Rugby.  Federal 1. Historic feat of Rennes that reaches the National

Rugby. Federal 1. Historic feat of Rennes that reaches the National

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The REC arrives at Nationale 1 and signs a true feat. After Vannes, this is Rennes’s access to professionalism, on Saturday June 4, thanks to a resounding victory in Périgueux that will mark a milestone in the history of Breton rugby.

After the kick-off, however, it was Périgueux who set the tone with a fine tackle on the Rennes receiver. If the atmosphere was festive around the lawn with bands and grilled pork, on the ground the festivities were of a different order.

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The battle in the rucks was fierce, wild. And in this match it was the CAP that started the match the best, fouling the REC on several occasions. Thus, Caillat took the score (2′, then 13′).

After a quarter of an hour, the Périgourdins had recovered part of their nine-point delay.

In the 19th minute, Rennes finally had the ball in their hands and in their first incursion into the opposition field, the Black and Whites managed to get a penalty converted by La Botica (20′).

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destiny twist

On dismissal, Brignonen attempted a raise but was put out. A general fight followed that the referee did not like, who released a yellow card on each side and especially a red one for Périgueux.

But even outnumbered, CAP remained dominant, advancing on every percussion, thanks in particular to the dominance of Fijian prop Tawake. The locals were thus rewarded with a penalty at the end of the period (9-3).

Kevin Courties, the manager of REC, had announced that there would be recovery or against balls to play. Thus, in a slip by Ouchène, Périgueux’s back, Dréan covered to continue and managed to flatten opportunistically, completely relaunching the REC as well as transformed Botica (10-9).

Minutes later, in a mischievous touch combination that worked for the week, Gazin stunned the entire defense and heated up the Francis-Rongiéras Stadium. The Rennes mattress is then +17.

But that was without taking into account the power and efficiency of Périgueux’s frontal game that camped in the 5 meters Rennes and scored convincingly at the end of an endless sequence by Lavergne (58′).

The last twenty minutes were going to be unbreathable. Rennes managed to settle in the Périgueux field thanks to a good game at the foot of the occupation and obtained a penalty that Botica, with admirable precision, recorded (16-20).

With energy, courage and talent, Rennes defended these 13 points and won, in an overflow of joy and emotions.


Francis Rongiéras Stadium: 4,000 spectators, referee: Gasnier

PERIGUEUX : 3 penalties: Caillat (2′, 13′, 40′), try: Lavergne (58′); conversions: Caillat (59′)

boxes : red: fashion designer; yellow: Piveteau

REINDEER : tries: Dréan (42′), Gazin (49′), penalties (Botica (20′, 64′), conversion: Botica (42′, 50′, )

Cardboard : yellow: Francois R.

Rugby. Federal 1. Historic feat of Rennes that reaches the National

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