Wales-Ukraine live: Zbirna dream ends, Welsh go to Qatar

Wales-Ukraine live: Zbirna dream ends, Welsh go to Qatar

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Finished ! Wales qualified for the World Cup!

The Dragons end the Ukrainian dream and will play the World Cup in Qatar, 64 years after their first and only participation! In a very open game where Ukraine had plenty of chances, Wales can thank their goalkeeper Hennessey and their captain Bale, who scored the decisive first-half free kick. He leads his teammates to the World Cup, where they will face England, the United States and Iran.

Connoisseur Mudryk

The participant is penalized for a delayed charge in Ampadu.

Last change for Wales

Williams is replaced by Norrington-Davies for the final seconds of the game.

Yarmolenko again!

The Ukrainian captain manages this time to fight his way to the goal but his attempt flies over the goal!

Yarmolenko got sick

Served in a good position in the box, Yarmolenko tries twice, but is countered each time by Welshmen who remain just as brave.

5 minutes of added time!

Ukraine still has time to snatch an extra time from him!

sydorchuk rushes

The Ukrainian midfielder took advantage of the opportunity in front of the box but his shot ended up straight into the stands, much to the relief of the Cardiff crowd.

Mykolenko connects a dry shot

After a new hot ball, the ball returns to the left side, whose shot on goal continues to be captured by the Welsh goalkeeper.

Wilson finds the wall

The participant seizes his opportunity directly on a free kick. He wins a corner and precious seconds.

Hennessey’s Flight!

What a left-footed shot from the Welsh goalkeeper before Dovbyk’s uncrossed head! The next corner does not give anything, the Dragons are not far away…

Bale received a standing ovation

The Welsh captain walks off the pitch to cheers from Cardiff. He gives his place to Wilson and his bracelet to Ramsey.

Sydorchuk requests Hennessey

Another stop by the Dragons goalkeeper, in the path of a long shot from the entrance. Wales still maintains its classification.

Double change for Ukraine

Yaremchuk and Tsygankov are replaced by Dovbyk and Mudryk.

Yarmolenko misses the tie

The meeting is resolved! Yarmolenko on his turn has a chance but runs into the Welsh defense in the box. Karavaev then sees his head split open.

Huge double chance for the Welsh!

Receiving a cross to the far post, Johnson hits the left post! Afterwards, Bale receives a serve in an ideal position, but his shot from the left is deflected by Bushchan’s great intervention! Ukraine is still in the game.

imprecise shaparenko

The incoming shot from distance passes well over the opponent’s goal.

James leaves his partners

Change also for Wales. James gives way to Johnson.

petrakov training

The Ukrainian coach makes a double substitution 20 minutes from the end of regular time. Malinovskyi and Stepanenko are replaced by Shaparenko and Sydorchuk.

Vague Zinchenko

Served by the right of the surface after a superb call in the back of the defense, Zinchenko misses his center, which goes straight to the goal.

Ukraine revolves around

The visitors have not let go of the ball for a few minutes and concentrate their game in the opposite area. The Welsh unite to maintain their lead.

Malinovskyi’s attempt!

With no solution, Malinovskyi seizes his opportunity from the left facing the surface. Despite the small rebound that fools Hennessey, the ball lands just inches from the right post.

James punch!

Superb transmission from Ramsey to James, who sees his shot blocked. Bushchan is attentive to the defense and takes the ball from a corner kick.

Tsygankov too short

The left midfielder goes deep but Malinovskyi’s transmission is too powerful. Ukraine does not give up.

Already 11 shots for Ukraine

Including 5 framed. Only 5 shots and 1 on goal for the Welshman.

What a save from Hennessey!

Mykolenko sends a good cross for Tsygankov, who takes over with a touch in front of goal. Hennessey is in the way and returns the ball to Yaremchuk, whose attempt goes wide. What an opportunity for Zbirna!

vigilant bushchan

The Ukrainian goalkeeper is not surprised by a long touch deflected by a teammate. He can reboot the team from him.

The dragons are calm.

Taking advantage of the spaces, the Welsh are projected against to be dangerous. Ukraine struggles to get into this second act.

annoying page

The Welsh coach is booked on his side for protesting against the referee.

Stage design, a Welsh specialty

Not counting penalties, Wales scored their 7th goal of the playoffs in the first half from set pieces. Only England, with 9 achievements, does better.

Ramsey spreads his foot too wide!

On a counterattack, Moore serves to Ramsey at the penalty spot, whose flat right foot misses! Wales just missed a big break point.

Here we go again !

Start of the second part! There are no changes to report.

Part time in Cardiff!

Wales win 1-0 and keep their ticket to Qatar for now! The Dragons take the lead thanks to a free kick by Bale deflected by Yarmolenko on his goal. Ukraine still got the best chances from the first act.

James calls Bushchan

Finally a shot on goal for the Welshman. James shoots the Ukrainian goalkeeper who catches the ball without any problem.

2 minute added time

Ukraine press to try to turn the score around just before the break.

Corner for Ukraine

Zinchenko takes charge from the left flank. Zabarnyi grazes the deflection at the near post, Hennessey then catches the ball on the ground.

James borders exclusion

Already warned, James is reprimanded by the referee for a limit intervention in a duel. After an argument, he walks out without a second box.

Ukraine demands a penalty

Due to a clumsy intervention by Davies on Yarmolenko, the VAR interrupted the match to consult the images. No penalty for visitors.

