 5-0 for Prizmic. As you may have understood, we changed dealers and, personally, I was not aware of the evolution of the second set. In short, it’s not really important or interesting. Come on, back to the girls who lead 2-1 with serves to follow.

13:47: Ouch, Gabi Debru just extended 6-Z in the second set. Hard…


13:43 : And Prizmic still has the last word, definitely… 5-0 for the Croatian.

13:42 : And the ninth!

13:41 : And the eighth! It never ends

13:40 : Sixth equality on Debru’s serve, he’s hooked…

13:37: SET FOR KICHENOK AND OSTAPENKO! Unfortunately, the 6-2 is pretty clear.

13:35 : Attention, a new double fault and here are three set points against the Blues…

13:32 : Oh, the break point doesn’t change… Kiki and Caro are leading 5-2 and will serve to survive in this first set.

13:28: 4-2 now for Kichenok/Ostapenko. When does it stop?

13:27 : 4-0 Prizmic, well…

13:24 : 3-0 Prizmic on court n°14, double break for the Croatian. Bring Lilian Thuram!

13:21 : Kiki and Caro break point, but she is saved. Ah, it’s a pity, ah, it’s a pity…

13:19 : And the Kichenok/Ostapenko break against our Frenchman, double argh.

13:18 : On court n°14, Dino Prizmic managed to spike Gabriel Debru’s serve, argh.


13:14 : Oh yes, Cori Gauff has also validated her place in the doubles final with Jess Pegula. Very strong Coconut.

1:10 p.m. : Slightly less encouraging, the Houdet/Peifer duo was eliminated in wheelchair tennis by the Fernandez/Kunieda duo 7-6, 6-1. But we’re not going to let it get us down. ESPECIALLY NOT!

13:04 : And another good news: half of Caroline Garcia and Kiki Mladenovic just started at Lenglen! Opposite, the couple Kichenok / Ostapenko. LET’S GO BLUES!

13:01 : Very good news, already: Gabriel Debru wins 6-1 against Prizmic in the men’s singles semifinal.

12:45: Hello goons! For those who can’t take it anymore, how nice we are, here’s something to look forward to without going crazy. Nicolás, our special correspondent at Roland, has prepared a nice article for you about what we feel is coming to Nadal like a left arm: the possible end of King Rafa’s career, who suffers like never before because of this damn Syndrome of Müller-Weiss eating his foot.

Well, here we are, the last square of Roldán under your amazed gazes, ladies and gentlemen! Although it will be necessary to have a lot of patience because the semifinals will not start until 2:45 p.m., with this delicious opening of Nadal-Zverev in the Central. Without a night session, yes, because the second part between Casper Ruud and Marin Cilic will be played as a result of the great poster of the day. We only hope that the Manacor bull does not dismember Sascha in three sets, to prolong the pleasure to the maximum.

» See you at 2:00 p.m. to open these Roland semi-finals

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