27 hours after giving birth, the mother dies: her husband collapses when he opens the computer…

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Matt and Liz were expecting their first child. The happy couple was far from imagining the tragic continuation of their story. The day of his daughter’s birth will change Matt Logelin’s life forever.

Matt and Liz: a story worthy of a movie

Matt and Liz met when they were just two young teenagers. The meeting at a gas station was the beginning of their great love story. From then on, Liz and Matt became inseparable. After the high school years, the couple chose a different college.

This led them to continue their relationship, but at a distance. However, nothing has changed in their love, which was stronger than the distance. After long years apart, Matt joins his love in Los Angeles. Together, the two traveled the world. In Nepal, Matt proposes to his beloved Liz and the couple marry in 2005.

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The new life

The two lovebirds start a new life. They had the means to buy their own house. At that time, they had everything to fully enjoy life in happiness. Good news is knocking at your door. After two years of marriage, the couple awaited the fruit of their love. To the great joy of the couple, they created a blog to share the evolution of the pregnancy in order to keep their loved ones informed of everything.

Unfortunately, Liz’s pregnancy was complicated and even classified as a high-risk pregnancy. Matt took care of his wife more carefully and at the same time continued to manage his blog. On March 24, 2008, Maddy (Madeline) was born. Liz had to have a C-section. The premature baby had to be sent to neonatal intensive care. Liz could only see her little girl for a while.

Matt announced the good news on his blog. Madeline is here! ». At the end, he adds that they can’t wait for more good news. The young father was far from knowing what he was going to follow. Liz, she is looking forward to having her daughter in her arms, but she still has another 24 hours to rest. The moment they were finally going to see their baby together, the worst happened. Liz leaves the world forever.

Matt Logelin, father and widower

As Matt carefully helped his wife see their daughter, Liz felt weak and collapsed in his arms. Although the nurses had assured him that this was common for women who had just given birth, Matt felt something was wrong. At 30, Liz tragically left Matt a widower after a rare pulmonary embolism.

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It happened just 27 hours after the birth of her baby. “The mother was never going to be able to hold her baby in her arms”, evokes Matt full of pain. Also, the baby would never know her mother, Maddy will only have the memories of those who knew her Liz. From a satisfied new father to a grieving widower. His dream job and beautiful house would not make up for the loss of the woman Matt had loved dearly. For him, his world has collapsed.

Matt had to face the fact that he will have to raise his little Maddy alone. When they first meet, an indescribable bond is created between father and daughter. Madeline had an immediate effect on Matt. Previously, he was anxious and doubtful about the future. His daughter was the source of his courage to endure. Maddy becomes his first occupation.

A reconstruction full of memory

While juggling caring for his daughter and his feelings for the loss of his wife, Matt stumbles upon the blog he started with his wife. The grieving father decided to keep the blog sharing his anguish and sorrow. These readers didn’t just read.

Those who have been through a similar situation began to give him valuable advice. block readers “Matt, Liz and Madeline: Life and Death, All in 27 Hours” started sending gifts to support Matt.

“I never imagined people would care about us the way they do,” Matt said.

On top of that, some of his readers helped Matt start a charity in honor of his late wife. The Liz Logelin Foundation was to help people who would have gone through the same sad story as him. All profits raised by the activities of the foundation are donated directly there.

Matt and Maddy: a story adapted to the cinema

In 2009, Matt took his daughter to India to write Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love. The book became a New York Times bestseller. Although in 2016 there was a rumor of a film adaptation, it only materialized in 2019. The film titled “Paternity”, “Un papa hors pair” in French, was released in 2021.

Upon its release on Netflix, Matt’s memoir-based story becomes the most-watched movie on Netflix in its first week of streaming. In March 2018, Maddy turns 10 years old. Matt fulfilled the role of loving father to him full time. Despite the rough patch of losing Liz, they managed to move on.

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