Zinchenko bumps into Hennessey

Another opportunity for Zinchenko, who shoots the Welsh goalkeeper. Corner to follow for Ukraine.

Less success for Bale

The Welsh captain has another free kick to negotiate. He is looking for a partner at the far post. The ball flies out of the goal.

The goal attributed to Yarmolenko

Note that Wales’ goal is currently attributed to Yarmolenko against his team.


1-0 for the Welsh in this direct free kick from their captain! On the left side, Bale seizes the opportunity directly with a tense shot, deflected into his own goal by a diving header from Yarmolenko. Wales leads against the current of the game.

Mykolenko warned

The left side takes James down and prevents an opposing counter attack from deploying, earning him a card.

Hennessey works wonders

Another brilliant intervention by the Welsh goalkeeper against Yaremchuk. The next corner does nothing.

Zinchenko insists

Another opportunity for Ukraine, which is getting closer. Hennessey relaxes well to dodge danger before Zinchenko’s shot.

Tsygankov totally misses himself!

Perfectly launched by Yaremchuk in a touch, the left midfielder faces the Welsh goalkeeper but shoots to the right of the goal. The flag is finally raised.

Still no shot on goal for Wales

Ukraine has 6 attempts, including 2 on target, against 2 small shots for the Dragons.

Zinchenko answered

The Manchester City player fires a powerful shot, repelled by a Welsh header. Ukraine remains in the opposite field while their goalkeeper is put to the test again.

Karavaev fails!

Perfectly served by Tsygankov in the box, the right-back fails on his first comeback, before being countered. Hennessey captures without a problem after this great heat.

Bale proves himself from afar

The Welsh captain takes advantage of the space and seizes his opportunity 30 meters from goal. He goes way over the top.

bushchan hold on

The guard requests the intervention of his medical team. He always stays in his goal while Pyatov warms up on the sidelines.

late bushchan

In a Welsh corner played by two, the Ukrainian goalkeeper intervenes and recovers a foul but seems to have injured his ankle. He keeps his place for now.

The Welsh Calm Down

Wales regains possession of the ball and the opposite side, without getting close to the opposite goal at the moment.

Yaremchuk coup!

Found deep on the edge of offside, the Ukrainian center forward finds himself in front of Hennessey, on the right of the surface. His crossfire is captured in two stages by his vis-à-vis.

Ukraine insists

Malinovskyi fails to find the opening in front of the opposite surface, at the end of another good move. Zbirna does not let go of the ball.

Tsygankov warns Hennessey

New opportunity for Ukraine. The Dragons goalkeeper goes down and concedes a corner, then a second a few moments later on a threatening cross. He does nothing but keep the ball for the visitors.

Williams doesn’t fit

The left piston seizes his chance from off the surface, but his attempt clearly fails.

The Welsh Answer

Bushchan throws a big punch to ward off danger in the opposite first corner. A spirited start to the match in Cardiff.

Malinovskyi meets Hennessey

The direct free kick from the Atalanta player is powerful and accurate, but too much for the Welsh goalkeeper. Moments earlier, Zinchenko thought he had scored after playing fast, but the referee did not whistle.

already two boxes

Author of a great foul on Stepanenko, Allen is logically warned. James also picks up a protest card.

Let’s go between Wales and Ukraine!

Spanish referee Mateu Lahoz kicks off this play-off final in Cardiff!

team entrance

As against Scotland, the Ukrainians step onto the pitch with each a flag on their back. Place for hymns.

When Zinchenko encourages his partners

Following the win over Scotland, the Ukrainian midfielder called on his teammates to “put on the best performance of (their) lives” against Wales.

>> Zinchenko’s full statement

Zbirna undefeated against the Welsh

Ukraine have one win and two draws in their record against Wales. Their success dates back to their last meeting, in March 2016 (1-0).

Group B awaits the winner of the day

The team that qualifies at the end of this match will be placed in Group B of the World Cup and will face England, the United States and Iran in Qatar at the end of November.

Ukraine supported by its soldiers

In the midst of the war against Russia, Ukraine is mobilized for this meeting that could lead to a very symbolic qualification. The soldiers sent a flag to the players to support them before this final. Zbirna has not played in the World Cup since 2006.

Wales facing its history

The Dragons have not qualified for a World Cup since 1958, the year of their only participation. They had then reached the quarterfinals, eliminated by a goal from Pelé.

The Ukrainian XI

Coach Petrakov is fielding the same team that won in Scotland this week.

Bushchan – Karavaev, Zabarnyi, Matvienko, Mykolenko – Stepanenko – Yarmolenko, Malinovskyi, Zinchenko, Tsygankov – Yaremchuk

substitutes: Piatov, Riznyk, Sobol, Bondar, Syrota, Sydorchuk, Shaparenko, Dovbyk, Mudryk, Pikhalonok, Kacharaba, Zubkov

The Welsh Composition

Bale is a starter and captain at the forefront of the attack in what could be the last selection of his career.

Hennessey-Roberts, Ampadu, Rodon, Davies-Williams, Allen, Ramsey-James, Bale, Moore

substitutes: Ward, A. Davies, Gunter, Mepham, Wilson, Johnson, Morrell, Norrington-Davies, J. Williams, Harris, Thomas, Matondo

Last ticket to Qatar

The play-offs in the Europe zone end this Sunday with the final between Wales and Ukraine, four days after Zbirna’s victory over Scotland (3-1). The Welsh, for their part, eliminated Austria in the semi-finals at the end of March thanks to a brace from Bale (2-1).

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