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Taxes 2022: Finally find out when the returns will arrive this year, all the info

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In 2021, too many payments were found to be mismatched by the tax department. To compensate these taxpayers, they promised to make a refund for this year. This happy news has delighted many concerned about this situation. Unfortunately, it also attracted a lot of speculators. In this regard, beware of callers claiming they are liable for 2022 taxes!

Taxes 2022: Overpayment Refunds Coming Soon!

According to our colleagues at Planet, excess tax refund from last year It will be resolved this year. To avoid inconvenience along the way, the Treasury will not return the amount in cash. It will proceed in a completely different way! To pay you back for your overpayment, they have decided to deduct it from your 2022 taxes!

Also, when you go to pay your 2022 taxes, you will only have to pay the difference since the tax officials will take your return as the first payment. If you are against this idea, they can also return it to you by bank transfer or check! A disbursement is planned for the month of September. It should be noted that they will send an email in advance to report between August and early September!

Be careful because this money transaction can attract criminals!

The management in charge of taxes 2022 tries at all costs to show its operation in order to preserve the safety of its members. It should be noted that transactions of such a sum can generate fraud situations for their taxpayers. Furthermore, it is stated that these unhealthy acts begin to gain momentum of our days!

To this end, Hacienda 2022 officials continue to warn their members about the existence of these bandits. At the same time, they were reminded of their modus operandi by pretending to be tax employees! To recognize them, tax officials explained that the entity never ventured to request information from customers by phone or email! Instead, they will give you immediately an appointment with the taxpayers to discuss it in person.

Taxes 2022: How to know if you are a beneficiary of a refund?

According to the information reported by the 2022 tax administrators, this refund is possible if in both cases, a balance must be paid to the Treasury or vice versa. If your deductions are more than all taxes, then you should receive this overpayment for the following year as well! Another reason may also be valid to obtain this right!

It is about the fact that there was an error in the calculation of the 2022 taxes. For the good reason that a change was not declared at the level of the tax office. For example, the birth of a child or the loss of a spouse or loved one. For this purpose, don’t overlook any detail when filing your tax returns!

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